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Young Female Sex Drive Loss: 5 Things You Can Do About It


womens sex driveThe younger years are supposed to be the most fun part of your life. For most people, sex is a big part of it. It is only normal to think and have sex because it is a common response to your youthfully-high sex drive.

However, some people can’t react easily to sexual stimulation. Young female sex drive loss is one of the problems of many women today.

The sex drive is a complex issue among women. Loss of sex drive happens when a woman is at the menopausal age. However, this is not the case for all of them. Some women experience low sex drive during their teenage years. This might sound unusual because it is during puberty when young people experience hyperactive sexuality. However, hormonal fluctuations play a big role when a young woman has a low sex drive.

Why Sex Drive is Important for Young Women

A relationship between man and woman needs sex to keep the connection strong. A woman’s sex drive varies periodically, and for women who have low sex drive, retaining a relationship is difficult.

Many factors cause these changes and the result is often persistent. You need to be aroused to do it; however, with low sex drive, it almost never happens. Lack of arousal can make sex hurt and can cause urinary tract infections. If this happens, you might avoid having sex altogether.

The Reasons for Young Female Sex Drive Loss

Some Of The Most Common Factors That Affect Sexual Desire Of Young Females Includes:

  • StressStress: Being young means you need to cope with many things. Too much tension in the body drains your energy, which can cause hormonal fluctuations.
  • There is strain in school, in your job and in your home. It has a negative effect on the balance of hormones, which greatly affects your sex drive.
  • Alcohol: Most young people in their 20’s cannot avoid alcohol. A small dose of alcohol helps ease a person’s nerves during sex. However, too much alcohol damages the liver and creates changes in important body functions.
  • Young women who drink huge amounts of alcohol may suffer from menstrual irregularities and low sexuality. It numbs the senses and results in loss of arousal when sexually stimulated.
  • Birth Control and Other Medicines: Most young women take antidepressants to help relieve dysmenorrhea, anxiety, eating disorders and other stress related problems. These kinds of medications including birth control pills have side effects and one of the most common include loss of sex drive.
  • Confidence: It is not just physical factors that affect low sex drive. Low self-esteem is a powerful one, too. There are instances when a woman does not feel comfortable having sex, either it is her first time, she has body acceptance issues, or she does not feel like having sex with her partner, but does so just to please him. This is an emotional challenge for a woman because getting aroused means setting your mind at ease.
  • Responsibility: Some girls who grow up with strict parents may find it difficult to have sex. They feel sexually aroused; however, they are holding it back due to guilt. Most of the time, because they know that having sex out of wedlock is not acceptable by their family and even their religion. Culture, religion and family upbringing greatly affects attitudes towards sex. These women know they should be responsible for their actions.

How to Get Your Sexual Function Back

Considering The Reasons Why There Is Low Sex Drive Among Young Women, The Following Are Some Of The Common Ways To Address It:

yoga1. Eat A Balanced Diet And Exercise. You need to take care of your overall health because this will also affect your sex life. Eating healthy foods can help you relieve stress.

Exercising also helps you create a balance in your hormones. Besides the health effects, it can also make you feel confident knowing you look great.

2. Get Time Off From The Strain. Find time to relax from work. Spending the weekend at the beach or hanging out with friends after school helps in many ways.

If you want to just chill, stay at home, watch movies, invite friends over or do some exciting things you have never tried before, as long as they are safe.

3. Know What Turns You On. Sexuality is complicated for women. Find time to experiment on yourself. Look for things that arouse you. Self-stimulation is healthy and it helps you know your body better. When you understand how pleasure works, you will start to look for it.

alchoal4. Avoid Smoking And Alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin that can affect the blood flow of a person. The same goes for smoking.

They discourage healthy blood circulation and vaginal lubrication, which affects arousal. A woman needs to have a healthy blood flow to her organs to feel sensations.

5. Ask For Advice From Your Doctor. Visit your doctor regarding this issue. They can help you find the root cause of your low sex drive. Doctors can also recommend exercises to help you boost your sex drive. Ask advice on whether or not you should stop taking pills and other medications.

Hormonal changes are the main reason for the young female sex drive loss. If you are still in puberty, your body might still be facing irregularities. It will take time before you get used to the changes. For now, have a healthy lifestyle and have time to chill. Taking care of your body also means you are also taking care of your sex drive.

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