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sexual disorders in womenIt is normal for humans to age and as we age, there are things that don’t stay the same way as we were when we were younger, one of which is our sex drive.

In aging men, some suffers from ED or Erectile Dysfunction and for women; some suffers from decrease in libido and different sexual disorders. Aside from old age, women could also suffer from sexual disorders during their menopausal stage where hormonal changes are massive.

In such stage in life, women’s sex drive vitamins are the only option of women who still want to enjoy sex with their partner. Sometimes, it is inevitable that your partner is still active in sex while you on the other hand, is no longer interested in sex. If this happens the use of vitamins to boost the libido is really useful.

What is a Sex Drive Vitamin?

DoctorUnknown to some, sex drive vitamin does exist and modern women are rampantly taking these vitamins to keep up with their partner. Some women in their late 40’s and 50’s are also taking advantage of these women’s sex drive vitamins for it is said to boost sex drive. Sex drive vitamins are supplements that can be taken safely every day with your doctor’s prescription and approval.

Sex drive vitamins could be an all natural supplement or pharmaceutical drugs that help women boost certain hormone levels in the body. The usual hormone affected by these vitamins is the estrogen.

Increase in the estrogen level helps women produce ample vaginal lubricant which makes sexual intercourse healthier and less painful. This is one of the many functions and capabilities of using women’s sex drive vitamins.

Signs You Need Sex Drive Vitamins

There are different signs to consider before you actually pop any women’s sex drive vitamins. If you’re not suffering from any sexual disorder, the need to take this vitamin is not needed. However, if you noticed a sudden drop in your libido, if it’s painful to have sex because you are experiencing vaginal dryness.

If it’s hard to reach the climax and enjoy orgasm then you may need to take sex drive vitamin. Although this is considered as a daily supplement by most manufacturers, it is better to determine the opinion of your doctor before taking it.

Different Vitamins to Enhance Female Libido

There are a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals to consider that can effectively boost a woman’s sex appetite. There are also groups of healthy vitamins that does not just make a woman feel sexually inclined but as well as healthier in her overall health status. If you want to try women’s sex drive vitamins, make sure to look for these vitamins.

  • vitamin eVitamin E – Naturally, oral intake of vitamin E is necessary to boost a woman’s sex drive effectively. However there’s also another way to help you feel more sexually inclined without the need to orally take your vitamin E.
  • Another way to use it is to simply break your vitamin E capsule and slowly rub the contents of the gel to the outer part of your vagina. You can repeat this several times in a week. You don’t need to have sex to do this rubbing; you can do this even if you are not going to have sex.
  • The reason for rubbing the vitamin E gel is to lubricate your vagina and it also helps increase vaginal sensation and lubrication which then makes a woman feel more intense during sexual intercourse. So if you’re using the traditional way of lubricating such as KY Jelly, why not try vitamin E?
  • Vitamin B Complex – Taking ample amount of vitamin B complex every day is a good choice to make. Vitamin B6 for instance helps aging women delay the process of sudden cessation of estrogen production. Therefore, menopausal women can make use of Vitamin B6 to prolong their ample estrogen level which is responsible for a woman’s sex drive. So if you want to maintain your sex appetite, make sure that the women’s sex drive vitamins you’re taking have vitamin B6.
  • women suffering from vaginal drynessVitamin B2 on the other hand helps women suffering from vaginal dryness experience the wonder of enough lubrication. Vitamin B2 otherwise known as the riboflavin supplement is capable of enhancing the condition of a woman’s vaginal tissues that helps vaginal lubrication possible.
  • Also, if you want to achieve multiple orgasms or at least experience it once despite your old age, intake of vitamin B3 is commendable.
  • Vitamin B3 is capable of dilating your blood vessels in the body and as a result, blood circulation is good which makes it easy to achieve orgasm when having sex. It also helps in the production of sex hormones estrogen in the adrenal cortex. As you can see, vitamin B complex is what you need when looking for the best women’s sex drive vitamins.
  • Vitamin C – Intake of vitamin C makes you feel healthier and stronger. This vitamin makes your body resistant to viruses and germs and overall makes you feel more alive! Sexual stamina is what this vitamin can provide you!
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D intake is also a good supplement that a woman must take to boost sexual appetite. This vitamin comes with properties that helps enhance the mood. Women’s sex drive vitamins with vitamin D content help love making more fun and less stressful.

Consult an Expert

Consult Your DoctorThere are a lot of vitamins and minerals you can take that can surely boost your urge to have sex. There’s nothing wrong in searching for different women’s sex drive vitamins as long as you have the approval of an expert. Consult your doctor and ask him the different vitamins that are healthy for the body and at the same time helps improve sexual urge.

There’s no Harm in Trying

Doctor’s know best and being knowledgeable with the different women’s sex drive vitamins is just what you need to enjoy sex all the way despite aging. By taking the right amount of vitamins make you age gracefully and actively.

Don’t be afraid to try other means to boost your libido, there’s really no harm in trying other means to achieve sexual satisfaction. If you feel that taking women’s sex drive vitamins is what you need, then go for it!

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