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Women’s Sex Drive Problems

156Women’s sex drive problems are common especially to aging women reaching the stage of menopause. The Sexual Advice Association have done their research and found that about 50% of women are affected by the different sexual disorders.

There are different sexual disorders a woman can suffer from however there’s one thing in common in these disorders, it affects sex drive.

Female sexual disorders can be experienced continuously that can affect a woman’s relationship to her sexual partner and other factors in life like the psychological, emotional and physical factors.

This is why women’s sex drive problems must be detected as early as possible in order to avoid further damage.

What Is Sexual Disorder?

You may have heard about sexual disorder but haven’t had a chance to dig deeper about this sex condition. Men and women especially those who are aging are prone to decline sex drive and the existence of sexual disorder. For men, such disorder is commonly termed as the ED or Erectile Dysfunction while for women; it comes in different types and terms.

However, female sexual disorders affect one common thing and that is the libido of women. Almost all types of female sexual disorder manifest low in sex drive. These conditions may occur at any given age and stage in a woman’s life. For some, they may be experiencing more than just one female sexual disorder.

Common Women’s Sex Drive Problems

There are a lot of known women’s sex drive problems right now. Some women are claiming they are suffering from more than one disorder which could really be quite frustrating. Luckily, female sexual disorder can be treated with an expert’s guidance and help. Here are the common women’s sex drive problems.

Low Female Libido or Sex Drive – This is one of the most common sexual disorder in women. This condition occurs during pregnancy or if a woman is in great stress, it could also occur during menstrual cycle, if a woman suffers from a medical condition such as diabetes and more.

woman and manLow female sex drive is probably due to low estrogen and/or female testosterone level in the body. This could be due to too much intake of alcohol or abusive use of drugs. Low sex drive is so rampant that it is considered as one of the most common sex issues women are suffering from.

Orgasmic Problems – In this disorder, women may have little to ample amount of sex drive yet has a hard time reaching the stage of orgasm.

Orgasm is part of a sexual intercourse wherein both men and women reaches the climax state and it is through ejaculation that full satisfaction is achieved.

There are some women who find it hard to reach orgasm and because of this, full sexual pleasure is missed and could then lead to frustration. Therefore, women’s sex drive problems must be given much attention to avoid negative effects emotionally and psychologically.

Vaginismus – This medical term is referred to as a state when a woman’s vaginal muscles are prone to spasm every sexual intercourse. Muscles at times get too rigid that penetration and satisfying sex is limited. Women who suffer from vaginismus are recommended to take muscle relaxant.

Dyspareunia – This is another female sexual disorder that is accompanied by pain in the genitals every sexual activity. It is really painful and traumatic hence careful sexual performance is a must. For some, this is one of the worst women’s sex drive problems. If there’s pain, enhanced libido is not possible.

Libido Killers in Women

If there is different classification of sexual disorders in women, there are also different ways that kills women libido. You may not be aware of it and some of you may even be doing it that could result to low sex drive eventually. Here are the common libido killers women must note in order to avoid low libido and other women’s sex drive problems.

what are the remedies for low libidoStress – Most of us are under stress which is one of the major libido killers for both men and women.

In fact, women’s sex drive problems may start due to stress and if not managed accordingly, it could pile up until such time that it is no longer controllable. Stress can kill libido so make sure you balance your life healthily.

Love Life Issues – Believe it or not, issues concerning about relationship affects women libido. If you’re in a stormy relationship, chances are your sex life is not that oozing due to problems most of the time. Women’s sex drive problems could sometimes be caused by relationship issues. If your partner is not into sex, you too may find sex uninteresting.

Poor Hygiene – Yes, smelly body parts could certainly be a turn off! You may think it’s not a big deal but the truth it, some men are keen about body scent, your sexy and fresh scent could affect sex drive. If you have poor hygiene, your partner will most likely back off from being intimate with you.

Sexual Disorder Remedies

Women’s sex drive problems have remedies and it’s up to you on how religious you are in using your chosen remedies. If your sexual disorder is due to lifestyle, then it would be easy for you to enhance your sex drive and treat whatever disorder you are suffering from.

libido enhancers

However, if you are suffering from a sexual disorder due to deeper medical reasons, it may take time before you can actually boost your sex drive. A doctor’s guidance is highly needed in such condition.

Sexual disorder have a lot of easy remedies, intake of natural female enhancement products is one of the most popular remedies.

The use of other treatments like hormone replacement through injections and creams can also be handy but with doctor’s prescription. Lifestyle modification is also another way to boost and get rid of women’s sex drive problems.

An Enhanced Sex Drive is a Healthy Sex Life

Don’t disregard whatever sexual issues you’re feeling for it can possibly cause further damage if left untreated. Always remember that in order to enjoy your sex life; you must first and foremost enhance your sex drive.

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