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Women’s Sex Drive Over 40


Women Enjoying SexSome experts claimed that women’s sex drive over 40 is no longer as intense as it was during the younger years.

However, there are women who can be considered as living proofs who have aged more than 40 yet are very open about their sexual life.

Most Hollywood celebrities who are over 40 are even enjoying sex. Therefore, low women’s sex drive over 40 may not apply to all women.

There will surely be some exceptions that despite their age may have impeccable sex drive and lust! A woman’s sex drive is indeed very difficult to analyze, experts should not just base a woman’s libido in her age but to other factors too such as her environment, the people that surrounds her, the nature of her job, her lifestyle and more.

Hormone Activities At 40

According to science, hormones are considered as important chemicals in the body that composes the small organs otherwise known as glands. Each hormone in the body performs specific functions and travels through human bloodstream.

The major hormones at work especially when it comes to sexual aspects are the estrogen, progesterone and of course the testosterone.

Women’s Sex DriveWomen’s sex drive over 40 is said to be less intense for it is during this stage when most women enters the menopausal stage.

During menopause, the estrogen and progesterone production are greatly affected which are said to have direct effect on a woman’s libido. A woman’s ovaries are in charge of the estrogen and progesterone production in the body.

Estrogen comes with a lot of positive effects in the body. It is estrogen hormone that is responsible for the stimulation of breast tissue; it is also responsible for the uterine lining and thickness of vaginal wall.

In addition, this hormone is said to have a positive effect in human cardiovascular system as well as bone strength and muscle building. Above all, estrogen greatly affects a woman’s libido.

Progesterone hormone on the other hand is produced in large amounts during the 2nd phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This hormone helps in the stimulation of a woman’s sexual appetite and muscles.

A balance between estrogen and progesterone production comes with satisfying effect in terms of a woman’s libido. Testosterone hormone also plays a vital role in a woman’s sexual health. This hormone also stimulates a woman’s sexual desire.

Does Menopause Affects Libido?

Menopause Affects LibidoAccording to experts, the menopausal stage affects a woman’s libido. As mentioned earlier, it is during the menopausal stage that women experiences decrease in the estrogen production.

With the decrease in the estrogen level, the libido of women also decreases. These two are said to be proportioned. Therefore, you can say that menopause affects libido.

However, if you want to maintain your sexual appetite and continue to be sexually active, there are a lot of ways to enhance your libido.

If the cause of your decreased sex appetite is low estrogen production, you can therefore have an estrogen replacement to enhance your sex drive. Women’s sex drive over 40 is not that difficult to enhance.

Top Killers Of Libido At 40

There are a lot of libido killers women are not aware of especially those that are in their 40’s and above. Since women over 40 is already in their ripe age to enter menopause, there are other factors they need to avoid in order to stop further decreased in their sex drive. To show you some of these libido killers, here they are.

Stress WomenStress – Aging women are more prone to stress because there are more responsibilities to face as compared to young women who can just be care free and rely on their parents.

Stress is definitely one of the top killers of women’s sex drive over 40. So if you are focused at work, make sure to provide time too for relaxation and of course vacation!

Anxiety and Fear – Being anxious and fearful of different things in life are mostly felt by women over 40. Some women are conscious about their post baby physical appearance hence there is fear and anxiety during sexual intercourse.

Women’s sex drive over 40 could definitely deplete if women continue to fear on how their partner will accept their post baby bodies. Therefore you must be comfortable with your skin, you must get rid of your fear, be confident in order to enjoy sex despite your not so perfect body.

Exhaustion – Women over 40 can easily get exhausted to different things. Responsibilities at home, to the kids and work could pile up and result in exhaustion. Because of this, women’s sex drive over 40 is prone to decrease. Exhaustion is a top libido killer for most women. Too tired of performing sex could eventually lead to low sex drive.

Things To Do To Enhance Libido

 Enhance LibidoNow that you know some of the top libido killers, you must therefore have some idea on how to enhance your libido. Women’s sex drive over 40 is not that hard to enhance, the use of female enhancement products like pills, gels, creams and more could already boost sex drive.

Aside from these products, women can also perform healthy exercises; diet and commendable lifestyle that could help enhance sexual appetite.

If you want to enhance your libido, make sure to get enough rest and sleep. This is to avoid exhaustion and be able to perform sexual activities with full energy. You must also do some exercise to boost your body as well as help shape up your body in order to get rid of your fears and anxiety.

Confidence is now easy to achieve. There are a lot of things you can do to boost your sex drive, lifestyle change or modification is one of the best things you need to do.

Will Vitamin Intake Help?

Boost Your Sex DriveIntake of vitamins will surely help you boost your sex drive. We all have heard that vitamin intake is good for your overall health. Indeed, it is good and it can even put some spice into your life.

Vitamins are not just there to provide you a healthy body and mind; it is also there to provide you a healthy sex life. Vitamin A, B, C, and E are some of the many vitamins that can help boost women’s sex drive over 40.

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