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Women’s Sex Drive Menstrual Cycle

women sex driveWomen’s sex drive is vastly affected during their menstrual cycle. According to some women, it is during their monthly period that they feel the urge to have sex.

It is the time of the month when most women feel sexually inclined and unfortunately, it is at this time of the month when women are having bloody discharges.

Women’s sex drive during menstrual cycle can be fluctuating; there are times when it is quite intense while there are times when it’s not. Other women even claimed that they don’t feel any urge of having sex once their monthly period is there. In other words, their sex drive really depends on a woman’s hormonal activity during their period.

What is Menstrual Cycle?

Menstrual cycle happens every month for how many years until a woman reaches the age of menopausal. It is during this cycle that a woman’s body experiences hormonal changes for the purpose of producing fertile eggs and successful sexual reproduction.

women sex driveWomen’s sex drive during menstrual cycle is quite confusing for even them is unable to control the process of hormonal changes.

Hormones affected are the estrogen and testosterone. There are other hormones involved too during menstrual cycle however these two major hormones are the main basis for women’s sex drive.

Menstrual cycle is composed of different stages. In this cycle, women could experience 24 day cycle or even longer as long as 35 days. The monthly period of a woman signifies that she is bleeding and the source of bleeding is in her uterus through her vagina. This bleeding usually last for about 7 days while others claimed it to lasts for as good as 3 to 5 days.

Stages of Menstrual Cycle

According to experts, women’s sex drive during menstrual cycle changes or fluctuates because the cycle itself comes in three different stages. In each stage, hormone production also changes which results to fluctuating sex drive. A woman’s period is said to be divided into three stages, the follicular phase, the ovulation phase and last is the luteal phase.

  • menstrual cycle in womenThe Follicular Phase – This is the first stage of menstrual cycle where most women claim to feel horny at this stage. This is because it is when the estrogen hormone is produced in vast amount as it proliferates in the uterine lining.
  • It grows for the purpose of receiving fertilized egg in the endometrium in case a woman becomes pregnant. If not, then the lining continuously thickens and will eventually slough off.
  • The Ovulation Phase – This is the phase when a woman’s ovarian follicle releases a mature egg. In some cases, there are 2 mature eggs being released. Once egg is released, it travels toward to uterus and its travel time is said to be about 3-4 days. As the mature egg travels, the thickening of the uterine lining increases. As soon as ovulation phase is over, the last phase begins, which is the luteal phase.
  • The Luteal Phase – This is the last and final stage during menstrual cycle. In this phase, the progesterone production is increased as well as the estrogen. If a woman is not pregnant, the lining that was formed earlier during the follicular phase will eventually slough off due to decreased progesterone level in the latter part of the stage.

Hormones at Work during Menstrual Cycle

Female TestosteroneHormones are the main factors working during a woman’s menstrual cycle; no wonder women’s sex drive during menstrual cycle is also affected.

The hormones at work are the estrogen, the progesterone, the female testosterone, the LH or luteinizing hormone, and FSH or follicle stimulating hormone.

These major hormones are the ones working hard during the menstrual cycle. There are other minor hormones yet it doesn’t play significant part during the cycle.

Is it Safe to Have Sex during Menstrual Period?

PregnantSome men would like to know if it’s really safe to have sexual intercourse during menstrual cycle.  According to experts, if you don’t want your wife or your partner to get pregnant, the best way to prevent is to have sex during her menstrual cycle or period.

The bloody discharges doesn’t signify serious health problem. In fact it is just natural for women to bleed during her period. So when it comes to safety, yes it is safe to have sexual intercourse. It could be quite messy having sex with blood all over but it certainly does not hurt the woman.

Because women’s sex drive during menstrual cycle could also be at its peak, having sex would be commendable. Some women prefer to do it during their period. There are women also who prefers not to do it for it is unhygienic and smelly.

Understand How Your Body Works

To enjoy and be able to boost your sex drive, women must understand how their body works. It is our responsibility to understand everything inside us to take care of ourselves properly. Women’s sex drive during menstrual cycle may increase or decrease and by being able to understand why it happens make you feel more comfortable.

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