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Women’s Sex Drive Medication: 5 Libido Helpers


DoctorMost women experience a drop in their sex drive at one time or another in their lives. This is normal, and nothing to feel ashamed of nowadays.

When you visit a medical clinic to try to find out why your libido, or sex drive has dropped, your doctor may conduct an interview to dig out the problems you are currently facing.

After talking about what you are going through, the health specialist may ask you to try employing lifestyle changes to improve her your drive.

However, if all else fails, your doctor might prescribe a women’s sex drive medication for you. These medications act to increase your sex drive, making you want to be more sexually active. As a result, you and your partner can improve your marital problems that occurred as an aftermath of your reduced interest in sex.

Before prescribing any medication for decreased libido, a doctor may also first check your overall health and wellness, and also review the medications you are taking.

The Reasons For Doing So Are As Follows:

  • Checking a woman’s overall health and wellness. The doctor does this to determine the underlying cause of the problem. It may be due to physical factors, such as an underactive thyroid gland, or other body organs that do not function normally. If this is the case, then a treatment regimen is focused on improving the function of the said organ.
  • Low sex driveOn the other hand, the cause of low sex drive may also be psychological factors, such as stress and/or depression. If this is the reason, a doctor may refer the woman or the couple to a counselor or a sex therapist that can help them resolve their issues.

Review medications. There are medications taken that interfere with your sex drive. Some of these include anti-depressants, beta-blockers and anti-histamines.

Thus, the doctor wants to know whether there are drugs that interfere with a woman’s sex drive. A doctor may change the medication or prescribe a medication that can counteract the side effect, which is the loss of sex drive, of the medication used.

Talk about low sex drive. The doctor will want to probe deeper to see if there are stressors or problems that is currently taking toll on a woman’s health, causing her to have a decreased libido. If there are distractions that cause low sex drive, then the doctor would help the woman generate techniques to address or alleviate the distraction.

DoctorLow sexual desire can be treated with the use of various medications available over-the-counter or through a doctor’s prescription. These medications target the hormones responsible for libido or sex drive. Women’s sex drive medication come in these five main forms:

1. Estrogen Skin Creams, Patches and Tablets: When estrogen levels in women gradually decrease, a woman experiences vaginal dryness. This may result in painful intercourse. Thus, women tend to prefer not to have sex to deter painful sexual experiences.

These estrogen creams, patches, or tablets act to lubricate the vaginal wall relieving its dryness. Once the walls of the vagina are lubricated, then intercourse becomes easy and pleasurable, and eventually, sex drive resumes to its normal pace.

2. Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Some doctors give women erectile dysfunction drugs to become aroused or to reach orgasm. These drugs boost blood flowing towards the pelvic area into the female genitalia, causing the clitoris to become sensitive to touch. It should be noted though that these drugs only cause arousal and are not beneficial for those who have low sexual desire.

3. Wellbutrin: This drug is an anti-depressant, but unlike other anti-depressants, Wellbutrin specifically increases sexual desire, instead of lowering it.

Female Testosterone Levels4. Testosterone Treatments: Some doctors suggest that women with low testosterone levels undergo testosterone replacement therapy.

This is especially for women who had just undergone surgical procedures, such as oophorectomy or removal of the ovaries that can cause testosterone levels to drop drastically.

However, testosterone replacement therapy for women is not yet FDA-approved because of its possible long-term side effects, such as increased facial and body hair or the development of cysts.

5. Herbal Supplements. There are also herbal supplements, such as HerSolution and Provestra that increase a woman’s libido. Furthermore, researchers say that these supplements are safe for women to try.  Despite acknowledging that these supplements are safe to use, experts still advise consumers to consult medical professionals before taking them.

Controversial Women’s Sex Drive Medication

There are several sex drive medications used by consumers that remain controversial right up to this very moment. Most of these are widely sold in the market, but are not FDA-approved.

Some Of These Medications Include:

  • Female ViagraFemale Viagra. According to experts, there are no such “female Viagra” in existence, and that all the claims and advertisements are merely fallacies.
  • Experts explained that women differ from men, which means Viagra used by men may not work well and similarly in women.
  • Estratest. The good thing about this drug is that it is FDA-approved. Estratest is specifically used in treatment of women experiencing estrogen-resistant hot flashes. The drug is also used as “off-label” treatment for women having decreased sex drives.

There are several women’s sex drive medications sold in the marketplace. However, it is important for women to seek the help of a medical professional to prevent further damage or worsen the situation.

With the doctor’s help, a woman get the right treatment regimen. She may not necessarily need to take medications. It should be stressed still that first line treatment for low sex drive is through healthy lifestyle changes and open communication between couples.

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