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Women’s Sex Drive Goes Down


weight lossAre you looking for ways on how to boost your sex life? If so, there are a lot of ways to choose from! Nowadays, everything is possible, there are remedies to boost energy level, to sharpen or enhance memory, to lose weight fast and easy and of course to increase sexual appetite.

Food with aphrodisiac properties greatly enhances human sex drive, medicinal intake of female enhancement products also enhances sex drive, and exercises to boost the strength of vaginal wall and a lot of other means are available through thorough research and can be done easily at the comfort of our homes. However, have you ever wondered why women’s sex drive goes down?

Why Do Women’s Sex Drive Goes Down?

research According to research and surveys, women’s sex drive goes down due to a lot of varying reasons. A woman’s sex drive may decline due to the nature of her job.

How is this possible? If a woman is working in a very stressful environment, her mind is fully occupied with something else other than sex. She is also prone to stress that can greatly affect her hormonal balance.

Aside from stress and an occupied mind, women’s sex drive goes down due to her emotional state. Some women have depression which can be caused by different factors in life like family problems, relationship problems and more that’s causing her depression. If so, she may be taking anti-depressant medication that could affect the production of her estrogen as well as testosterone.

In addition, women’s sex drive goes down due to economical reasons. Budgeting and balancing the amount of money earned especially for single moms and single ladies who are striving to make both ends meet could be experiencing low sex drive.

Natural Means to Try to Boost Sex Drive

Fortunately, there are other means to enhance sex drive naturally. Women who don’t have the needed budget and those who are looking for cost effective means to boost or rev up their sex drive can try natural methods. Here are some of the most potent natural means that can boost women’s sex drive.

  • Coconut WaterCoconut Water – This is one of the most cost effective or could even be a free means to increase a woman’s sex drive. Coconut water is full in vitamin C which is good for boosting the immune system as well as a woman’s sex appetite.
  • This water also has the same electrolytes found in the blood which makes it very effective in enhancing metabolism. Blood circulation is enhanced and so is the libido level. Therefore, if women’s sex drive goes down, drinking coconut water will definitely help.
  • Sea Weeds and Vegetables – Are you fond of eating edible sea weeds and vegetables? If so, then you will most likely find it easy to enhance your sex drive. Sea vegetables come with a lot of vitamin B complex which is very helpful in enhancing sex drive. It’s an ample source for manganese, selenium and of course the popular iodine! According to research, eating sea vegetables could also enhance the production of sex hormones therefore if women’s sex drives goes down, sea vegetables is one reliable solution.
  • alcohol Little to Moderate Amount of Red Wine – Too much alcohol intake is not recommended as it can lower sexual appetite however, little to moderate amount of red wine can help boost libido in both men and women.
  • Red wine as they say provides healthy effects in the heart. It also increases the flow of blood in the body and as a result, it does not only relax your system and lowers your inhibition, it also increases sex drive.
  • Banana – As most of us know, banana is rich in potassium and potassium is great when it comes to muscle strength. So if you want to enhance your sex drive and experience electrifying orgasm, one of the most cost effective ways to do so is to eat banana. It provides women the needed stamina and muscle strength to last the entire intercourse. No wonder banana is highly recommended if women’s sex drive goes down.
  • Oysters – Oyster is a very popular aphrodisiac. According to studies, this sea food comes with good amount of zinc which is also responsible to increase testosterone production. If there’s enhanced testosterone level in women, you can expect to have increased sex drive too.
  • Salmon – Almost all fishes in the ocean is filled with good amount of omega 3 fatty acids right? So if women’s sex drive goes down, one better way to enhance it is to eat up salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids are good in enhancing sex hormone in both men and women. Because ample sex hormone production is possible, increased libido is also achievable.

Seek Help From Your Doctor

doctor If you feel that the natural means is not helping you boost your sex appetite, then you may need to seek for your doctor’s help. In some cases, sexual disorders may be accompanied by other serious health conditions. So don’t take your health for granted.

If you’ve done everything from female enhancements, exercises, diet, stress free life, and so on and there’s no effect, it’s a high time you let your doctor run some tests.

Other Reasons Why Some Women Lose Interest in Sex

Women’s sex drive goes down could be due to lack of confidence especially to aging women. Most women in their 40’s are not comfortable with how their body looks or their figures. Some are too conscious that getting naked in front of their partner is a big issue. Because of this lack of confidence, some women are beginning to experience low sex drive.

Another reason for low sex drive is the overall appearance of a woman’s bedroom! It may sound unbelievable however sex can sometimes be based in a couple’s mood and one way to enhance the mood is to have a good lighting condition in the room that is clean enough for sex. Having a disorganized room could kill the mood for sex.
omega 3

So if you’re wondering why women’s sex drive goes down sometimes, it could be one of the above mentioned reasons.

Now that you know some the natural means to boost a woman’s sex drive, why not try some of these methods and see if it works for you. If not, you can always turn to your doctor’s opinion and guidance.

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