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Women’s Sex Drive During Pregnancy


Sexual Activities During PregnancyAlmost all women are concerned about sexual activities during pregnancy. There are a lot of misconceptions and beliefs that may not be true at all. Some of these misconceptions are about women’s sex drive during pregnancy.

It is a must that women especially those who are first time mothers to educate their selves on how to deal with sexual activities and sex drives during pregnancy.

Variation In Female Sex Drives

Intensity or amount of libido produced in the body varies depending on certain conditions. Women of various ages also has different amount of libido level. Women’s sex drive during pregnancy also differs in intensity as compared to women who are not pregnant.

The same way libido levels also vary at different time of the day. However, regardless of any conditions, level of libido is never consistent and the same at any time and in every person.

Some women may feel more sensual during their pregnancy stage that is because of heightened level of testosterone produced in the ovaries. Because of this too that women’s sex drive during pregnancy seems to be oozing.

Poor Sexual AttractionsOther women may feel less attractive or has poor sexual attractions during this period and that is due to the emotional and social factors involved in influencing sex drive.

Mood swings is also very evident during this stage that is because of psychological inconsistency at this point.

Another is that testosterone hormone also has big contributions with regards to the physical aspect of the offspring during pregnancy, too much or less of female testosterone concentration during pregnancy creates obvious effects to the child during puberty or early adult stage. The child is likely to manifests the same testosterone level and influences from the mother.

Factors That Causes Women’s Sex Drive Problems During Pregnancy

1. Poor Sex Drive– Although others may claim that they have heightened desire during pregnancy, others may still experience low or decrease level of their sexual intentions at this point. Testosterone hormone level may drop drastically during this stage due to other aspects that links in production or amount of this sex drive hormone such as psychological and emotional aspects.

2. Illness– Women at this point is prone to sickness caused by bacteria and viruses. If women always catch these ailments they tend to be weak physically hence sexual intentions are sublimated or are very difficult to achieve. Having some medical concerns women also feel lot of discomfort and anxiety leading to lack of interest in sex.

Pregnant WomenSome pregnant women are also not comfortable on how they look and the processes they are undergoing hence women’s sex drive during pregnancy could sometimes decrease.

The physical changes going on in the body could lessen women’s interest and confidence on how they look like which affects their sexual desires.

3. Idea Of Pregnancy: Women’s sex drive during pregnancy varies mainly as a result or response to some factors. Often sex drive problems are a matter of concentration and motivation. Since big part of sex drive is govern by psychological and social aspects proper awareness and knowledge are key factors to eliminate the idea that pregnant women are not allowed to have sex or sex is not allowed during pregnancy.

Some women are afraid to have sex with their partner because of fear of hurting the fetus. In other cases, it is the partners concern that he may be inflicting injury to the woman hence they too are not comfortable having sex. With all these misconceptions, there’s no wonder that women’s sex drive during pregnancy is altered.

Ways To Maintain Women’s Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Men Sex DriveIf you are pregnant, it is very important that you should know how to maintain your sexual desire just like when you were not pregnant yet. Being pregnant does not exempt you from your wife duties and satisfying your husband or partner is still part of your obligations.

Imagine asking your partner to wait for 9 long months or more before you guys can finally have sex, isn’t it quite too much to ask?

Men need sex, that is their nature and asking them to wait for 9 long months for some could lead them to other women who can satisfy them sexually. This is why if you are pregnant, you must know how to balance and preserve your sex drive. Here are some tips on how to balance sex drive.

1. Healthy Relationship With Partner РOpen communication is one way to maintain or promote good relationship with partner.

During pregnancy women experience major physical and emotional changes which greatly affects her ideas about sex and sexual urges however talking with your partner about the things that you feel and making him understand your situation helps a lot during this stage.

With an open communication, everything is easily balanced without causing any rift or arguments of when and when not to have sex. Team work in other words is what every couple needs especially if the woman is pregnant. By having an open communication, it wouldn’t be hard to achieve sexual satisfaction despite being pregnant.

Balanced Diet For Woman2. Balance Diet: It is important that during pregnancy women gets enough nutrients and minerals to support the offspring as well as maintaining the health of the mother.

There are lots of natural benefits that women can acquire directly through their food intake. Food rich in magnesium, zinc and calcium helps a lot to support growth for the child and enhancing testosterone and estrogen level in women.

It is also through balanced diet that a woman can boost her immune system and avoid getting sick. Pregnant women especially during their 1st trimester are not allowed to take medications that could be really harmful to the fetus.

Therefore, a balance diet does not just promotes or balances sex drive, it also help women fight diseases by getting enough nutrients from the food she eats.

3. Social Activities– Women may feel less productive during this stage. Engaging in lively and enjoyable social activities enhances women’s sex drive during pregnancy due to the highest self worth and confidence that she feels for herself.

However, women should ensure not to overwork because too much energy involved also decreases testosterone level in the body.

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