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Women’s Sex Drive After 60

women's sex driveDo you believe that women’s sex drive after turning 60 can still be active? Society today views sex and passion by old age women as cringe making. However experts claimed that sex after the age of 60 can really help women enhance their quality of life.

For some who don’t know, sex after 60 is more enjoyable according to survey’s because it is at this age that women feels free from different obligations.

Senior women view sex as an activity, an entertainment and an enjoyment rather than a pressured act in order to get pregnant. Women in their 60’s are more relaxed and having sex is like part of their past time.

Better Sex Drive after 60

Sex drive is more on motivational and purposely driven aspect. There are some points that women lessen or lack sexual desire anymore but it doesn’t mean that it is totally gone or no way to regain it.

Sex drive is really more on willingness and initiative issue whether for younger or older women. Women’s sex drive after 60 is more on lack of spontaneity rather than the usual notion of losing it totally.

healthy sex appetiteAccording to some studies, there are women at their 60’s who has sexier sex drives compare to their younger years this is because they have already familiarized and experienced almost everything regarding this matter.

Sexual desire at this stage is more pleasurable because there is no more risk of pregnancy and the absence of pressure and other area of concern.

Female are usually motivated to have healthy sex appetite before menopause because of their intention to reproduce. However, women at their 60’s desire to have higher urges are more on relaxation and enjoyment during sexual activities.

It is also one way to increase life’s quality, better perspective about sex and as a means to take good care of one self.

Women at this period of their life are encouraged having an active sex life and high urges even if they no longer feel engaging into it. At this stage, frequent sexual activities are very beneficial to them most especially as physical exercise and the way to enhance their body reaction and stimulus.

For married women this is also the right time to further explore and experiment sensuality which they haven’t yet undergone during their younger years.

Benefits of Sex for Women After 60’s

Women’s sex drive after turning 60 is said to decrease. However, some claimed the level of intensity is a choice and is not just influenced by hormone production alone. There are a lot of benefits if a woman in her 60’s is active in sex. Here are some things to check to encourage you that having sex after 60 is not bad at all.

sexual activities1. Sex is a Form of Exercise – Sex is a good form of physical exercise since you’re using and moving all parts of your body during sexual activities. You’re also enhancing your mental ability to further imagine and trigger brain stimulus for higher sensuality.

Sex is also the best way to enhance the level of antibodies which is a good protection against any sickness at this stage.

Performing sex most of the time after turning 60 makes a woman feel healthier.

Sex is a good way of exercise, it enables women to use and move different parts of the body for how many minutes or hours. Some women become flexible and versatile performing sex often.

2. Quality Hours of Sleep– Women at their 60’s often have sleeping problem. Having regular sex gives women the benefit of long sleep because of the prolactin that is produced after orgasm which directly triggers relaxing effect and the feeling of sleepiness.

Enough sleep also provides women especially the older ones to have an improved attention span, be alert most of the time, and have a good sense of reasoning ability and good problem solving skills.

avoid health risksNot having enough sleep for the night will also prevent you from remembering almost all the things you’ve done and learnt the other day. Aging women must also get enough rest and sleep in order to avoid health risks such as the following:

  •  Heart problems and diseases.
  •  Presence of high blood pressure.
  •  Risk of stroke.
  •  High risk of diabetes.
  •  Noticeable irregular heart rate and beat.

3. Boost Self Worth– Often women at this stage of their age they experience stereotyping which leads to poor self confidence and other negative reaction. However, good sex habit can totally boost their feeling of being important and essential to their partner which makes them happy and fulfilled too.

Women’s sex drive after turning 60 is important for it does not only provide the feeling of being important, it also makes an old woman feel active and healthy again.

Sex as they say awakens all senses in the body and making love after the age of 60 makes a woman more alert, physically active and mentally active.

4. Strengthens the Bladder– There are significant changes that takes place physically for women at their 60’s. Frequent and healthy sex appetite can maintain and improve muscle contraction which allows good blood circulation in every organ of the body particularly sex organs.

Sex Drive as a Choice

Sex Drive as a ChoiceMaintaining sex drive depends in every woman regardless of age. Women’s sex drive after 60 will surely deteriorate if there is no proper knowledge about handling it accordingly or personal choice to stop enhancing it.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of means and ideas readily available to help preserve sufficient level of sexual urges for women to enjoy continuously for as long as they desire it.

Women’s sex drive after turning 60 may decrease if it is based on hormonal production, however some senior women can easily boost their sex drive despite hormonal changes in the body.

Visual stimulation, imagination, fantasies and other external factors are helpful ways to boost senior women’s sex drive. So if you are at your 60’s then enjoy sex to enjoy the benefits it offers.

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