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Woman’s Sex Drive after Giving Birth


declining libido after giving birthHave you just given birth? Have you noticed any changes in your sex drive? It could be a bit frustrating for some newly mothers to experience a decrease in sex drive after giving birth.

There are even cases when husbands too are affected by their partner’s declining libido after giving birth. A woman’s sex drive after giving birth definitely decreases due to major and sudden hormone changes in the body.

As soon as the fetus is expelled from the womb, a mother’s estrogen level massively drops leaving progesterone quite high. These changes in the sexual hormones of a woman affects sex drive hence the lower libido is significantly noticed.

Unfortunately, the changes in hormone levels are not the only factor that causes low sex drive. There are emotional factors, physical factors, psychological factors and more that contributes to a woman’s declining libido.

Because of this, some husbands can’t wait to enjoy their sex life back again. Some are even counting the days until their wife is all cleared to enjoy sex again. The decrease in a woman’s libido after pregnancy is normal unless it takes too long to get it back and if it affects the couple’s relationship already. Some misconception about sex drive after pregnancy is that it will just return after 6 weeks! This is not true at all, for it takes longer than 6 weeks!

When Will Women Regain Sex Drive?

partner’s sex drive Husbands and male partners would like to know when their partner’s sex drive will rev up after giving birth. This is one of the most common questions husbands ask their wives.

According to an expert sex therapist from Alberta Canada, it usually takes about a year or more for a mother to rev back her sex drive.

The typical mentality of a woman who had just given birth is to avoid sex in order to avoid getting pregnant again. New mothers tend to associate sex after giving birth to another chore. In fact, some experts think that a woman’s sex drive after giving birth automatically shuts down every time her partner touches her.

Factors Affecting a Woman’s Sex Drive After Giving Birth

Aside from hormone changes, there are other major factors affecting a woman’s sex drive after giving birth and one of which is the feeling of fatigue. Having a newborn baby is very demanding not only to time but to mothers physical touch like breastfeeding and other motherly duties. These motherly duties can make a woman feel tired most of the time which can result to not wanting sex.

PregnancyAside from fatigue, some newly mothers find themselves too occupied and very busy to entertain their husbands needs and as a result, low sex drive is noted. There’s no time to think about sex and perform it for pleasure.

The focus for the first few months would be the baby. If a woman breastfeeds her child, the tendency is she releases hormones that are capable of suppressing sex drive.

A woman’s sex drive after giving birth could also decrease due to anemia. Some women who gave birth suffer from anemia that is proven to kill sex drive too. There are also psychological factors and other environmental factors that can affect a woman’s sex drive after pregnancy.

Sex Drive Psychological Factors after Pregnancy

Women sometimes may suffer the so called post partum blues; sometimes it’s too extreme that it can lead to fatalities. Psychological factors that can affect a woman’s sex drive after giving birth would be her low self esteem and confidence.

depressionAs we all know, giving birth changes a woman’s physical appearance and formation, hence she may have a hard time getting her self confidence back.

As a result, a new mom may not like herself anymore; she may shy away from her husband and eventually loses her libido. Sex drive after pregnancy may also lead to depression.

Because depression is a sensitive phase that really affects sex drive, a depressed mother may not want sex as long as she feels low and depress and it could even take more than 6 weeks. Stress too can take its toll on a woman’s health which could possibly cause decrease libido.

Will Sex After Pregnancy Hurt Again?

Some mothers are afraid to have sex due to vaginal pain that they may experience. It is true that a woman’s sex drive after giving birth decreases due to fear of a painful intercourse. Typically, after giving birth women may acquire vaginal stitching due to tear in their vaginal muscles. An early intercourse after giving birth may cause pain and trauma.

For some, women’s vaginal state may not be the same as it was before when it’s all lubricated. After birth, a woman’s vagina is usually tender and very dry. A simple touch to its external parts may lead to an amplified pain. Therefore, for those who are allowing sex back into their lives in just how many weeks or months, the use of lubricant is a must to avoid pain during sex.

Your Sex Drive Will Return to Normal

low sex driveMost newly mothers may think their sex drive will never return to its normal state, the intensity will no longer be the same. The truth is, there’s really nothing to fear for a declined sex drive is normal.

This is a normal cycle every mother has to go through. Although there are really women who might encounter sexual dysfunctions and may really have difficulty getting their sex life back.

If so, this is where you and your husband or partner tries methods to help you cope up with low sex drive after pregnancy. So if a woman’s sex drive after giving birth is not yet back in shape within a year, there’s no need to rush. The expected length is usually within a year before libido comes back.

If you want to provide your husband what he needs, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use lubricant to smoothen your experience. There’s nothing wrong with a lubricant and above all, there’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t keep up to your partners’ sexual needs. It’s just normal especially after giving birth.

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