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Why Is My Female Libido Low?


coupleAre you falling into the ‘not tonight, honey’ dialogue for the past few weeks? Do you feel less excited at the thought of tearing your partner’s clothes as soon as he steps into the door? Are you less inclined to join him in the shower for some good ole’ soapy massage?

Maybe you feel that you are not as aroused when thinking about sex? In fact, you think sex has become such a tedious chore where you can’t wait for it to get it over and done with. You begin noticing that it’s not as pleasurable as it once was and that orgasms are becoming less frequent if at all…

At first, you don’t mind so much of these changes happening to your body. But concerned looks from your partner and maybe even your own worries begin creeping up. ‘Is there something wrong with me?’

What you are experiencing is something that as much as 47% of women go through as they progress through life. A woman’s sexual desire can fluctuate depending on certain conditions. And it helps to know exactly what are the conditions causing low female libido.

Below are the usual reasons why women are experiencing a dip in their sex drive. Sometimes it can even be a combination of two or more factors.It is best to talk with your general practitioner to pin point the exact cause of your low libido.

Common reasons for low female libido

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are normal and should be thought of as such. It is natural to find hormonal imbalances becoming a bigger part of life in later years but there are many products and supplements to help combat this and get your balance back on an even keel.

You should always be able to consult your medical practitioner about this. Partners, please note, your patience and support is much welcomed and needed.

Stress / Exhaustion

female libido pillsProbably the number one reason and culprit of low libido and nonexistent sex lives. Stress is much misunderstood but very apparent when not kept in check. Stress from work or the kids or even from a bad relationship is going to make an impact into a normal healthy sex life. Stress is bad for every reason and can come from many things so must be alleviated as quickly as possible.

Stress can quite often had knock on effects that have gone unnoticed so if you are repeatedly being turned off by sex and it seems to be physical and not psychological then try some anti stress techniques to see if there is any improvement. Less coffee and stimulants and more tea in a quiet environment should be looked at.

Talk your partner into starting foreplay with a massage. You should fully appreciate this one if they can master some basics and if you are falling asleep in the beginning then, at least they can be treated later for their efforts.

Illness and Side effects of medications

Certain illnesses can hamper one’s desire for really good sex. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and certain neurological illnesses can decrease one’s libido. And so does side effects of medicines. One can especially recall how certain studies show that birth control pills can diminish a woman’s sex drive.

And more often than not, when the physical aspect is affected it produces a chain reaction which can also influence one’s mental well being.

Painful or undesirable sex

This should be fully talked over and understood with your partner as there are a number of issues at stake. The main thing to remember is that your sex life is a mutual consenting act to be enjoyed together so remedies must be found quickly.

Techniques can normally be improved and there are plenty of sex toys on the market specifically designed to aid sex. These can be used as a couple, starting as an aid to foreplay to help avoid vaginal dryness or penetration pain.The further this can be used effectively together the quicker you will want to do it again. There is nothing wrong with using them on your own to help with pain issues and get you in the mood to see your partner once more.

Low self esteem

women libido herbsIf you are suffering from the feeling of unattractiveness then you must make the small steps to turn this situation around and let the snowball effect go the right way. A successful diet will bring both health and self esteem benefits if you are losing weight and, just as importantly, getting fitter. The feeling of fitness and vitality is not easily found by man-made supplements so get going, you’ll be glad you did, and did it for yourself.

Bad diet and poor lifestyle choices

It is all too easy to eat for convenience and drink too much alcohol. Although having a drink has immediate benefits to help a stressful day, it is only adding to more problems in the long run if left unchecked.

A bad diet can come from processed and convenience foods that you know are not adequately sustaining your health. Missing out on natural vitamins and nutrients will only make you feel more tired and lethargic to cook. Avoid fruit and vegetables at your peril. These have the anti-oxidants you need to start adding fresh herbs and greens into everything and break that lazy food cycle. Fast food is bad for you. You know it, so don’t do it.

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