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When Does a Woman’s Sex Drive Kick In?


coupleA sparkling and fiery sex life is something that every couple hopes to have until happily ever after. When their sex life does not satisfy a couple, they easily point fingers towards money, work, family and all kinds of other factors that they can think of.

Nowadays, leading physicians and sex researchers have discovered the link between female sex drive and the fluctuation of hormones in the body. To completely understand the answer to this question, “When does a woman’s sex drive kick in,” it is best to examine the sex drive at each milestone of a woman’s life.

A Woman’s Sex Drive In The 20’s

berman lauraAccording to Dr. Laura Berman, at the age of 20, sexual hormones, namely estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which are responsible for reproduction, are at their peak.

This stage is considered to be the “biological bounce” and an opportunity for a lot of great and pleasurable love making.

It is during this time when hormones outpour before ovulation, making a woman more sexually active, with her sex drive at its very peak. Thus, women fantasize about and initiate sex during this two to four day window.

However, according to a national survey on sexual health and behavior, women in their 20’s are less orgasmic than older women. They further explained that at this age bracket, women are still immature and less confident.

Moreover, they are still neophytes and exploring the sex world. Therefore, women at this age bracket are still reluctant to open up to their partners to discuss what they want in bed. As a result, they end up having an unsatisfying, and even unpleasant sexual experiences.

A Woman’s Sex Drive In The 30’s

women in their 30’sA woman in her 30’s may see herself at an emotional sexual peak. She is already clear about what she really wants when in bed, after having several experiences during her 20’s.

However, in this stage, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production start to fluctuate and gradually drop off. Despite that, studies have shown that women at this age, become less anxious about their flaws, which is very helpful when one is making love.

The greatest challenge at this age is the sudden drop of testosterone levels. It can be further dampening if a woman just gave birth and her breasts are producing prolactin.

The hormone, prolactin, is necessary for milk production. Moreover, prolactin also suppresses ovulation and the production of estrogen and progesterone. As a result, a nursing mother experiences loss of libido or sex drive.

Sex Drive In The 40’s

At this stage, a woman’s testosterone levels are about half that of when they were in their 20’s. This drop in the testosterone levels greatly affects a woman’s libido, or sex drive. A woman entering the 40’s, or better known as the “premenopausal age,” may have fluctuating hormone levels. This can dampen sexual pleasure, as well as result in hot flashes and irregular periods.

This stage also marks the beginning of the midlife crisis. Women at this age bracket struggle to resolve and juggle issues, such as growing teenage children, being a lovable wife, ageing parents, work, financial matters and more. However, when you can talk things out and address your stresses, it is easy to get back in track and have an improved sex drive.

Sex Drive In The 50’s And Above

women after 50In this stage, a woman has already gone through several sexual experiences, making her more mature. According to the author of Sex and the Seasoned Woman, the ages between 50 and 65 are the peak or climax of adult life. For women, sex is more of mastery rather than pleasure.

The greatest challenge in this stage, however, is how to deal with menopause. Because testosterone levels drastically decrease, and estrogen is totally absent, sex drive diminishes. The good thing is, although this happens, there are a lot of remedies that women can employ to boost testosterone levels or increase their sex drive.

So, When Does A Woman’s Sex Drive Kick In?

A woman’s sex drive begins to kick in during her 20’s when her reproductive hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels are at their peak. However, at this age, a woman is not yet mature enough to identify and tell her man what she wants in bed and how she wants things done. Thus, she ends up unsatisfied with most of her sexual experiences.

women sex drive goes downThe pleasurable sexual experience could be manifested when a woman begins to get into her 30’s. Despite the fact that hormone levels begin to drop at this stage, women are more mature.

Thus, they are already aware of what they want and when they want it. Decreased libidos and sex drives at this stage are easy to manage. The answer to the question “When does a woman’s sex drive kick in, would probably be somewhere in a woman’s mid 20’s and mid 30’s.

In these age brackets, a woman’s sexual hormones are at their peak and at the same time their idea of a pleasurable sexual experience has or is already beginning to develop. However, women can experience intimacy at any time of their lives, especially if they live a healthy lifestyle.

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