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When Do Women’s Sex Drive Peak


manMany of use believed that a man’s sexual prime is at the age of 18 while women reach her sexual prime at the age of 35. Female sexuality is quite complex and sexual prime can’t exactly be measured. If you check over the Internet, you will come to realize that sexual prime actually depends and varies depending on the woman.

When do women’s sex drive peak? The major answer would probably be in their 30’s. Why? According to research, a woman’s fertility or the ability to conceive a child decreases from 3 to 5% every year as soon as she reaches the age of 30.

Because of this finding, women in their 30’s are doing a double time effort to have sex. This therefore is the age when a woman’s sex drive is at its peak. However, there are other women who claimed their impeccable and racy years were in their 20’s.

Again, there’s no definite answer of when do women’s sex drive peak and the only definite thing is that women can be sexually active at any given age as soon as they reached the puberty stage and starts to feel attraction with the opposite sex.

Is Women’s Sexual Prime at 35?

Asian WomenA woman’s sexual prime is not really based on her age but it is more likely to be influenced by her cultural upbringing. Sexual prime can be at any given age; however a woman’s sexual activeness can be based on how she was brought up and their cultural tradition.

For example, Asian women are more conservative that Westerners hence being a virgin until marriage to most Asian countries is an achievement to most women. Therefore, even if an Asian woman loves having sex she may end up with a depressed or low sex drive due to her cultural upbringing.

Westerners on the other hand has a more aggressive upbringing wherein sex for most young women is not as sacred as compared to other Asian countries hence Westerners are more likely to be active in sex even in their younger years.

A woman’s sexual prime therefore is not based on age and 35 is just a number but don’t really signify anything. Being sexually active still depends or varies in each woman. So if you really want to determine when do women’s sex drive peak, the answer is simple, it varies and there’s no constant age for female sexual prime.

Hormonal Activity at Aged 35

womenAccording to studies, hormonal changes start to happen at the age of 35. As a woman, you can surely detect when your next menstrual cycle is provided you don’t have any health issues.

Women in their teenage years till 40 may already have a slight idea of what day to expect their monthly period to arrive.

However, it is at the age of 35 that sex hormones are slowly starting to change until it comes to a point when menstrual cycle between the age of 40 to 50 have become unpredictable.

Hormonal activity at the age of 35 becomes very active. At the age of 35, your hormonal production is quite stable and your menstrual cycle is regular despite the dramatic and erratic changes of your hormone levels during your menstrual period.

Sexual Peak: Does it Really Exist?

womenSexual peak does exist however there’s no definite age or time of the year of when it should or must exist. Experts claimed that there are more than one female sexual prime a woman may experience.

First, a woman may experience her first sexual prime due to hormonal changes which could possibly be in her younger years. Another phase in a woman’s life when she is prone to feel another sexual prime is when she experiences the so-called emotional prime.

When we say emotional prime, we refer to a time in a woman’s life when she feels more comfortable with herself and her emotions are quite lifted, she is more mature in handling things and more fluid in handling her life.

With this emotional prime comes the confidence to have sex which can be considered as a woman’s sexual prime. You will then know when do women’s sex drive peak if she is having sex like never before and that’s due to biological reasons or maybe she is undergoing emotional prime.

When Can You Tell You Are At Your Sexual PrimeWomen Sex Drive

You will know when you’re at your sexual prime when you feel that you are very active in sex, when you feel that your sex drive is really oozing and that you are enjoying or making the most out of your sex life.

It is only you who can tell and determine when your sexual prime is. When do women’s sex drive peak has no definite answer and it really depends on each woman to determine the time of when her sex drive peaked as well as her sexual prime.

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