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What You Need to Know about Women’s Sex Drive at 30


women in their 30'sSeveral people think that young women in their twenties are more aggressive and sexually active than older women. However, there are numerous observations made on how the sex drive of women changes as they age.

These studies are now a basis to understand women’s thoughts about sex. It is also important for people to know about the changes of sex drive of women at 30 and the following years.

What is Sex Drive in Women?

Sex drive is the pleasurable desire to have sex with your partner. People also refer to it as libido. Many things can keep the sex drive of women up. This includes physical contact, as well as mind setting and hormonal changes.

The Women’s Sex Drive at 30

 happy relationshipAs women age and reach thirty, their libido increases, as well. Most of these women are happy with their relationship. It is also likely that these women enjoy having sex with their partners.

They know their husbands and they have established intimacy in this age. It is also common for the wife and husband to know the things that turn them on the most.

Women have the highest peak in their sex drive during their thirties. This is the period where they create a big room for sexual practice. Hence, this leads to reaching orgasm more frequently. This is also the time where women are more explorative in terms of sex.

This is also the time where they find ways to reach orgasm a lot faster. Although foreplay, kissing, and romancing turn on a woman the most, there are still many reasons on why a woman’s sex drive changes.

Hormones That Play For Sex

women sex driveSince women menstruate, they also tend to have changes in their hormonal levels. One of the hormones that play a part in this is dehydroepiandrosterone or the DHEA.

Women’s bodies naturally produce this hormone on their own. It acts on the brain, adrenal glands and gonads. The DHEA in a woman’s body triggers the release of testosterone.

It helps in maintaining the sex drive of women. The body releases this hormone in just small amounts; just enough to make the sex drive reach peak level. Another hormone that has a major role in the sex drive of women at 30’s is prolactin.

This hormone has the most amounts during pregnancy. Prolactin is responsible for milk production. When there is increased production of this hormone, the sex drive of a woman also surges up. That is why some pregnant women have increasing urges to have sex because of this hormone.

Pregnancy in Early Thirties

PregnancyPregnancy often occurs in the early 30’s of a woman. A pregnant woman has many changes not only in her looks but also in her hormonal levels. Changes in the hormones such as progesterone and estrogen happen at this time.

These hormones can affect the mood of the mother. Most of all, these changes will affect the sex drive of women.

Some studies show that the growing baby inside the uterus of the mother can turn a woman on. The weight of the child together with the surges of hormones increases the libido of the woman. The fourth to sixth month of pregnancy can put woman to have a stable libido. However, their sex drives are only mild at these times.

Although pregnancy may boost women’s sex drive in their 30’s, the period after birth lowers it. Hormones such as testosterone decrease at these times, which in turn decrease sex drive. Breastfeeding is also one factor that decreases the women’s sex drive. A woman’s experiences can also put off her sex drive. Mood changes that cause this include feeling of stress, depression, or the pain of giving birth. Husbands need to take care of their wives especially at this time.

Stress for women in 30’s

Women in StressSex drive of women at 30’s may be at peak, but stress also increases with it. Many women in their thirties feel stress because of family, kids, house chores, and work. These factors put pressure on women. All of these affect the women’s sex drive. It is the cause why women have low sexual desires.

Emotions of a Woman

Most women have different thoughts and emotions towards how they look and how much they please their partners. Their thoughts and self-esteem can affect their desire for sex. When there is a lot expected from her, it might decrease her sex drive, as well.

As the husband, you need to give her acceptance and time for her to cope. Once you pour out love and affection to your wife, she will give back the same amount of love to you. There are many different factors that can affect the women’s sex drive at 30. It is still up to the couples on how they carry their relationship to have a flourishing sex life that will last for a very long time.

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