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What Will Be The Best Drug For Female Libido?


women It used to be that a woman who had no sexual desire was termed frigid or a snow queen, but today’s world is a little more understanding and knows that there are many causes for a woman to lose her libido for a while.

It could be stress on the job or in the home. It could be the aftermath of childbirth or an illness or the onset of menopause.

It could be something emotional such as depression or feeling a distance from her partner. Whatever it is, if she receives treatment, it may be that she can return to a normal state of sexual feeling where she very likely really wants to be.

At least this is where Big Pharma is betting huge bucks that today’s woman will take a pill to rev up the engines of their sex lives again.  Pharmacy manufacturers are hoping they are very close to bringing the best drug for female libido to the market and that this drug, Lybrido, and a similar medication, Lybridos (whichever chemical wins approval by the FDA) will give women the switch to turn on their lust, free their sexual urges and get their sexual groove back.

ViagraThere are definite differences in how a female sexual enhancement drug and a male sexual enhancement drug, like Viagra, work. Male sexual enhancement drugs work by improving blood flow to the penis which is really what it is all about for the male.

However, for the female, it is a little more complicated. With women, it is a must to have her emotions involved as well as her physical equipment to have a total sexually satisfying experience. To get the female’s desire up and going, the drug has got to get into the brain and that has got some people a little concerned.

This is already been recognized by the makers of Lybrido and Lybridos. Lybrido is a combination of Viagra and testosterone which sends blood which send blood to the arousal organs and then testosterone increases the lust.

The second drug, Lybridos, combines buspirone with testoserone. An antianxiety drug, buspirone briefly lowers serotonin levels. Elevated serotonin can interfere with a women’s sex drive, so the combination of buspirone and testosterone can help. Prozac which is an SSRI antidepressant that elevates serotonin levels also kills sexual desires and sex drive.

womenIt makes sense why pharmaceutical companies see room for huge success with these medications – there are literally millions of American women on antidepressants who are suffering from the resulting diminished sexual desires as a result and, oh by the way, are also in long-term relationships and who are also aging. Yeah, these could be mega-blockbusters for Big Pharma.

Some female researchers are worried though that the marketing of this best drug for female libido must be done in such a way as to not pathologize what is a normal loss of desire and make women feel as though we must take medication in order to please our partner.

Lowered or lack of libido may also result from relationship problems or stress and these should be addressed in other ways and women should not automatically turn to this new drug as the sure-fire answer to their libido problems. Men are already feeling this pressure from advertising and marketing campaigns which imply a constant ability to provide immediate arousal is worth the price of this tiny blue pill.

scientific researcherIt trivializes the beautiful thing that is a sexual partnership between two people down to a marketing campaign. Some scientific researchers worry about the pharmaceutical companies helping to create a disease so they sell a drug to treat it.

In the U.S. especially, it is often increasingly difficult, if not often impossible or illegal, to sell them any other way.

In the West, many societies have agreed that using any drugs or medications that alter your mind or your mood is only acceptable if you agree to be labeled as some sort of test subject or patient and in the absence of any type of alternatives, many see this as a fair situation.

What happens though is a tremendous over diagnosis of medical conditions such as ADHD when individuals use stimulants to try and improve or enhance performance. This failure to regulate these so-called lifestyle medications creates the market in legal highs where drugs and medications with very similar ingredients to outlawed drugs are sold and used before the authorities can make them illegal.

drugs Consumers then play a game of hide-and-seek getting high, but staying technically on the legal side of the law turning into human test subjects for designer drugs some of which have never been tested on animals.

The other burgeoning market resulting from this over-regulation is the aptly named natural health supplements sold for male sexual enhancement, the under-regulated, late-night television-touted, very often counterfeited versions of drugs like Viagra or even analogues of such drugs which are sold without any testing for safety and efficacy.

Psychoses and deaths associated and resulting from these unsafe supplements and the legal highs that come from bath salts are not likely to end any time soon and are, in fact most likely to escalate. With all of this said, it is still very likely that we will see a best drug for female libido reach the market very soon.

It is almost inevitable given the increasing understanding of neuroscience, the huge reach of the globalized markets, and the anonymity of the Internet and its ability to sell to anyone anywhere at any time. The question then remains can it be made safe and legal and somehow regulated, at least enough to ensure no one dies?

moneyThe current system where the pharmaceutical companies create a drug to address normal behavior and then turn that behavior into a disease in order to build sales of their new drug and driving everyone else to an illegal market in the meantime cannot be allowed to continue.

We have got to even the playing field and give all the players an opportunity to score. Given the reality of a global economy, it will take cooperation across international borders and that might make it a little tricky to accomplish. Especially when money is involved.

    So, what do you think ?