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What Is The Best Herbal Female Libido Enhancer Sold

Female libido enhancersFemales that have low libido normally experience some difficulties since they are often embarrassed by this problem and don’t often discuss it with others.

These women frequently suffer silently and a relatively small proportion of them seek assistance from the medical community or from other people.

Often, this difficulty is experienced by sexually active young women who don’t have the same libido as their partners. This can sometimes cause problems in relationships.

Nevertheless, because this difficulty of low libido in females is quite common, it has been addressed by medical professions and solutions have been developed that are designed to assist these women to regain their libido and enhance their relationships through improved sexual relations.

Medications that were created to increase female libido have been created and are now available from the medical establishment.

There are several differing types of female libido enhancers which have be developed to be utilized in differing forms. There are some medications that have been developed by pharmaceutical companies, and there are also natural herbal remedies that are known to boost the libido of women. Hence, there are several choices that are available, but we will focus on commonly used herbal remedies in the following discussion.

Everyone has seen advertisements regarding medications and herbal remedies that are meant to increase the libido of males, now we will discuss the best herbal female libido enhancer, which is getting attention as a means for boosting a flagging female libido.

Research studies have shown that a female’s libido is affected my various stresses, contextual issues that relate to sexuality, and overwork, even more so than menopausal onset. Consequently, herbal libido enhancers for females should be considered part of a more holistic approach to life where nutrition, relaxation and sexual fulfillment are all incorporated into a lifestyle that is healthy.

Prior to utilizing the best female libido enhancer, a complete examination should be done so that any underlying problems with your health can be identified, and you should take the time and effort needed to make an assessment of your stress levels and your overall health.

Herbal Treatments For Low Female Libido

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is a libido herb that is commonly prescribed for both women and men. The reason is that tribulus helps to increase lutenizing hormone production which stimulates the production of testosterone. Females that have reduced libido frequently have low testosterone levels and by increasing its level with tribulus, the libido of females has shown improvement.

Tribulus benefits a female by increasing testosterone levels by increasing LH levels which act to regulate testosterone levels in the body. This mechanism of action is important, since the appearance of secondary characteristics of males is avoided. However, tribulus can cause an increase in hot flashes in women that are menopausal since a lutenizing hormone increase can aggravate this menopause symptom. i


Damiana has been utilized to boost the libido of both women and men for several centuries. Similar to tribulus, damiana increases the level of testosterone in order to achieve its libido enhancing effects.

Damiana leaves were utilized to increases sexual potency and as an aphrodisiac by native Mexicans, including the Mayans and they used it for both female and male sexual enhancement, asthma, depression, fatigue, menstrual problems, and impotence.

Damiana is a shrub with aromatic leaves and it grows on sunny, dry hillsides in Mexico, Central America, Southern California, and Southern Texas. There are two species of this plant that are used namely, Turnera diffusa, and Turnera aphrodisiaca.

Damiana has been utilized historically to relive nervousness, mild depression, and anxiety, particularly if these symptoms have a component that adversely affects sexual performance. In addition, it is used for general wellness improvement.

Traditionally, damiana has been utilized to enhance digestions and alleviate constipation, since it larger doses, it can have a laxative effect.

Damiana is common in Southwestern cultures as a tonic to improve sexuality and it is recommended by many herbal medicine practitioners. Damiana will stimulate the GI tract and increase the oxygen supply to the genitalia. It will also boost energy levels, which can also help to increase desire and libido in females. It is also known to restore the ability of females to achieve an orgasm.

Damiana has two effects. I works to stimulate the genitalia by increasing the supply of oxygen and long term use will improve sexual performance and fitness.


Shatavari is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine and it grows in the lower Indian rainforest. The word shatavari is translated as a ‘woman who has one hundred husbands’, which refers to the action of shatavari on female libido. Shatvari is also used in stress reduction and it is used to treat PMS, infertility, and to increase the production of breast milk. Shatavari is an herb that has been used for several centuries in India.

Wild Yam

The tubers in wild yams contain phytosterols which are sex hormone precursors of progesterone ane oestrogen. There is some debate on whether wild yam can cause an increase in the level of progesterone, but it is effective in stimulating libido by causing an increase in oestrogen. Wild yam is also effective at decreasing cardiac problems and reducing the incidence of breast cancer in females that are post-menopausal.

Herbs that are the best herbal female libido enhancer are frequently beneficial for other problems such as PMS, stress, menopause, and vaginal dryness. An experienced herbal medicine practitioner will have the ability to assess what herbal combinations will be most beneficial in your particular case, based on your symptoms.

A good regimen of libido enhancing supplements will address the root causes of your decreased libido and address the quality of your overall holistic health.

There are many females that will have a diminished libido and the causes of this problem can vary widely. Prior to taking the best herbal female libido enhancer you can find, it is advisable for you to have a examination conducted by your personal physician to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions of which you should be aware.

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