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What Happens When There is Changes in Female Testosterone Values?


Testosterone is a hormone that is commonly associated with men. However, females also produces such hormone. The ovaries are responsible for its production. The normal level of testosterone in women greatly differs from that of men. Even so, the increase and decrease of its levels may cause health problems in women.

doctorFemale testosterone values constantly change. There are factors that contribute to such changes, so you need to know everything about them.

Knowing these things makes you more familiar with the changes that can happen in your body. This way, you will know when to see a doctor for further testing and treatment.

Factors That Affect Female Testosterone Values

When it comes to the fluctuating values of female testosterone, countless factors contribute to such changes. It is important that you know what these factors are, so that you can immediately address a problem when it arises. Seeing a doctor will be a good option, so that you can have a thorough discussion. Never have second thoughts on seeing a doctor because this is for your own health and safety. Here are the factors that can mess with testosterone levels in women:

  • Age – This is one of the factors greatly affecting the level of female testosterone values. During your teenage years, the level of testosterone is much higher. It experiences a decrease near the pre-menopausal stage and will return to its normal level again later. However, if the change is too high or too low, this is not normal, so seeing a doctor will be best.
  • women testosteroneHealth issues – Ovaries are the organ responsible for producing testosterone. Therefore, when a woman undergoes a hysterectomy, she can expect that there will be changes in the level of her testosterone.
  • A polycystic ovary, on the other hand, is the common cause of a sudden increase in testosterone values.  Therefore, if you are suffering from these conditions, you know why there are some abnormalities of your T levels.

What Happens When There is a Decrease in Female Testosterone Levels?

A decrease in the levels of female testosterone greatly affects a woman’s sex life. These are some of the changes women usually experience during these times:

  •  Decreased Sexual Desire Decreased Sexual Desire – A decrease in T levels in women reduces their desire for sex. These include fantasies, intimacy and fetishes. During this time, men also suffer. Therefore, women should find immediate resort to the problem.
  •  Sudden Tiredness – Sudden feelings of being too tired or weak are one of the signs of diminishing levels of testosterone. If you are dealing with this issue, you need to consider seeing a doctor. The doctor will be the one to discuss with you why such things occur. They will also discuss all the treatment options you can utilize.
  •  Decrease Vaginal Lubrication – Vaginal lubrication is important during sex. It can be hard for women to enjoy sex when lubrication diminishes. This change is a result of low levels of testosterone, so you need to find help if this affects your sex life greatly. There are countless options available for treatment, so try to consider undergoing one of those.

Increasing Female Testosterone Level: The Effects

There are women who produce testosterone more than the normal levels required by their bodies. This increase in production results in the following physical changes:

  • Consulting A Doctor Deepening of the Voice – Females with high T levels experience this troubling change. If you are a woman and you experience this.
  • You need to have your doctor check your T levels. Treatment options are available for you, so just discuss the best options with your doctor.
  • This condition usually puts women in a depressed state. Treat the problem as soon as possible, so it will not cause you too much trouble.
  •  Abnormal Facial Hair Growth – It is normal for men to grow facial hair. However, if a woman experiences abnormal hair growth on her face, this is an indication of increase T levels. Before it gets worst, you need to consider hormonal therapy. Of course, you do not want to look like a man with lots of hair on your face. This will surely make you uneasy about facing people.
  • Muscle Build Up – Men easily build muscles all over their bodies because of their testosterone levels. However, if a female experiences muscle growth effortlessly, there is probably an underlying cause for that. This is probably because of a T level increase. Try to ask your doctor what options for treatment can address this concern.

When to Consider a Testosterone Test

Blood testIf you think that the changes in your female testosterone values are affecting your life, you need to consider having a testosterone level test.

Not all women are aware of the signs associated with a decrease or increase in T levels, so it’s better to undergo the test. This test is more than just a blood test. Before you undergo such a test, you have to stop any medications that will affect your T levels.

It is important for women to know their normal female testosterone values, if they experience any unusual changes, like hair growth on the face or a lowering of their vocal tones.

Any increase or decrease corresponds to a certain health issue. However, women should never worry, because treatment is available. They should consider visiting their doctor to understand everything regarding their testosterone levels, as well as other hormones in their bodies.

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