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What Happens to Women’s Sex Drives Before a Period?


female enhancement pillsIt is a fact that most women in all walks of life go after things that can improve their sex drives. They even take pills that boost their libido before and after their period and other enhancement products.

Others go for natural ways to promote a healthy body that eventually leads them to a better sex performance.

If you are one of those women out there who wants to have an active and healthy sex life, it is much better that you understand the factors that are causing the decrease in your sex drive. Women’s sex drives before a period is at its maximum best and it would be the perfect timing for you to engage in sex activities.

The period of before the menstrual cycle in women will bring changes in their body and minds. It greatly affects women’s behavior, sex preferences and her desire for sex. Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle greatly affect the overall sexual activity of most women.

Engaging in sex before this period can help them to avoid the body changes brought about by the rise and fall of hormones during this time. In this way, women can have a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Advantages of Women’s Sex Drives Before a Period

Having a healthy sex drive before a period will give women many physical benefits. They Include:

  • female testosterone levels High Testosterone Levels – Testosterone are the hormone that affects women’s sex drive and sexual satisfaction. The best days to enjoy sex are the days when your testosterone is at the highest level.
  • Many women find that the increase of these hormones gives a positive effect to their performance when it comes to sex.
  • Evidences of this claim will include the ability to have a more intense orgasm. Women also tend to crave for more sex encounter.
  • Sexual Attractiveness – Studies show that before period, women feel more sexually attractive. They look and feel at their best. In fact, men find women more desirable during these days.
  • As a result, women have more interest in sex and develop a good relationship with their partners. Better sex experience will come when you feel better about yourself.
  • High Sexual Motivation – Women feel more active before their period comes. It allows them to have the necessary amount of energy and strength to perform well in bed. The lack of interest in sex may also be due todisorders that occur during their period. Women must take action to promote a healthy sex life.

Motivate yourself with the things that can fire up the urge for sex in you. You should also avoid things that would make your life stressful for it can also be a determining factor about how motivated you can be when it comes to sex.

  • womens sex driveMore Sensitive – Just before their period, the sex drive of women skyrockets. At this point women are having a more sensitive feelings in their genitals and other sex organs.
  • Women feel a tingling touch in the most sensual parts of her body. Such body parts are, the skin, neck and breasts. Women seek for pleasure this time because all of her senses are active and sensitive at the same time.
  • Intimate Sex – Intimate sex takes place because of the more sensitive nature of a women’s sex drive before her period. If you want to have a good sex with your partner that both of you will surely enjoy, this would be the perfect timing.
  • In this case, you have more connection and intense feeling during sex. The more connected you are, the more you can maximize the pleasure that you are getting. Everything needs perfect timing to get the best out of it, same goes with sex.

Additional Activities For a Better Sex Drive Before Period

exerciseYou Can Also Contribute In Maintaining Your Sex Drive With The Help Of  These Activities That You Can Incorporate With Your Daily Routines:

  • Daily Exercise – Exercising in a regular basis provides you with numerous health benefits. It improves your emotional and physical health by reducing the amount of stress hormones circulating in the body.
  • You can try jogging, hiking, or even weight lifting to keep your body strong and promote better health. This will also help you develop a better endurance when it comes to sex.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet – Eat healthy foods that provide the necessary nutrients to the body. These will fuel up your body in order for it to function well and maintain better balance inside. It will make you more active in sex and will promote a healthier lifestyle. Healthier women have more chances of achieving a healthy sex drive. When you follow these things, there is a big chance for you to enjoy sex even more, too.

 healthy sex driveWomen’s sex drives before menstruation is at its best and can provide more benefits when having sex. However, it is also important to have a healthy body and mind. These are possible to achieve when you engage yourself in a healthy lifestyle.

Activating your sex life is easy if you are knowledgeable about your body. Always remember that it takes a healthy lifestyle balance in order to achieve an optimum quality of life.

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