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What Happens To The Women’s Sex Drives When Pregnant?


Sex Drives When PregnantThere are many changes when a woman is conceiving a child. Pregnancy is both physical and emotional changes take place.

For instance, breasts become bigger; bellies becomes rounder, and the sudden mood shifts and sometime intense cravings can occur.

In addition, most women notice that during pregnancy, their sex drive fluctuates. Hence, what happens to women’s sex drives when pregnant? There are times where pregnant women want to have sex all of a sudden.

They grab their partners and move on with the action on bed. Sometimes, they just want to take a relaxing bath, and head to the bedroom. This can be due to the hormones your body creates during pregnancy. Is this a normal occurrence, or should you worry about it?

Women’s Sex Drives When Pregnant

Sex Drive Effected Sex drive is the person’s desire to have sex. Without it, people will don’t take a high interest in mating. There would also be less people on earth than there is nowadays.

Other terms for a strong sex drive is your libido. In connection to that, there are different factors that affect sex drive.

Nevertheless, the top libido killer is your hormones. You should know that there are two sides where your sex drive falls when you get pregnant. It is either you are in those who want more action in bed, or those who just want to get a good night’s sleep.

If you are in the “busy night” group, probably the boost in your sex drive is due to estrogen and progesterone hormones. These are sex hormones that increases blood flow to your genitals; giving you that wet hot stuff down there.

In addition, both hormones make your breasts more sensitive, so simple foreplay or sexual gestures will get you into the mood for lovemaking in an instant. Drop the wrong idea that you’re not allowed to have sex during pregnancy. There is no truth to that. What you need to know is that as long as your doctor says it safe, then enjoy pregnancy and sex at the same time.

women during pregnancyThere is nothing you should worry about if you want to have sex, despite your baby bump. Some women are proud to share that they have that best-sex-ever moments during her pregnancy.

Word of advice, enjoy it girls while it lasts, for after your baby is born, you might need to wait a few months before you feel your libido back up to normal again.

However, not all pregnant women are lucky to have this boost in female sex drive during pregnancy. Hence, this creates a bit of a tension for both people in a couple.

According to the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, women’s sex drives when pregnant decrease as their pregnancies progress. Moreover, this is where couples struggle, not just in meeting all of the new responsibilities they are going to have, but also in the matters of intimacy. Sometimes, couples have many excuses to pass a night of pleasure and just get quality night’s sleep instead.

If they don’t see intimacy as a priority, it will only worsen, especially when the baby is born. It’s important that you tackle this particular issue with your partner, you must find balance in every aspect of your life and relationship.

women in pregenancyAnother common problem that causes many women to not enjoy sex during pregnancy is that they are too tired to do so. It’s true that you need to get a lot of rest for your pregnancy.

You’re lucky if you got the maternity leave, or a housewife, but for working women who are pregnant, they sure have a lot to take in every single day.

They have to think about work, about food, about groceries, housework and about her pregnancy. With this kind of arrangement, it is no wonder why many women just want to hit the snooze button every night.

Other women may be fine to tackle both work, home chores and pregnancy, but sometimes, what affects their quality time with their partners at night is their own perceptions about themselves.

Some will say they feel unattractive, some women are still accepting the physical changes brought about by pregnancy, and these changes somehow are making women feel down. Indeed, you are your worst critic. However, you don’t have to see pregnancy in this point of view. It’s about learning to love your pregnant body, and appreciate it.

For instance, think about how your body is supporting a human being for nine months inside your tummy. This amazing fact about the human body is already mindboggling as it is, and how can you not see its beauty? You should be proud of it. Don’t think about the stretch mark lines on your belly, or the weight you have gained.

exerciseInstead, think of it as a better way to support your unborn child. Why not eat right and exercise properly? This is a good way to channel your negative feelings, and exchange them with positive energy.

If you feel tired at night, and always keep your partner longing for you, maybe it’s time to make some changes in your routine.

It’s important that you get eight to nine hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will do you no good, and it’s especially bad for your baby. In addition, if you don’t like to have sex, why not do other sensual activities, like giving your partner a massage or oral sex. You can do other intimate things aside from sex.

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