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Top 4 Effective Ways to Kill Female Sex Drive


Female Low sex drive Low sex drive affects many women around the world. For most people, enjoying an intense and pleasurable sex means our mind and bodies are working well and in harmony.

However, low female sex drive is not a disease in itself, but rather a normal occurrence that happens at a certain point in a woman’s life.

There are factors that may affect your sexual drive, among these are physical limitations, hormones, emotional difficulties and stress-related issues. Noticing any of these factors in your present situation may help find a solution for your low sex drive.

There are many causes for low sex drive, and in some way, you can view them as ways to kill female sex drive. Some of these factors might be already obvious to you, but there is a chance that some of them may be not.

With so many possible causes, it is almost difficult to determine which one relates to your situation. Once you get to know these factors and act on fixing them, you will have the chance to increase your female sex drive.

Effective Ways To Kill Female Sex Drive

StressKilling your female sex drive is almost easier than enhancing it. Besides, there are many ways to do it. Without a doubt, your sex drive is delicate at times. It tends to vary due to different aspects of your life. Here are some of the most common ways to kill libido among women:

Psychological Problems

A healthy sex life ceases to exist when there is too much stress or depression present in your life. While stress is a normal occurrence, this may evolve to bigger problem if it is already out of your control and affects your sexual lifestyle. For this reason, it is your primary objective to relieve stress.

You can minimize this burden by spending less time in stressful situations or people. Alternatively, you could use some relaxing massage, or get a nice warm bath after work to ease the feeling of tension.

Aside from stress, women who have confidence and anxiety issues can be a cause for low sex drive while in bed. If you are hesitant or afraid to get naked with your man, then it will kill off your sexual tension.

In that sense, take time to slowly heat things up and carry things at your own pace. Sex is supposed to be a relaxed and sensual experience with you and your partner. Keep in mind that it will need the patience of your partner to understand how this experience means to you.

Lack Of Exercise

ExcersieWomen who have no taste for regular exercise are more prone to developing a lower sex drive. Getting regular and proper exercise is one way to improve blood circulation in your body.

Once your body parts, including the genitals, get more blood supply, then it will heighten your sexual arousal.

In fact, exercise allows the release of endorphins or “happy chemicals” to heighten your senses and gives you a euphoric mood. In this way, you become more sensitive to the sexual triggers of your partner.

It is best to observe proper exercise, at least 3 hours a week. Doing these exercises, along with your partner is also a nice way to encourage yourself and get more support from your partner. In doing so, both of you are helping one another for a better sexual health.

Exercises like jogging, rollerblading and several others are some of the best ways to enhance you female sex drive. Without a doubt, you and your partner will notice positive changes in your sexual lifestyle after a month of regular exercise.

Poor Diet And Nutrition

Proper diet and nutrition plays a significant role in sustaining female sex drive. If you are not getting the right amount of healthy diet and nutrition, it will create imbalances in your appetite, while affecting your sexual health.

On that point, if you place more value towards your sexual lifestyle, then it is time to minimize eating greasy potato chips and sugary soft drinks.

Excess indulgence in any of these food and drinks is few of the best ways to decrease sexual desire. Once you get rid of these foods, you can reserve your sexual energy for lovemaking with your partner.

Excess Toxins In The Body

smokingA body plagued by toxins caused by smoking, pollution, poor exercise, poor nutrition and excessive fats, may result in a lesser desire for sex. Without these toxins, your body and mind can work in harmony to increase libido.

At any rate, you can prevent this situation from getting worse. All you need to do is drink enough water, exercise and get more antioxidants. In doing so, you can avoid draining your sexual energy from these toxins.

These factors vary a lot among women. Once you act on these lifestyle changes, your sexual health will improve in the next coming months. These are just four of the several ways to kill female sex drive. Making these lifestyle changes is not an easy road to take. With gradual steps to improving your sexual health, you can take your sexual relationship to the next level.

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