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The Relationship Between Women’s Sex Drive and the Pill


female enhancement pills Men are not the only ones suffering from impotency. It turns out that a lot of women these days are also experiencing sexual issues, like a lower sex drive. In this regard, there are several noticeable changes occur in the physical and emotional aspects of womanhood.

A lot of things affect the woman’s sex drive, such as hormones, lifestyle, and the medications women are taking. This is why experts are trying to find an answers as to whether or not women’s sex drive and the pill they take for birth control have a big relation to each other.

The Main Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

A lot of people are confused about the main causes of lower sex drive experienced by women. In Order To Understand Better, Here Are The Following Causes Of Low Female Libido You Need To Know:

  • women in pregnancyHormonal Changes: Women experience fluctuations in hormones during their monthly periods. The whole month, women experience ovulation and other natural things. These hormonal changes can also happen during pregnancy and menopause.
  • Hormones are one of the main causes of the changes in women’s sexual desires. For a woman who has constant bodily changes, it might be hard to get a hold of a good sex drive.
  • Lifestyle: How women takes care of their body has a great impact on their sexual activities. Daily exercise can help obtain better balance for the hormones and metabolism. Hormonal imbalances and unexpected physical changes may occur in women who have habits like smoking and alcohol drinking. Remember that the overall health contributes a lot to the sexual life, not only among women but among men, as well.
  • Illnesses: Some diseases have major effects on a person’s general health. Illnesses such as diabetes and cancer can weaken the body system. Even if you have a cold or a mild fever, your body will be too weak to respond to any sexual stimulation.
  • womenStress and Anxiety: It is normal for you to release cortisol, a stress hormone, when you are in a stressful situation. This hormone suppresses the sex drive. This explains why people who have busy jobs and careers do not enjoy having sex. Moreover, women who have lesser confidence in themselves may feel some tension. Remember that enjoying sex is possible with a higher self-esteem and enables you to give and receive pleasure at the same time.
  • Insufficient Knowledge of Sexuality: People who enjoy sex are those who know what turns them on. Older women may have better sex lives than younger women because they have more knowledge about how their body works. All the years of experience teaches them what part of the body and what kind of stimulation they need for them to be satisfied during sexual intercourse.
  • Medication: In terms of medications, women normally need to maintain a specific dosage. Most of these drugs, like high blood pressure medications and antidepressants, can lower libido. Antidepressants work by suppressing body processes, so that a woman can feel relaxed. These body processes include the sex drive. With regular use, these medications can lead to a lower sex drive.

Women’s Sex Drive and the Pill

Laboratory-made estrogen and progesterone are ingredients in most of the birth control pills in the marketplace today. Manufacturers incorporate different amounts of these substances in the pills they are producing.

Because women are different from each other, the body reactions rely on how the natural compounds react to those that are present in the pills. Some women claim to experience lower sex drive, while others say that they are sexually active, even if they are taking the pill.

Female enhancement pillsThe pill also has an effect on the body’s testosterone. Although it is popular as a man’s hormone, it is also present in the ovaries in small amounts.

This male hormone is responsible for the female’s puberty and some other body processes. It is also a great contributor to the sex drive. It maintains the sensitive tissues in the clitoris that is when stimulated, creates great arousal.

What You Can Do About It

If You Do Not Believe That The Birth Control Pills Is The Reason For Your Issue, You Can Try The Following Methods To Boost Your Libido:

  • Talk to your partner. Sometimes, miscommunication happens. This is why you might not be getting what you want during sex. Because of this, it is best to ask your partner about what turns him on and share your desires, too. Not only will it create an open relationship, but a more satisfying sex, as well.
  • Know the right time to have sex. A woman’s cycle has peaks and dips. You need to remember that during ovulation, you are at the peak of your fertility. Do not forget that you are also at the peak of your sex drive during this time. Take advantage of it and surely, you will have a pleasurable experience. Knowing your body is one of the best ways to address your low sex drive.

birth control pillsA huge number of women rely on birth control pills for contraceptives. This might be the reason why many females today are having problems with their sex drives.

Hence, it pays to ask your gynecologist or a physician about what other methods you can try as alternatives to birth control pills. They are the ones who can help you regarding women’s sex drive and the pill.

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