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The Reason behind the Increase ofc in their 40’s


StressMany believe that women’s sex drive decrease as they age. It could be true, because at this age, most women suffer from stress, depression, body aging and lack of attraction to their partners.

This is also the cause of most divorces. In contrary to this, research shows that as women reach this age, they are more sexually active. The women’s sex drive in their 40’s is even higher than teenage girls and women at their 20’s.

This increase of sex drive has many reasons behind it. This includes their way of thinking, confidence and changes in hormone levels. The hormones are the ones that affect their sex drive the most, especially on this age group.

Their interactions with the world around them also play a part as to how they see sex. It is important for women to know what causes this increase of sex drive when they reach this age.

Increase Of Hormones Is Women’s Sex Drive In Their 40’s

women in their 40’sThe changes of a several hormones in the body affect the women’s libido in their 40’s. One of the hormones that affect this is testosterone. Many people think that testosterone is only in men when in fact women on their teenage years already have them. This hormone enhances a woman’s desire for sex. However, this hormone has other effects and is powerful.

To control it, the women’s body produces sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG. This will bind to the hormone and keep it at normal levels. However, the body produces a hormone to control the amounts of SHBG.

The body produces a hormone called estrogen, but this hormone also decreases as women age. When there is less estrogen in the body, it cannot control the levels of SHBG. Testosterone will increase because of this, and in turn, increase sex drive.

Oxytocin, or what people call as “love hormone” also plays a part in increasing the sex drive of women in their 40’s. Women are more affectionate to their partners. The levels of this hormone decreases as women ages. However, it will increase if a woman will have more sex. This means that the more a woman has sex, the more her sexual desire increases.

A Women’s Way Of Thinking

Hormones only affect the physical changes that increase women’s libido in their 40’s. The way in which a woman thinks also affects her desire for having sex. One reason why women want to have more sex at this age is fear of menopause. Once menopause strikes, women will have less to no sexual desire at all, as well as losing their fertility. That is why women are encouraged to have and fantasize more about sex.

female libidoWomen at his age group are also more adventurous in their sex life. Many women at their 40’s often have casual sex, and even hook ups with men that they just met.

Moreover, many men on their 20’s prefer having sex with older women. This is because women at this age are often experienced in terms of having sex. Most of all, they do not have to worry about being pregnant.

After many years of marriage, sex between a husband and wife decreases for most couples. This led to many divorces after knowing that their husbands can no longer satisfy them. Some are devastated because of this, which is why they look for other partners. However, most women enjoy the freedom of having sex with other men with no strings attached.

coupleIt is also common for women to have affairs at this age. They would have sex behind their husband’s backs, which is thrilling for most. This often happens to women who are married at their 20’s.

This will also lead to the ending of their relationship as a husband and wife. Some women will try to bring back their life as a couple. There are also those that are relieved that they already have the freedom to do whatever they want.

Overall, aging is unstoppable and women will lose all desire eventually. That is why many women should enjoy their sex life. Once they reach older ages, they will look back at their feats in the past years with pleasure. However, not all women are the same.

Some women embrace the thought of having an adventurous sex life, and there are those that are satisfied for what they have. Women’s sex drive in their 40’s will not increase the same way as others. Many women even have less sexual desire as early as their 30’s.

For those who see that losing their sex drive as a problem, there are still many ways to improve their sex life. It could be that you have emotional problems towards your partner, or sex is not that fun as it used to. Fixing these issues with yourself and with your partner will surely maintain your desire towards each other even at this age.

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