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Testosterone Gel Female Libido

testosterone gel for female libidoToday, females are so fortunate to have ample options with regards to their concern on libido levels and intensities.

Some choices do not need direct oral medicine intake such as patches, creams and testosterone gel for female libido or it may be several sessions of psychological therapies, physical exercises even meditations and de stress are some of the methods that help a lot in boosting sex drives.

Testosterone gel for female libido is one of the methods that are commonly used to enhance or increase female libido.

It is a prescribed medicine that contains testosterone to replace or boost natural testosterone that is produced in limited amount by female sex organ in the body. It has even essential substances that regulate other form of sexual dysfunctions and problems.

Proper handling of testosterone gel for female libido should be done with highest care and precaution because it can be transferred accidentally from one person to another regardless of age and may trigger effects unintentionally. It is essential that each of the instructions and guides are properly checked and understood before trying this method to ensure safety and efficiency.

Effects Of Early Exposure To Female Testosterone

Early Exposure To Female TestosteroneSince testosterone gels contain real testosterone hormones it is necessary that it should only be used with proper indications and right purpose because it may have adverse effect to somebody that doesn’t need additional supply of this female hormones like children.

Above all, careful use is also needed because it may be transmitted through skin that is directly connected to the blood stream and transfer it to other parts of the body.

  •  Increase in size of female organ like clitoris.
  •  Excessive growth of hair or very slow hair growth.
  •  Oily skin.
  •  Intense sexual urges.
  •  Too much aggression.
  •  Poor muscle and bone growth.

The Following Should Not Use Testosterone Gel For Female LibidoUse Testosterone Gel For Female Libido

Since testosterone is a type of sex hormone that actively supports libido boost it should not be abused or should be used with proper prescriptions from medical professionals.

There are also limitations that should be properly followed to avoid adverse effects or may create more damage instead of cure to the body. Not all is allowed to use testosterone gel as immediate remedy to poor libido like females with the following cases:

  •  History of breast cancer.
  •  Female who has allergy with soya.
  •  Pregnant women.
  •  Lactating mothers.
  •  Female on puberty stage.
  •  Female with kidney trouble.
  •  Women with sleeping disorder.
  •  Female with heart and liver problems.

First Aid for Accidental Testosterone Gel Contacts

First Aid for Accidental TestosteroneHowever, in case testosterone gel for female libido are accidentally contacted by persons who are not allowed or inhibited with this female sex hormone, proper knowledge for immediate response and first aid should be followed to ensure that it will not cause further damage and in order to immediately stop the reaction as soon as necessary.

  •  Thoroughly wash affected area with soap and running water. Repeat the process until total amount of gel is washed away.
  •  Immediately dry the area with clean towel.
  •  Inform your doctor regarding the matter immediately or ask medical advice even no further symptoms are experienced to ensure safety.

Female Testosterone Gel Precautions

If you want to enhance your libido and would like to use testosterone gel for female libido, there are things you need to consider first before actually using it. Don’t easily get carried away by your urge to enjoy and perform sex for testosterone gel comes with the needed precautions:

  •  enjoy and perform sexMake sure you are not pregnant. If you suspect you are pregnant or if you’ve just given birth and is currently breast feeding, you need to avoid the use of testosterone gel for female libido boost.
  •  If you are currently under a prescription medication, make sure to confirm to your doctor if your current medications will not be affected in case you start using testosterone gel for female libido.
    In some cases, the use of testosterone gel together with other herbal drugs or supplements is not allowed.
  •  Do you have any allergies? It doesn’t matter if you’re not allergic to testosterone as long as you are suffering from certain allergies then you are not qualified to use testosterone gel for female libido.
  •  If you are born with heart problems such as congestive heart failure, any episodes of chest pain or otherwise called as angina, if you have a coronary artery disease, and if your cholesterol level is quite high, you may need to think twice before using testosterone gel.
    In addition, you also have to note that if you are suffering from conditions such as lung problems, edema or presence of fluid retention in the body, or even just sleep apnea, you are not allowed to use testosterone gel.
  • You also have to check further on your health status as you may be suffering from high blood sugar levels or diabetes, cancer, kidney problems or even liver problems.
    If you notice too that your blood calcium level is high and if your weight is more than your built then you may need to consult your doctor first before using testosterone gel for female libido enhancement.

increase the effects of testosterone gel
Adverse Effects To Other Drugs

Aside from checking on your overall health status, you may need to check on the medications you are taking. Bear in mind that a testosterone gel to boost female libido could have adverse reactions to other drugs such as corticosteroid drugs.

This is because this type of drug may even increase the effects of testosterone gel which is not healthy.

Any anticoagulation drug is also prohibited, any possible side effects of testosterone gel may also be enhanced and take note too that propranolol medications may also react with any testosterone gel out there.

There are a lot of drugs that you should take note of, further research is a must before finally using testosterone gel for female libido. It is better to be safe than feel sorry in the end when everything is too late.

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