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Are You a Woman Without a Sex Drive?

Learning about a woman’s sex drive can be a very complex activity. Primarily because there is no specific range or level that determines whether or not a woman’s sex drive is within a normal range. Thus, sex drive is deemed normal, unless it affects a woman’s self-esteem or a couple’s relationship. There are several underlying […]


What Happens to Women’s Sex Drives Before a Period?

It is a fact that most women in all walks of life go after things that can improve their sex drives. They even take pills that boost their libido before and after their period and other enhancement products. Others go for natural ways to promote a healthy body that eventually leads them to a better […]


Lack of Libido: How to Boost Female Testosterone Production

Nothing can be more discouraging than a lack of libido. There is a feeling that you feel like you are disappointing your partner, but you just cannot get in the mood. Do not worry too much, because you are not alone. Many women out there suffer from this problem, as well. Whether it is from […]


Top 6 Ingredients in the Best Pills to Increase Female Sex Desire

Some females ranging from 40 to 55 years old often start losing their sex drive. Many factors affect why they tend to lose their desire for sex. Most women have lots of questions on this problem. What are those factors? Is there any drug or pills to increase female sex drive? How does a good […]


The Relationship Between Women’s Sex Drive and the Pill

Men are not the only ones suffering from impotency. It turns out that a lot of women these days are also experiencing sexual issues, like a lower sex drive. In this regard, there are several noticeable changes occur in the physical and emotional aspects of womanhood. A lot of things affect the woman’s sex drive, […]


Women’s Sex Drive Research Reveals 10 Reasons for Reduced Libido

It has been estimated that there are around 40 million American women are suffering from a diminished libido. According to women’s sex drive research studies, there are various reasons why women lose their drive in sex. Surprisingly, the ten most common reasons are mostly manageable. Women can practice the remedies easily, too. There are two types […]