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Knowing Natural Remedies To Increase Female Libido

Losing the desire for sexual intimacy is a common problem for many women. There are at least 43% of women who are left unsatisfied with their sexual encounter every single time and surely a very frustrating situation for women and also their significant other. For those who are currently experiencing this problem, there is no need to worry because there are natural remedies to increase female libido and also female libido pills available out in the market.

Read on to learn about the reasons why women have decreased sex drives, natural remedies to increase female libido and also one of the best female libido supplements.

Why Do Women Have Decreased Female Libido?

Decreased Female LibidoMany women are confused and frustrated with the reasons why they lack in sexual intimacy. If you do not know the causes of this condition, you are not alone. The following are the causes of why women have a decrease in libido:

  • Interpersonal relationship factors: Lack of emotional satisfaction within the relationship, partner performance issues, birth of a baby
  • Socio-cultural influences: This includes peer pressure, over all stress from personal life, work and problems, media images of sexuality
  • Age: As women age, their blood levels of androgens decrease
  • Medications: Blood pressure lowering drugs, anti-depressants, oral contraceptives
  • Medical conditions: thyroid disorders, endometriosis, fibroids and mental illnesses such as depression

Is It Possible To Increase A Female’s Libido?

Yes, it is definitely possible to increase libido in woman. What needs to be done is to consult a healthcare professional for more guidance on how to change lifestyle in a positive way, natural remedies to increase female libido and also female libido supplements.

What Are The Natural Remedies To Increase Female Libido?

Here are a few natural remedies that you could try out to increase your libido:

  • avoid  alcoholicDrink alcoholic drinks in moderation: doing this could reduce anxiety and stress and also can help get you in the mood for sex
  • Aphrodisiacs: Foods such as oysters could increase sexual drive in both men and women
  • Stop smoking: Smoking has an extremely bad effect on a person’s blood flow which could cause blood vessels to narrow near genital organs
  • Exercise: Physical exercise at least 3 to 5x a week could improve blood flow to sexual organs. It could also improve a person’s self-esteem which will improve libido
  • Eat right: Try to include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet because they contain vitamins and antioxidants
  • Massage: Reduce your stress with a massage at least once a week. It could increase sexual arousal when you are stressed and could lead to a wonderful sexual experience

What Are Safe And Effective Female Libido Pills?

HerSolution™ is the safest and most effective female libido supplements today. It is recommended by many doctors and is a daily supplement known to dramatically increase a woman’s desire for sex. It could also increase the vaginal lubrication for those women who are suffering from vaginal dryness. HerSolution™ also intensifies sexual sensations and speeds up the total body arousal stage. Orgasms will also be intensified and for those who have not experienced an orgasm, with HerSolution™, they could finally have one.

Who Can Take HerSolution™?

HerSolutionWomen who have noticed a decrease in sexual drive could surely take these female libido pills.

But before taking any type of dietary supplement, it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner beforehand to find out if it is safe for your body since they know your medical history. Once you have received the go signal, you can start taking HerSolution™ daily.

Those who are pregnant should definitely consult their medical doctor about taking HerSolution™. It may contain some ingredients that are contraindicated for those who are pregnant.

When Will I See Results?

Results have been reported by some women to appear in only 7 days. But since everyone’s body is different, results could vary from person to person. Since HerSolution™ aims to help the body recuperate from hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficits, it may take time since a positive lifestyle is also necessary to seeing results.

It is recommended to take HerSolution™ for at least 90 days to experience its beneficial and maximum results. Those who are compliant with taking these female libido supplements, they could have more regular periods, less painful cramping, more energy, decrease in hot flashes, fewer mood swings and a decrease in irritability and also more intensified orgasms.

Is HerSolution™ Safe To Use?

 100% safe It is 100% safe to use HerSolution™ since it is a natural supplement that is made with only the finest quality of ingredients. These female libido pills are cGMP compliant and have a lot number and expiry date on all their bottles.

HerSolution™ is one safe and effective female libido pills that aim to help improve a woman’s sex drive. Since it contains only the finest and most natural elements it is 100% safe to take every day.

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