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Natural Female Enhancement Herbs for a Better Sex Drive


women in stressA waning sexual desire or libido problems are very common these days. No thanks to overworking and stress, perhaps sex just does not feel good as it used to. There could be different reasons behind the problem. It could be physical, emotional, or it could be something more.

Women often want to boost their sexual desire, but they are often too shy to discuss the subject with their doctors. For such women, natural female enhancement herbs may provide the answer they are desperately looking for in order to solve their sexual problems.

Understanding the Causes of Low Female Libido

Many women are suffering from low sex drive due to different reasons. They Include:

  • Medical Conditions – Many diseases can reduce female sex drive and performance in bed. These include diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis and high blood pressure. Different conditions may differ in their side effects to a woman’s body. One common result among them is a lack of interest in sex.
  • Hormonal Influences – Hormones are a major component of the female sex drive. It declines with age in women. A significant decrease in female sex drive will then follow. Women who have had the removal of their ovaries will also experience a drop in sexual urges. Natural female enhancers would be a great help in these cases.
  • high blood pressureDrugs and Medications – There are many pills and medicines that can interfere in sexual function. These include medications to treat high blood pressure, depression, high blood pressure and insomnia.
  • Alcohol intake will also have a negative effect on a woman’s sex drive. Consult your doctor for the best pills for you to take.
  • Vascular and Chemical Factors – Changes in the flow of blood to and from the genital region are major causes of low female drive. Medical conditions, such as diabetes reduce blood flow to the genitals. Another factor that can reduce blood flow is surgery in the abdomen area. Some chemicals are involved in the human sex life through the brain processes in the body.
  • Mental Difficulties – The causes of emotional sexual dysfunction are numerous. Most often low female drive relates to stress, anxiety and depression. Marriage or relationship problems can also be a factor. The pressures of raising children and some forms of mental illness are also included on the list.

Best Natural Female Enhancement Herbs

The best-known natural female enhancers are widely available around the world. They Include The Following Herbs, Barks, Extracts And Roots:

  • YohimbeYohimbe: A tree bark that comes from Africa is something many believe enhances sex and stamina for both men and women around the world. In women, yohimbe increases the blood flow and circulation to the female organs. It also boosts the sensations of the genitals.
  • Ashwagandha Root: Medical experts have identified this herb as a big help in improving passion and desire. Its popularity with women has more to do with the way it increases satisfaction. This herb may increase blood flow to the different female sex organs. It creates an intense sex experience.
  • Maca Root: This herb has been useful for women living in the Andes for a long time. Its high zinc levels do more than simply light the torch of desire. Maca’s high iodine content supports a woman’s hormone balance. Women who took maca root in one study reported improved sex experience and satisfaction.
  • Damiana Leaf: A well-known natural female sex booster made from leaves of plant common in the Americas. The plant is a common way to treat numerous conditions. It is for increasing circulation and sensitivity to genitalia. Women have also used this herb as a support for hormone system health.
  • muira puamaMuira Puama: The usual way to take this libido lifter is by taking a spoonful, but be sure to take it as instructed on the packaging. This natural herb develops sexual interest. Women who use this herb report a surge in sex desire and enjoyment. It has a positive effect on both pre- and post-menopausal women’s sexual experiences.
  • Avena Sativa: This is a kind of herb falls under the family of oats. Generations of women stands by oats for its sex drive stimulating qualities. Scientists who are trying to understand how it works believe it frees the bound testosterone. Tradition claims that it advances the physical and emotion desire of women for sex.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: A supplement of this herb increases all-around sexual function and health in most women. This herb widely helps balance levels of hormones in the female body. Most commonly found in caplet form, this is convenient and effective, too.
  • Suma Root: This herb is popular for the way it aids in female hormone balance. Experts also have proved that it increases the primary hormone during a woman’s reproductive years. Hormones are an important aspect of your sex drive. Women who use this herb report a more intense sex life and greater satisfaction, too.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Experts say that women who use this herb experience greater desire for sex. This herb stimulates hormone receptors in the brain. This makes the body much more responsive. It also helps to reduce stress.
  • Tongkat AliTongkat Ali: This herb is the greatest male and female enhancer available today. The extract of this herb improves desire and increases sensitivity in women. It also supports positive responses to stress and brain function. This herb also has other good effects for a woman’s overall well-being.

These pills are harmless in general. This is according to experts who have studied the nature of these herbs for many years. They found that herbal oils and supplements help women improve sex life.

Still, it is necessary to talk to your doctor before taking anything, especially if you take prescription medications or have a health condition. Understand what natural female enhancement herbs are all about in order to ensure your safety.

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