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‘my Libido Is Gone’: Female Sex Problem With Multifactor Causes And Solutions

what are the remedies for low libidoSexual intimacy is a very important aspect in an adult’s life especially if they are currently in a relationship. That is why females with no libido are very concern when they realize that they are affected by this condition. This is because they felt that this could affect their relationship. ‘My libido is gone’ female sexuality experts often hear this problem from clients who are entering their 40’s, but this problem can also affect younger women.

There are many factors that could cause lack of sex drive in women. The cause is either psychological or physiologic, and in some cases, the combination of both. For middle-aged women, menopause is the number one libido killer. There are a lot of hormonal changes occurring in a woman’s body during menopause, which could affect their sex drive. Aging women often feel insecure about their appearance, which aggravates the problem.

Decreased libido among female also occurs due to stress. It keeps you mentally preoccupied with the things that are stressing you, and that is why you find it hard to pay attention to your partner or to yourself. Pressure at work, children, and financial problems are some of the things that are stressing a lot of women.

Depression is another problem that could cause low sex drive in women. It actually creates a cycle wherein you lose the drive to havelibido enhancers sex, which makes you feel even more depressed and causes your libido to diminish further.

Alcohol consumption has a very tricky effect on female libido. A glass or two can actually prime you to have sex because it removes your inhibition. However, your energy and appetite for sex gradually decrease if you had too many drinks.

Keep in mind that alcohol is a depressant, which means that it causes some bodily functions to diminish including sexual functions. The effect is worse if you frequently take alcohol excessively. Some medications also made women think ‘my libido is gone’ female doctors say. Medications used to treat seizures and depression often has this side effect.

‘My Libido is Gone’: Female Affliction that could be Resolved

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The good news is, there are things that you can do in order to overcome this problem. First of all, it is best that you visit your

 physician so you can have your home levels tested. Treatment of hormonal imbalances could bring amazing results. Non-sexual medical problems can also diminish your libido.

If such disorders are diagnosed and treated accordingly, then you might regain your sex drive. Health professionals will surely advise you to keep your alcohol intake in moderation. Doing so will not only revive your sex drive; it will also benefit your health in more ways than one.

If you are wondering how to revive your sex drive if its cause is psychological in origin, well you may seek the assistance of a psychologists or a counselor. They can provide you some guidance on how to deal with your problems in a manner that is healthy and realistic.This is also a great opportunity to discuss the problems you encountered in your relationship.

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There are so many things that could ruin or enhance a woman’s sex drive. Women with decreased sex drive have reasons to be concern about their situation, but they should also realize that solution is available. If you are also experiencing this problem, do not waste your time crying about. Speak with an expert instead, and get to the bottom of the problem once and for all so you can resolve it accordingly. Couples are also advised to do some things to revive the intimacy between them.

Touch therapy is a great way to combat low sex drive in women.Slow dancing and erotic massage could have some positive effects. These activities are fun, relaxing, and sexually arousing at the same time.

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