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healthy womenI am basically a very healthy women. I have very high standards for myself and for my family. I have three kids, and I hold down a full-time job as well. Some people marvel at the way that I can keep three kids organized and take on a full-time job outside of the home at the same time.

Some people look upon me as a “super mom”, but I do not think that I am. I just get things done because I have to. That is not to say that I have the energy for all of this. In fact, I come home from work feeling very tired everyday.

But I know that I have to push on because I have dinner to put on the table, I have a house to clean up at night, I have to help my kids with their homework, etc. After all of this, I usually do not get to bed before midnight.

Well, it goes without saying that my husband and I really have not had any chance or time for any intimacy. In fact, my sex drive has gone way down after the birth of my third child. I mean, there is just SO much to do! When I am in bed, I just want to sleep and do nothing else.

My husband does not say anything about this, but I can tell that he gets frustrated about the lack of intimacy. I can tell that when I go to bed, he wants a little intimacy from me. But I always fall right to sleep. It is not like I did not want to, but my brain just sort of shut down and I black out until it is time for me to wake up in the morning.

best women libido productsA lady friend of mine said that I have to do something about my lack of sex drive. She says that I can find the best women libido products out there to give me back what I have lost.

I always thought that my lack of drive was due to my exhaustion, but perhaps my body is missing a nutrient or something. It would not hurt to investigate further.

So, I started to look online to see if I could find any reviews on the best women libido products on the market. I found all sorts of products. I guess my problem is not really that uncommon. I also came across reviews and blogs from women who are experiencing the same thing that I am going through. Their stories sound so similar to mine: raising children, working full-time, doing housework, etc. just taxes the body so much.

I also read something about food that can enhance a woman’s libido. Did anyone say oysters? I have always heard about that, but I do not eat enough of it to feel the effects. How about chocolate? Now, I love chocolate, and I do feel good after eating it. However, I cannot eat a whole lot of it as well.

teaI found a lot of online retailers selling supplements for women. These supplements come in all sorts of forms. I like the products that come in the form of a tea because I like to drink tea.

Some of these products are so expensive! I am not really looking at the price, however. I am ready the product description and the list of ingredients to see if what they claim makes sense.

I also follow up with an online search about the herbs and ingredients that are listed. After all, there may be side effects. I can usually find some information on these ingredients in a health reference or something like that. So, I am careful.

Of course, I would not be taking anything without first talking about this with my ob-gyn. I am sure that she has helped plenty of women like me who are really low in libido. I want to identify the best women libido products first, and then take the list to my ob-gyn for her to look over. I value her opinion because I have seen her for the past 10 years. She has always given me good advice.

I also talked to my sister about my low drive. She gave me a good idea. She understands that my husband and I really do not have private time together because we are either at work or with our children. She said that what we should do is to take a day from work during day while the kids are at school. We should both go a place to get therapeutic massages. Then, we should get a hotel room just for the day, and just let things take its course.

husbandWhat a great idea! We will not have any distractions. I think it all boils down to having enough quality time with each other, and just each other without other things distracting us.

When I told my husband about this idea, he was all for it. So, we looked at our calendars to see what day we can most conveniently take off from work. We have a special day just for us.

In the mean time, I am going to order a product that I found that had great comments from women who tried it. I mean, I want to make the most of my special day with my husband so both of us will not be disappointed.

I probably need to balance my time a little better as well. I think it is time to teach my kids to do more for themselves. My oldest son is probably old enough to make his own breakfast. As for my job at work, maybe I can ask for an assistant.

My husband and I agree that we cannot forget our time together as a couple. If I can capture that back, my quality of life will probably improve. This was a tough lesson for me to learn, but at least I am the wiser now!

    So, what do you think ?