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Lack of Libido: How to Boost Female Testosterone Production


partner Nothing can be more discouraging than a lack of libido. There is a feeling that you feel like you are disappointing your partner, but you just cannot get in the mood.

Do not worry too much, because you are not alone. Many women out there suffer from this problem, as well.

Whether it is from aging or hormonal imbalances, a lack of libido afflicts many women. Boosting female testosterone production is the key to keep your sex life in the right track.

As women age, they experience a drop in their testosterone levels, or T levels, for short. This decline causes low sex drive, depression and a loss of strength. Women can no longer feel the satisfaction during sex activity. In most cases, they experience fatigue and stressed out. However, they can now end their suffering for there are ways that they can boost the level of T production in females.

Things You Can Do to Boost T Levels

In Order To Boost Up Female Testosterone Production, Considers These Useful Ways:

  • omega 3Eat Healthy Fats: In order to enhance the amount of T levels in women, eating healthy fats is advisable. Omega-3 fats are one of the best examples of a healthy fat found in a variety of foods.
  • These include those found in avocados, nuts and fish. Moreover, you can include egg yolks and olive oil in your diet. In fact, healthy fats help you to build a healthier body overall.
  • Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet: The T levels in the female species decrease after eating sugar, because it leads to a high insulin levels. Watch out for your diet and avoid too much sugar intake. As such, food like chocolates, cakes and soda have a high sugar content. This also includes sugars added to processed foods, such as high fructose corn syrup, as well as artificial sweeteners. Instead of these foods, try to eat fruits, for they have natural sweet taste.
  • women in stressReduce Your Amount of Stress: When you are stressed your body produces the hormone, cortisol, and interrupts the production of hormones, such as testosterone. In order to prevent this, it is good to spend some time each day on recreation activities.
  • Start by doing meditation, yoga and deep breathing. These activities help reduce stress and promote sound sleep. Start focusing on creating a balance life and eliminate those negative thoughts.
  • Spend Time Under the Sun: Getting vitamin D requires you to spend some time under the sun. In this way, your skin can get a good amount of direct sunlight. When you get a sufficient amount of vitamin D, your body produces more testosterone, which is responsible for enhancing your sex drive. However, if you are work inside all day and cannot spend time in the sun, and then start taking vitamin D supplements. Doing these things can contribute in promoting a more satisfying sex life.
  • Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol: Indeed, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lower women’s T levels. Too much alcoholic drinks can also cause destruction to your body systems and greatly affect your passion for sex. This triggers reduced arousal during sex, which results to inability to reach climax. Some women develop fluctuating levels of hormones that greatly affect their performance in bed and other sexual functions. It is better to avoid alcohol intake and switch to drinking natural fruit juices.
  • quite smokingQuit Smoking: In order to achieve a better sex drive, it is wiser for you to quit smoking. Studies show that women who smoke are at a higher risk of decreased libidos. This is because; there are harmful substances that every cigarette contains.
  • When you smoke, it hinders the supply of blood flow to your body, especially to your sex organs. Having a lack of desire for sex activity or feeling uncomfortable during sex is the usual effect of this vice.
  • Practice Good Sleeping Habits: Sleeping is important and you should give your body the right amount of sleep every day. Through sleeping, you allow your body to renew the damage cells and get the energy you need. The moment you get the energy that your body needs, you can now proceed to your everyday routines more effectively. If you have less sleep, your body can’t function well and most especially, during sex. Always remember to develop good sleeping habits in order for you to raise female T production.
  • Try Herbal Supplements: It is advisable to take supplements that contains herbs. Natural herbs are effective in increasing your interest for sex. However, these enhancement pills are widespread in the market nowadays, making it hard for you to find the right pill. In this case, choose only the pills that undergo FDA testing. In this way, you can assure your taking the right and authentic supplement.

DoctorBoosting up women testosterone level is possible by changing your lifestyle, improving your diet and including regular exercise programs.

Herbal supplements are also effective and show measurable improvements in your T levels. However, you must properly utilize these helpful ways to avoid future problems.

While low T levels is a great threat to the well-being and health of most women, the treatments are simple. It only requires your full commitment in doing such activities in enhancing your sex drive.

It is also important to enlist the help of your physician, who can test your levels and monitor them closely for you. Do not take any supplements without getting the go ahead from your doctor, in order to be safe.

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