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Is There A Pill For Female Libido?

increase female libidoThe answer, the long and short of it is, Yes, there is a pill for female libido.

And perhaps this question would be followed by more questions such as:

  • Why would a female need a libido-enhancing pill?
  • What’s in the libido-enhancing pill that would benefit women?
  • Do female libido pills work?’

Before attempting to answer these questions, let’s define what is low libido or decreased sex drive in women, the possible causes of the drop in libido and what are the usual signs and symptoms of a woman suffering from low sex drive.

What is Low Libido in Women?

A woman’s sex drive varies over the years. It is common for women who are in their 40s, 50s and even those who just have stepped in their 30s complain of a drop in their libido.

The concern is more common than one would think. In fact, studies show that as much 45% of women all over the world suffer from low libido or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) as medical professionals would technically call it.

coupleAnd despite the changes on how society views sex nowadays as a result of the sexual revolution and the dawn of the technological age, women find it embarrassing to share this with their health practitioners.

It can be confusing for some of these women as soon as they notice that their sexual drive has come to an almost standstill.

It especially tricky for her when she does not have any idea what is happening to her body.

Can you imagine being sexually active for quite some time and then the next minute, you feel that sexy time with your partner becomes bland? Or worse, you make up excuses because you do not feel sexy or simply not just in the mood. And can you imagine that this lack of desire goes on and on becoming a trend rather than an occasional blip in your love life…

Top Reasons for Decreased Sex Drive in Women

Female libido or the lack of it can be caused by several factors. A woman’s sex drive is seated on fairly multifaceted components such as her physical well-being, experiences, and her beliefs on intimacy as well as her emotional state and mental frame of mind.

The following reasons can play a big part in influencing a woman’s sex drive:
1. Physical
effective libido enhancers for womenThis can be a very wide range of diseases or illnesses, physical changes in a woman’s body and the effects of medication or treatment which can affect her desire towards sex.

Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, heart and brain problems can dampen libido. If a woman is experiencing pain during sexual penetration, then her longing for sexual intimacy will be put on hold.
Surgery that is related to her sexual areas such as her uterus, breasts, genital tract would affect her body image therefore hampering her from fully enjoying the sexual act.

Medication such as antidepressant, anti-anxiety and anti-seizure are also known to curb sexual appetite in both men and women. Same goes with the use of drugs and having too much alcohol.
And the most common cause for decreased libido in women is stress. Juggling tasks between home and work, caring for kids or maybe even aging or sick parents can drive her to exhaustion and low libido.

2. Hormones
A woman in her 40s transitioning to menopause may have a drop of estrogen levels. This can result not only her being disinterested in sex, she may also experience vaginal dryness making sexual intercourse uncomfortable if not painful.

A pregnant or breastfeeding woman or a woman who just recently had a baby would also have changes in her hormonal levels.

3. Psychological issues
Relationships and the state they are in plays a huge role in a woman’s responsiveness to intimacy. She may lose her sex drive if issues are not resolved, such as:

  • Poor or lack of communication with partner
  • Lack of physical and emotional connection with the partner
  • Unresolved fights
  • Violation of trust or fidelity issues

Signs of Decreased Libido in Women

reasons for libido decrease for womenA lack of sexual desire in women can be manifested in several ways and it may also vary from one woman to another. Apart from the obvious refusal to have sex, a woman with decreased libido may also experience vaginal dryness, always feeling worn down, lack of reception to physical stimulation and hard to reach orgasms.

Libido enhancing pills for women, the ones made by reputable manufacturers are usually made of natural ingredients that help the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels in her sex regions. These natural ingredients are products that have long been tested and proven to increase a woman’s libido.

Some of these ingredients come from a long history of people using it as an aphrodisiac. Ancient cultures in Asia have employed these wondrous plants and would sometimes mix one with the other for optimum results. Here are some of these nature-made love plants:
1. Ginseng
2. Horny Goat Weed
3. Gingko Biloba
4. Ginger root
5. Black cohosh root

Female enhancement pills make use of these nature’s wonders are often times combined it with minerals and vitamins to maximize the effectiveness. Not only does it counter low libido, it also treats common women problems like hot flashes and body aches.
Do female enhancement pills work? For the countless women who have used it – Yes!

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