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Is There A Best Drug For Female Libido?


ViagraIt has been awhile since the little blue pill, the wonder drug known as Viagra has taken the public by storm. It has successfully addressed the issue of male impotence that women have hoped when they will have their turn.

The number of women raising the concern of having a low sex drive is quite common than you think. In fact, recent studies show that as much as 40% are having difficulties.

With their mojo. So if you are feeling that your libido is not quite what it should be recently you are not alone. And yes, there is help.

Most women have not lost the desire to have sex with their partners. However, vaginal dryness, fatigue, anxiety, depression and the never ending tasks at home and at work would hamper that desire from actually taking off. So although the spirit is willing, the body is weak. Well, sort of.

Science is constantly finding ways to improve decreased female libido. There have been gels, creams, sex toys to help getting the groove back in bed. There have been oils and lubricants that were designed to make sex more satisfying.

enhancing female libidoAlthough most of these potions would get their desired effect, some find that having to put cream or gels in their vagina just as things get steamy prove to be inconvenient. Others find that icky feeling in their fingers as a sex spoiler.

So for women who are always on the go and would like things to be more spontaneous in the bedroom, the best drug for enhancing female libido would have to come in a pill or tablet form. It is convenient, takes up less space and can be taken anywhere they go.

These pills and drugs to boost female sex drive are the modern approach to a declining sex drive. So if you have a tight schedule and things are little bit crazy for you to think about radical lifestyle changes at the moment, then the best drug for female libido would be supplemental pills that will boost your sexual desires.

Best drug to enhance female libido: What it’s made of

There are hundreds of products available that claim to boost your sex drive. These contain libido enhancing components that not only rev your love machine but would also give you relief from common female problems. It would be a worthwhile exercise to spend a little time reading out on what is most likely to be beneficial to you.

female enchantment productThere are now many products claiming to be all-natural drugs to enhance female libido. Some would be advertised as a wonder treatment when in fact they are not made from genuine, organic ingredients.  But don’t be distracted as there are just as many genuinely natural products available.

These are products manufactured by reputable companies and have painstakingly researched and studied to give you the best and most effective female enhancement products. Just a little time should point you in the right direction of the supplements to try.

Try to stick with the organically manufactured natural type supplements as opposed to chemicals and synthetic products. There are a number of health ingredients and natural supplements to give you the boost you may need. Some of these female enhancing drugs would come with a combination of tried and tested ingredients.

Here’s A Shortlist:

Ginseng – This underground plant is long revered for its ability to enhance libido. Ginseng helps better blood circulation and makes you feel warm, prepping you for a good tumble in bed. This root also improves vitality and energy so having this as part of your diet and pill supplement can increase your chances of having your sex life burning hot again.

Ginger Root – Ancient Chinese people have worshipped ginger root’s effects on the human body because it makes your genitalia so sensitive and responsive that the slightest coaxing can result to intense orgasms.

Gingko bilobaGingko Biloba – Gives the body several benefits. It improves memory, treats impotency in men and of course, increases women’s libido.

One interesting study showed that women with low libido caused by anti-depressant were treated with gingko biloba. The results showed significant improvement in reaching orgasm, had sexual intercourse more and engaged in frequent sexual fantasies.

Black Cohosh Root – This tall plant from the buttercup family is native to North America. It is also known as rattleroot, snakeroot and squawroot. This potent plant does wonders to the woman’s sex system as it duplicates the effect of estrogen which is one of the hormones responsible in driving the female libido.

Black cohosh root elevates estrogen level thus increases arousal and aids the woman enjoy sex. Whether you need just an overall improvement in your health or you want to get straight to the point and improve your love life drugs for female libido will get you in that direction.

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