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Is Female Sex Drive Linked to Emotions?


womenExperiencing a drop in the female sex drive is common as we age. There is an increased chance that sex drives will drop drastically when we grow old.

Women who are above their 40’s are the ones who are at highest risk, but there are younger women who experience these struggles, as well.

There are many reasons why this happens. In fact, low libido could be based on physical, psychological and environmental factors.

Physical Factors: How Things Inside the Body Affects Us

women This has something to do with the things happening inside the body. We are all aware that hormones play an important role in determining a person’s libido.

Unlike men, women encounter many stages in their lives when these hormones have highs and lows. Thus, this explains why women are likely to experience more problems in their libidos, compared to men. There are many highlights in a woman’s life.

These events define their womanhood. Menstruation, childbearing and menopause are the events wherein hormones are topsy turvy. Now, it is up to each woman how she will overcome them. Hence, there is nothing to worry about because there are products present in the market that can help you keep these hormones in balance.

Psychological Factors: Is Female Sex Drive Linked to Emotions?

coupleSex is more than an act of lovemaking. This helps strengthen the bond between couples. True to say that sex is pleasurable; still, why is it that some individuals falter by the thought of having sex?

It could be because that person is experiencing a lot of stress. Emotions could be a culprit why we lose interest towards having sex.

Sometimes, thoughts, feelings and emotions cloud our minds. These preoccupations could make us feel detached and get in the way of having intimate moments with your partner. This shows that you need to clear your mind and start focusing on that sexual act alone. If you have unfinished works in the office, leave it there. Do not let these issues affect you.

RelationshipIf you have unresolved problems with your partner, then make it a point that you address it before getting intimate. Keeping communication open with your partner is the key to having a healthy relationship.

This will also strengthen your relationship, because being honest is best for your relationship. Here, you understand and accept the positive and negative sides of your partner. With this, you can now clear your confusion regarding the question: “Is female sex drive linked to emotions?”

When you are comfortable with your partner, having satisfying sex is more possible. You no longer need to worry about the fear of not performing well in bed or the fear of failure.

Another important thing to do if you want to have a healthy intimate relationship is accepting your own body. Most of us have body flaws, and we have to accept them, whether we like it or not. If our partner has accepted us wholly, then perhaps we should accept our body as well.

Environmental Factors: Things to Avoid

Vitamin Rich FoodsPollutants and our vices are culprits that may affect our sexual health big time. Eating the wrong food options may affect our overall health and wellness. Our diets must be rich in vitamins and minerals to improve our sexual health.

Avoid foods that are greasy and high in preservatives, as these have negative impact on our health. There are aphrodisiac foods that we may include in our diet. These types of food are great, as they promote libido.

If you are a smoker and love drinking alcohol, then perhaps you should limit these habits. These practices affect your sexual health by the means of decreasing the blood flow in your intimate parts. We all know that blood flow plays an important role in making our sex organs sensitive to sexual stimulation. This explains why some supplements functions as vasodilators, so more blood will be pumped into the organs of the body.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Sexual Health

yogaThe basic thing to do if you want to have a healthier sexual relationship is by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods and engage in regular exercise.

A 30-minute walk in the morning will suffice. In addition, practice stress management, especially if you feel like your stress is simply too much to handle.

Performing yoga, drinking warm tea or a quick chitchat with your partner can help release your tensions. If lifestyle modification is not as effective, then perhaps seeing a doctor will help. These experts can help you identify what factors are causing your libido to drop.

Once they have figured it out, they can provide you with the right interventionFemale Libido Pillss that can help you. Among these is the use of natural female enhancers. These products come in different form like pills, creams and patches.

With the things mentioned above, you can now understand why you are experiencing problems with low libido.

Try applying the helpful tips mentioned, as this will help you recover from your low sex drive frustrations. If you have friend who is asking questions like, “Is female sex drive linked to emotions,” you know what to say when you answer them.

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