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How to Increase Female Sex Desire


womenIt is a fact that women too are suffering from sexual disorders and not just men. Women are prone to different sexual disorders such as the vaginismus, orgasmic disorder, sexual pain disorder, arousal disorder and the most common is the low sexual desire disorder.

How to increase female sex desire can be achieved successfully as long as a woman affected understand how hormones work and how it affects the body.

Low sexual appetite could be caused by different factors physically, psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually. Low sex drive is affected by the production of hormones in the body, it is also affected by a woman’s fear and anxiety, sex drive can also be affected depending on a woman’s relationship status and her emotional stability and of course it can too be affected by a woman’s religious belief.

How to increase a woman’s sex appetite can be done in different ways as there are a lot of methods you can try. The success is also based on a woman’s determination and religiousness on the method chosen and her level of understanding of her condition. So before we explore the different ways to enhance sex drive, let’s see the different reasons for a woman’s low sex drive.

Reasons For Low Sex Drive In Women

low sex driveWe all know that the common reasons of low sex drive in most women are the lifestyle, the hormonal changes going on in the body, the medications taken and so on.

These are common reasons associated with a woman’s low sex drive. However, there are other reasons why a female’s sex drive decreases and here are some that you might find surprising.

Repeated Routine – Surprisingly, couples who have the same and repeated routine will end up having low sexual activity and for women low interest in sex.

In a relationship, excitement is a must in order to enjoy and keep the fire burning which could also ignite a couple’s sexual activity. Therefore, repeated routine with your partner is one of the surprising reasons for low sex drive.

Too Much Occupied – If you’re wondering how to increase your sex drive, you must first and foremost get your head on the game. This simply means that if you’re too focused on something else, if your mind is too occupied especially on social media’s and other stuffs like emails, and non-sense things you might be surprise your sex drive is getting low. This is applicable to both men and women.

bicyclingBicycling Most of the Time – You may be wondering why bicycling could lower your sex drive right? The truth is, this activity could be healthy however it can also decrease the sensitivity of a woman’s genital area and groin due to bicycling pressure.

If you’re thinking of the different ways on how to increase female sex desire, make sure bicycling activity is not in your list.

Inactive Partner – If your partner is not active in sex, chances are you will also lose your interest in sex! An inactive partner when it comes to sex will certainly affect your sex drive as a woman therefore it is important that your partner is actively involved in sex as much as you do.

Reliable Ways On How To Increase Female Sex Desire

Knowing the reasons behind your decreased sex drive will also have a great effect in your quest to enhance it. Low sex drive as most of us know is caused by external factors such as lifestyle. If you can determine the reasons behind your low sex drive, you can easily correct it. For example, if the reason behind your low sex drive is because of too much intake of alcohol, you can simply remedy it by stopping your alcohol intake. Here are other reliable ways on how to increase female sex desire.

StressAvoid Stress – There’s positive and negative stress, avoidance of negative stress could definitely help enhance libido in women. You need to avoid stress as much as possible for it can cause hormonal imbalance which could also result to decreased estrogen level that can also affect directly your libido.

Take Enough Vitamins – Boosting your immune system can be very helpful to your health and your sex life. Most vitamins have positive effects when it comes to libido; some also comes with aphrodisiac properties that can enhance blood circulation in the body that also affects sex appetite. How to increase female sex desire is not that difficult if you take enough vitamins.

Talk With Your Partner – You may be asking why talking to your partner could help increase sex drive. Your partner plays a vital role in your sex life; with his help you will easily achieve your goals on how to increase female sex desire. You can talk to your partner intimately on his different sexual fantasies so you can fulfil it and vice versa.

Is Testosterone Replacement Commendable?

You may be considering testosterone replacement as one of the ways on how to increase female sex desire. Testosterone replacement is a sensitive procedure mainly because the normal level for this hormone is not quite established by the professionals.

expertAccording to experts, testosterone replacement can be done by certain people only. Women who are undergoing menopausal can undergo such procedure and those with decreased or diminished libido.

However, there are other women who are not allowed to undergo testosterone replacement. So before you undergo this procedure, it is best to consult your doctor first.

How To Check Testosterone Level

Checking testosterone level can be done through a series of blood test however there’s no established normal level for this hormone. Therefore, some experts depend on the signs and symptoms of when to tell that a woman can have testosterone replacement or not. Checking a woman’s testosterone level is highly recommended to be checked in the morning between 8am to 10am otherwise the level will greatly vary as it is prone to change at a later time.

Increase Your Sex Drive Now!

female sex desireOverall, knowing the reasons behind your decreased libido makes it easy to determine on how to increase female sex desire easily.

All you have to do is understand better how your body works, double check on your lifestyle and see to it that you are open to other ways on how to boost your sex drive.

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