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The Science Behind How to Attract Love Without It Changing You


The Science Behind How to Attract Love Without It Changing You

Love is something we all like to talk about since it takes the most important place in our lives. All of us are faced with unrequited love or unfortunate times when our lives are empty without it. Everyone wants to learn how to attract love since our nature requires us to find our “other half.”

Attracting love is not easy. Anyone who is already in love will probably have a bunch of advice for you; however, the path differs for everyone. Often we get desperate and lose ourselves when trying to get someone to love us. This is an unfortunate approach which often ends in disaster. That’s why it’s important to know how attract love without losing yourself in the process.

First, Learn to Love Yourself

You must have heard about this approach many times. “Love yourself first.” People appreciate confidence in other people. Self-love will help you gain that confidence, but it is easier said than done. Here are several important steps you can take to start loving and appreciating yourself the right way.

cellphone1. Start with Morning Love – What do you usually do when you wake up in the morning? That’s right. Grab your cellphone or tablet to check out the news. Change that habit for a better one. Start your day by reminding yourself how worthy you really are and how much goodness you deserve today. You won’t just feel better; you’ll start loving mornings much more.

2. Practice the Mirror Trick – You must have some things you don’t like about your body, such as those little imperfections in your skin, extra weight, lack of height or no muscles. While physical exercises shouldn’t be overlooked, you still must learn how to love yourself the way you are.
Every morning and evening stand naked in front of the mirror and repeat to yourself “I’m beautiful.” It might seem silly at first but try to overpower that wish to run away. In two weeks you will see the results and perhaps in a couple of months you won’t need that exercise anymore.

3. Be Grateful for What You Have – Every day give yourself a few minutes to assess what you have in your life and what you’ve achieved. It might seem like everything is absolutely terrible but with time you’ll find things to be grateful for. And once you do, your mood and outlook will change immediately.

4. Give Yourself a Break – If you are a perfectionist, it will be hard for you to learn how to love yourself and how to attract love. Loosen up a little and let things go. Remember, our world is not perfect and there is special beauty in the imperfections. Every time you stress about small things, you push love out of your way.

Be honest5. Be honest with Yourself – Ask yourself what you really want and need. Once your mind is clear of stereotypes, you will understand what kind of love you are looking for. Perhaps you don’t really need that knight in shining armor or a sexy beauty queen. Most people are attracted to something absolutely different from what a society forces on them.

6. Accept Yourself for Who You Are – Accepting yourself as you are might be hard, especially if you are a perfectionist; however, if you fail to do that, you will have a lot of trouble finding someone who can accept you. Only absolute honesty will get you on the way to accepting yourself the way you are.
Open up to yourself and admit to the mistakes you are making. It might be hard at first but once you do that, you will learn to deal with them much faster and without self-reproach. Afterwards consider all your strengths and try to admire yourself for them. After all, they allowed you to achieve many different things in this life.

7. Appreciate Your Uniqueness – Consider all your pros and cons and understand that you are absolutely unique. No one out there can be just like you. And this is an advantage that can’t be overlooked. Celebrate your uniqueness. Bathe in it. It’s what makes you stand out of the crowd and will help your new love notice you.

Learn How to Attract Love by Understanding What You Want

Once you have spent enough time dealing with your love for yourself, you can start by identifying what you really want from love. There is no way you can learn how to attract love into your life if you don’t know what you really want.

perfect partnerIdentify the perfect partner for yourself. What should he or she have to make you feel happy. What interests of yours should match and how he or she should be different from you. Don’t forget about being honest. If you end up looking for an absolutely perfect man or woman, your search for love is doomed for failure.

To make the process easier, write down the qualities of the person you want to fall in love with. Try to create as fullest the picture as you can. Don’t forget that human beings have weaknesses. Be realistic and write down them, too. Read through a list and imagine your future partner.

This simple exercise will get you on the right track to attracting love. When we don’t know what we want, we tend to rely on emotions that often lead to crushes which lead to a dead end instead of finding a worthy partner to love.

Learn to Let Go of the Past

When a relationship ends, many of us want to move on as quickly as possible. We start looking for a new love without letting go of the old one first. Such a hasty approach is doomed to fail. Deal with your past feelings before starting fresh. Learn by your mistakes, too. Otherwise, those old feelings and habits will pull you into a useless relationship. Here are a few tricks to let go of the past as fast as possible:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Cry – Even if you are the proudest woman you know, don’t rob yourself of this simple way to let your past relationships go. Let the tears wash away the residue of old pain and freshen you up for a new experience.

physical activities2. Get Physical – Physical activities do wonders for making the mind come to peace. The end of a relationship is a great time to execute that old plan of going to a gym. Exercises deals with stress hormones and helps you get into a better mood. An improved body comes as a bonus.

3. Focus On Something You Can Control – Channel your energy into something that’s under your control instead of dwelling on the things you can’t change. Start living a new life even if your mind is still a little stuck on the old one. You will see the results pretty soon.

4. Express Your Anger – Try to find a way to express your anger to the person you are upset with. Venting your feelings is important for clearing up your mind. But make sure you control your words. You never know what reaction you can expect from another person.
If for some reason you can’t communicate with your old partner, write him or her a letter. You don’t have to send it. Just make sure all your feelings are expressed on the paper. You can metaphorically burn your problems by physically burning that letter.

5. Throw It Away – Imagine that your past relationship is a bag of rice. Buy some rice, go to the nearest pond or forest and throw it out of the bag piece by piece. This simple exercise will help you get rid of your past relationship problems.

6. Reward Yourself – Try to reward yourself for every little accomplishment that has to do with overcoming your past love. Buy your favorite pizza after throwing away his things or go catch a movie with friends after burning the last letter to her.

7. Thought Replacement – Think of something pleasant like swimming in the ocean or eating your favorite cake. When you catch yourself thinking about your past relationship, immediately replace this thought with a pleasant one.

laughing8. Do Some Laughing – Laughing does wonders for your health and your mood. So if you feel as if you are still obsessing with your ex, watch a good comedy or read some jokes on the Internet. A good laugh will help you with thought replacement as well.

9. Do a Big Clean Up – Arranging things in your home will help arrange things inside your mind. You can start by organizing your closets or cleaning up your desk in the office. Getting control of small things will help you feel as if you are starting to gain control over your life.

10. Get a Stress Ball –To completely clean up your soul from the old relationship, get a little helper. Squeezing a stress ball will help you deal with the negative feeling residue and will pump up your wrist muscles as the same time.

Make Yourself Available for Love

Working on your inner self is well and good but you will hardly attract love if you are just sitting at home doing nothing. You have to make yourself physically available to the new love experience. Even if you are used to spending your evening in the quiet of your own home, you will need to change your habits at least until you find that perfect partner.

1. Look Fantastic – While everyone says that looks are not as important as what’s inside, the first impression is made by your appearance. So make it a habit to look as fantastic as possible whenever you go out of the house. Forget the old sweatpants and a ponytail. Get some nice clothes that outline your positive sides.
You can go even further by using such products as Vigorelle or L-arginine to improve your libido. It will immediately be reflected on your appearance and the amount of pheromones you emit.

flirting2. Don’t Be Afraid to Flirt – Flirting is everywhere. While it might be a bad idea in the office, flirting at a café or a night club won’t just show others that you are looking for a partner, it will also make you feel much better about yourself. Even if flirting doesn’t end with something more serious, it will still lift your mood.

3. Think About Love – When you are walking down the street, try not to focus on the deadlines and grocery shopping. Think about looking for love. Your face will immediately brighten up and you will start noticing people you never did before. Did you know that many couples are formed by striking a casual conversation in the middle of the street?

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Make the First Move – Many women believe that a man should make the first move and men are afraid of getting rejected. Don’t ever be afraid to make the first move. The worst thing that can happen is they will say no and you will keep on walking. But if you don’t try, you can lose a chance to meet your perfect partner.

5. Forget Your Comfort Zone – You will hardly meet anyone new if you refuse to get out of your comfort zone. Changes are imperative for attracting love, so what you’ve never done before. Try new things. Eat at a new restaurant. Find ways to meet as many people as possible.

6. Make It Simple – Don’t make it hard for other people to get to know you. Be ready to share your preferences. Some people believe that they need to make the potential partner work hard on conquering them. Forget about it. It’s a truly ridiculous way to deal with your perfect partner. Make it easy for them to understand you and they will open up in return.

go on a date7. Get Ready to Make Mistakes – There will be mistakes. You will go on a date with a person who seemed so great and turned out to be absolutely wrong for you. But it’s absolutely normal. Don’t think that you’ll get lucky the first time you strike a conversation. Most likely you won’t. There isn’t a “how to attract love” spell out there that works 100-percent of the time, so be ready for mistakes.

Use the Law of Attraction

While making yourself available, you can learn how to attract love energy from the universe. One of the first tasks you already completed by creating an image of your future partner. Don’t forget to be absolutely honest with yourself about what kind of person you need since attracting the wrong one will lead to unfortunate consequences.

Now you have to use your imagination. Imagine you have already found a person of your dreams. Think about things you will be doing with him or her. Image your dates. How he or she will behave, the things you will talk about, the walks in the park, the first kiss and more.

Spend as much time a day as you can to dream. This way you will be asking the universe to help you with the search. This approach will make your eyes light up with desire and you will open up to new love experiences.

When you imagine your life with the partner you have chosen, take some time to listen to your inner voice. You’ll be surprised to find out that you already know what steps you need to take in order to find the love of your life. Be honest with yourself and follow the instructions the inner voice gives you.

AttractionIf at some stage of this exercise, you will start feeling silly, try to fight this feeling. The law of attraction will work only if you believe in it. If you are skeptical about it or feel self-conscious when trying to imagine your partner, the method might not work. Try to leave all the stereotypes behind and clear up your mind for a new approach.

Learning how to attract love with the law of attraction is easy. All you have to do is follow the few simple rules.

Find Balance with the Feng Shui Approach

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method that helps improve different areas of life. Learning how to attract love using feng shui might seem complicated at first but it’s doable. Get ready to rearrange your home and you will soon be rearranging your life for the better. Here are some quick tips to use feng shui to attract love.

1. Start with the Bedroom – If your bedroom is furnished to accommodate just one person, then the time has come to add some furniture. Make your bedroom comfortable for two people. Get a large bed and two bedside tables.

2. Clean Up Your Closet – If your closet is cluttered, then there is no space for the feng shui energy to flow freely. Free space in your closet will not just create a healthier environment in your home, it will also allow your future loved one to store his or her things.

3. Use Scents – If you have done a proper job using the law of attraction, it will help you learn how to attract love with feng shui. You already visualized the partner of your dreams and know how they look, smell, taste and feel? Use scents to bring their smell into your house. Essential oils are preferable.

feng shui4. Use Love-Specific Feng Shui Approaches – There are several cures you can use to attract love with feng shui. For example, some people recommend using rose quartz crystals when they give advice on how to attract love spells. Feng shui dictates that rose quartz crystals have heart healing properties. There is no exact method of how to attract love with rose quartz crystals. What they do is take away painful memories and free your heart for new love experiences.

5. Get Symbols of Love – In order to learn how to attract love spiritually, you need to start with such physical things as symbols of love. The symbols will depend on your preferences. It can be roses, candles or mementos that remind you of romantic experiences.

6. Pair Up the Objects – Feng shui dictates that single objects mean a single life. Pair up such things as chairs, nightstands and even figurines on your shelves to help attract love to your home.

7. Use the Love Colors – Red, pink and white are the colors that represent romance. Use them in your rooms to attract love. Pink candles, red pillows and white draperies will help you with your search for love. Just make sure not to overdo it.

Change Yourself for the Better

While you don’t want love to change you for the worse, you should allow it to change you for the better. It’s not a simple way to attract a new love but it definitely works. Learn new things. It is absolutely imperative for a new relationship.

Perhaps you always wanted to go back to college to study something new, or maybe you wanted to learn a new language, whatever it is, pursue it with passion. Studying will automatically put you in the middle of a place where you can meet a lot of new people. It will get you out of your comfort zone. In the end, even if you don’t meet your love, you will get a new and useful skill.

concertsAllow yourself to discover new places, such as new movie theaters, restaurants, concerts and night clubs. You will be able to meet a lot of new people and have a chance to find that perfect partner while discovering amazing new ways to enjoy yourself.

When you learn new information, you become more interesting to people. Have some things to share and you will see how you’ll form new friendships and relationships. Getting a new hobby is another way to find people who have the same interests.

Learning how to attract love is a tough job. You will need to go through some hardships. But what you will get in return is so precious that it’s definitely worth all the effort.

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