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How Female Sex Drive Works

female sex driveAccurate measurement of the level of libido or sexual urges is yet to be determined. The idea regarding the appropriate level of sex drive needed to support specific activities, the correct age to attain certain amount of sexual desire and to deliver best result is yet to be proved.

However, proper awareness on how female sex drive works will help and explain lots of concerns with regards to this matter.

There are many components involved in females sex drive such biological, emotional, psychological, medical and social aspects.

All of these considerations have significant influences in motivating female sex drive to work regardless of the intensity. It is also important that each aspect has positive approach to each other to ensure highly effective output.

How Does Female Sex Drive Works?

Female sex drive uniquely works in every female depending on how these factors support the desire and intentions for sex. It may start from the mind to the physical point to social ideas or it may begin from the level of sex hormones secreted from the primary female sex organs that triggers psychological aspect and social maturity.

human intense relationshipSex drive is a very essential tool that greatly contributes to human intense relationship. The level of female sexual desire determines how female sex drive works and may have both positive and negative results.

Often positive motivation towards sexual intimacy also determines good effect but it may also create opposite consequences along the process.

Too much sexual urges or very little or poor sex drive have both adverse effects in female.

Some may greatly manifest physical difficulties which may lead to serious medical conditions while low libido may hinder lots of sexual activities and even affect the level of self esteem and very poor intimate relationship with their partner.

Areas that Influence Female Sex Drive

How female sex drive works is quite complicated to understand the same as understanding how to measure it.

Female sex drive functions differ from one person to another depending on what factor influences a person’s sexual desire.

There are different areas affecting a person’s sex drive. Here are the areas you should be aware of.

sex hormones

1. Biological aspect– This aspect has great effects when it comes to the amount or level of sexual urges. It mainly involved the functions of major sex hormones like female testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

These sex hormones regulate, manage, boost and even decrease level of sexual desire. It also triggers other areas that may control sexual intentions on how female sex drive works.

Often sex hormones like testosterone noted as hormone of desire because the amount that it produces has impact on how some females react in certain sexual situation.

High level of testosterone rapidly sends signal to the primary brain neurons that triggers sexual motivations. However, concise reaction of the brain to high testosterone level is yet to be concluded because effects still varies in every female.

Biological aspects can indeed influence a woman’s sex drive. Testosterone hormone for instance has the ability to enhance libido of women if its production is quite large.

The higher it gets, the higher the libido of a woman is and the lower it gets, the lesser the interest of a woman is to sex. As you can see, biological aspect definitely dictates the level of intensity a woman’s sex drive should be.

2. Psychological area – This aspect has also a big relation when it comes to amount of output delivered from certain level of sexual desire. Many linked the capacity to produce certain level of sexual motivation from psychological ability to adapt and think wide regarding this matter.

Healthy sexual desire

Healthy sexual desire can be caused by sharp and fit mind involving strong fantasy, desire and need for sex. It may also be due to physical and social influences.

3. Social aspect – Decisive social aspect has also a lot of share on how female sex drive works.
It has great impact that is connected on the way it is produce physically and emotionally.
There are also several areas that are connected to socially influence sex drive which both has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to intensity and amount like:

  •  Religious affiliation.
  •  Work.
  •  Family.
  •  Environment.
  •  Culture.
  •  Social Media.

Is Sex Drive a Reflex?

Although science can tell how female sex drive works, the explanations are not precise and still has holes to fill in.

Female sex drive is really complex; some experts admit that they still have a lot of things to go through in terms of how female sex drive works. However there’s a new theory emerging that sex drive is considered to be a reflex.

doctorFew scientists have started exploring g the world of female libido and have come to a point when they claimed sex drive is a reflex. This means the female libido is an automatic reaction however because of female emotions, the drive is instantly override.

One good example of reflex explanation is when your doctor checks your tendon reflex. Your doctor will hit the cap of your knee with a mallet and your knee automatically contracts and kicks.

In terms of sex, few scientists believe that this is the same as sex drive in women.

The brain is programmed to react to sexual stimulus however because emotions override it, no matter what the female brain tells about having sex, the emotions hinder the female to actually performing it. You see, this is how female sex drive works according to few scientists.

Female Sex Drive is Really Complex

Yes, it is true that the female libido is really hard to understand. Women themselves find it hard to understand how to manage and handle their sex drives. This is why some young women don’t know how to respond to sexual stimulus and ends up with having a depressed or even suppressed sex drive.

Older women on the other hand, seem to be well experienced and know how to carry themselves when it comes to sex. Therefore, female sex drive does not just depend on hormone production and other external factors, it too depends on a woman’s age and experience hence you can confirm that female sex drive in really complex in nature.

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