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Female Testosterone Treatment and a Woman’s Sex Drive


Women’s perceptions of sex may vary from men, but both regard sex as vital part of life. If there were any changes in women’s levels of desire, it would greatly affect their overall state. There are many reasons why women lose their desire for sex. Knowing these reasons is essential to address the issue. One of reasons is hormonal imbalance where female testosterone treatment can be of great help.

The Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

Low Sex Drive in WomenAndrogen is a known male hormone, but women also produce it, too. The thing is, males have this in higher levels compared to women.

Too high and too low levels of testosterone in females causes problems. The decrease of T levels in women often becomes one of the reasons for a low sex drive.

Some Causes Other Than Testosterone Level Changes Include The Following:

  • Relationship Issues: When your relationship is on the rocks, you become emotionally stressed due to the conflicts you are facing with your partner. This makes you feel distant, losing interest in having sex. Sex is a common thing for lovers, but for some who have certain issues, sex is not highly attainable. If you want to bring back that spark between you and your partner, patch up those lingering conflicts as soon as possible.
  • Menopausal Stage: For women that have passed the limit of a certain age, they tend to be more conscious about their bodies, especially when it comes to sex. They tend to think that it is not right to have sex when you are at specific age or where you are not as active as before. This perception diminishes the desire for sex. At this point, you can consider female testosterone treatment.
  • Mfemale enhancement pills edications: There are pills that can affect the level of testosterone in the body. If you think that you experience any changes that are more like low T level symptoms, you need to see a doctor.
  • They will discuss tests, treatments and medications that can affect the level of testosterone in your body, so you will be aware of it. If the decrease in your T levels proves to be a cause for medication, you can undergo testosterone treatment for women in order to address the problem.
  • Surgical Complications: If a woman has undergone hysterectomy, there is for sure some dramatic changes in her T levels. At this point, hormonal therapy is the best option. Seeking a doctor and asking for help is necessary. Make this move as soon as possible before it will affect your sexual life in drastic ways.

What is Female Testosterone Treatment All About?

Female testosterone treatmentFemale testosterone treatment is a hormonal therapy given to women so that it can help them address certain health issues, and primarily sex disorders. If you are a woman who has low libido, receiving this treatment is probably in your best interest.

However, remember that the FDA does not approve this treatment, so you need to understand the risks. Knowing everything first about the treatment will be a good option to ensure your overall safety.

Pros and Cons of Testosterone Treatment for Females

Receiving this treatment can help boost your desire for having sex. It also prevents any primarily sex disorders. It gives you a boost in energy that can make you sexually active again. However, this is not a wonder drug and not all women should use it. Having this treatment means bringing a larger amount of male hormones within you that in the process can boost your desire for sex.

Female testosterone treatment can also give you unusual changes that can be quite disturbing. These changes include the fact that you may experience a slight man-like appearance, which includes more facial hair, hair loss and a much deeper voice. It can also cause skin problems, such as acne and oily skin. There may also be some physical changes in your feminine area.

It is important to note that female T treatments can also be harmful to women who are pregnant, because it can cause abnormal fetal development to the baby.

Other Side Effects Brought About By This Treatment Include:

  • sleep apenaSleep Apnea – This is a condition in which air has stopped flowing or decreases during sleep due to the blocking of the airway passage. It can also cause cardiac ischemia.
  • In case you don’t know, this is a condition where the heart has abnormal blood flow. That is why it is best to treat this before you proceed to female testosterone therapy. This is quite a serious side effect, so you need to watch out carefully.
  • Polycythemia – Testosterone therapy can also cause polycythemia. What happens here is that red blood cells have an abnormal increase in counts. Too many red blood cells in the bone marrow can thicken the blood, making a person prone to blood clots, and that can lead to strokes. If you think that you are experiencing symptoms associated with this, you need to seek medical help at once.

Female testosterone treatment may come with side effects, so be sure to discuss it thoroughly with your doctor before undergoing them. This kind of treatment is perfect for those women having decreases in their T levels. Regular treatments will soon fix the issue, improving your sex life and your health as a whole.

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