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Female Testosterone Test Results


femaleA female testosterone test result is an important tool to determine certain conditions which mainly involved testosterone in the body. Different kinds of tests are often done using blood as a medium.

These tests are often performed to females to check the level of female testosterone produced in the body most especially when signs of abnormalities are observed.

Conducting and checking different female testosterone test results in women is important for it can help them resolve issues regarding hormone imbalance and also to prevent it further to become way serious. Running this kind of test can help prevent sickness as early as possible. Here are the different signs if a woman is suffering from abnormal testosterone production in the body.

Different Signs Of Abnormal Testosterone Production In Females

  • Unusual growth of manly hair all over the body.
  • Irregular monthly period or menstrual cycle.
  • Sagging or decrease in the size of breasts.
  • Abnormal increase in the size of clitoris.
  • acneExcessive oil production in skin resulting to acne.
  • Decrease of hair growth in head which results to baldness.
  • Cancer of the ovaries.
  • Infertility.
  • Ovarian tumor.

An abnormal female testosterone test results will not only manifest signs and symptoms that are less serious but it can also pose serious threats when it comes to health.

Therefore, if you suspect high production or low production of testosterone, you should have your blood tested and check your female testosterone test result right away. By doing so you will be able to reduce serious medical conditions which is really possible if an imbalance hormone is neglected for quite some time.

Although there is no precise measurement of actual testosterone present in every female based on their age, certain range or brackets of the amount or the average of the sex hormone and age of every female are often use as basis and guide of the usual amount of female testosterone present in the body. Often, this is used as a tool to compare female testosterone test results to the estimated amount that is usually produced in every female.

Common Reasons In Performing Testosterone Test

womenThere are a lot of reasons why women submit their selves to testosterone test. If you noticed prominent manly characteristics starting to surface.

Then you may possibly be having hormonal imbalance specifically your testosterone hormone. Other reasons for undergoing such test are the following:

  • To determine the level of female testosterone present in the blood.
  • If testosterone is enough or too much to support certain development.
  • To check testosterone related diseases and conditions.
  • To check certain development in the level of the hormone.
  • To follow –up progress in the efficiency of medication if patient is under treatment.
  • To check if there is hormonal imbalance.
  • To get appropriate medical help from professionals.

Although testosterone is noted as a mystical female sex hormone, it is still very important to undergo series of testosterone related tests such as determining the total amount of testosterone in the body or measurement of free testosterone because it is directly involved in specific changes and conditions of the body whether it is psychological, emotional and social aspects.

Female testosteroneFemale testosterone is just one of the essential components that greatly affect major changes and growth in the body. It is also important to connect or relate this female sex hormone to other factors to ensure effective result.

Some are even advised to perform series of tests to ensure that results compliment to each other as a bases of certain condition. Comparing test results is one way to establish firm reference in finding proper diagnosis.

It is important to have accurate female testosterone test results in order to find appropriate method or techniques in treating certain conditions that is affected by high or low level of testosterone.

The result will be used as a guide to determine whether a woman has normal amount of this female sex hormone and to ensure that this specific level is maintained or regulated. Furthermore, precise test result is an effective tool to understand certain condition that is hardly explained by mere observations and physical checkups.

Female Testosterone Test Results For Diagnosis

DoctorUsually, doctors who handle different cases of medical condition require their patient to undergo a lot of blood tests and other radiology tests to ensure that the right diagnosis is provided to the patient.

With the right diagnosis, the right treatment is also given to the person who needs it and that is the same as checking female testosterone test results.

With the right test results and series of other testosterone tests, a doctor would find it easy to diagnose the real condition of the patient. The doctor will be able to determine what type of treatment is needed and what is good or bad for the patient.

So if you are suffering from different signs and symptoms of high female testosterone production in the body, your statement is not the only basis or confirmation that you are really suffering from such condition. You still have to undergo series of tests and the female testosterone test results would be the major basis for your diagnosis and treatment.

So if you are hoping to receive the right treatment, be sure then to submit yourself to a testosterone test. Sometimes, doctors may need to explain these tests further to their patient to avoid fear, anxiety and any negative ill feelings toward the procedure and treatment.

Have Your Test Now!

femaleSo what are you waiting for? If you suspect hormonal imbalance, or if you simply want to make sure you are healthy and is not suffering from any hormonal imbalance.

Then have your testosterone test taken to find out if you need in-depth treatment based from what your female testosterone test result is saying.

The best time to have your blood extracted is on the morning at around 8am until 10am and it must be done without the presence of your monthly menstrual cycle for accurate result purposes.

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