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Female Testosterone Replacement Dose: What is Effective?


The lack of desire for sex is the most common problem reported by women as they age. Low sex drive has always more than one cause. It is important to determine whether it is lifelong or recently acquired. In any woman, low drive links to relationship issues and hormone changes in the body. There is an increasing evidence to suggest that many women who experience such issues found help with the application of hormone replacement therapy.

Forms of Female Testosterone Therapy

This Therapy Comes In The Form Of  Injections, Pills, Pellets And Patches. You Can Choose From The Following Delivery Methods:

  • injectionInjections – These agents are widely accepted for this kind of therapy. The hormones in these compounds are located in injections that leach hormones out for weeks. The average dosage is 100 milligrams per week. These are prepared to give the patient 200 milligrams for two weeks or 300 for three weeks. You can observe an initial rise in hormone levels right after injection.
  • Pills – Oral forms such as pills are also widely distributed in the market. This form of therapy has been much used in Europe, but is not famous in the United States. Its advantages include convenience of administration and a safe profile. It has the tendency to cause the hormones to fluctuate, so you may need daily dosing to maintain balance.
  • Pellets – Hormone implants are also a common way to cause a rise of hormone levels in the body. You can use this to provide slow release for a maximum of six months. Depending on the dose required, two to six pellets go into the body. It tends to provide stable level of hormone but because it involves minor surgery, their use can be painful at first.
  • Hormone patchPatches – The first hormone patch came out for placement to maximize hormone absorption. The usual dose is five milligrams using one or two patches. At this dosage, the patient can absorb an approximate of four milligrams out of five applied daily. One concern of this is the claim of skin irritation once applied to patients. It is given that such side effects may not always be present as it depends on how the body responds to it.

False Ideas About the Female Testosterone Replacement Dose

Several issues about the therapy have surfaced along with the growing interest in the use of it. The main concern is the dosage, and medical studies are underway to learn more. Here Are Some Myths You Should Know About:

  • female testosteroneFemale testosterone’s role is only for a woman’s sex drive. The most common reason why women choose to undergo this therapy is to improve their sex life. In reality, it is just a fraction of the overall effect it can bring to women. It is because it also governs the health of almost all tissues, including the breasts, heart, uterus and blood vessels among others. The functions of these tissues decline as the level of hormone also declines. The result in the lack of this hormone in women includes a decline in well-being and physical fatigue, as well as low interest in sex.
  • It causes voice changes. Voice changes, such as hoarseness, is due to an inflammation because of allergy, infection or a chemical reaction in the throat. The truth is that there is no evidence that this therapy causes changes in your voice. There is no mechanism that allows it to do so. Several experiments also took place in the past years to clear this idea, and it shows the same overall results. This process does not have anything to do with the sudden change in your voice.
  • breast cancerRisk of breast cancer is increased. Scientific studies proved that breast cancer is an estrogen sensitive condition. The fact that the hormone in this therapy is a counter balance to estrogen makes this a false claim. Clinical trials have found that this has a positive effect on breast tissue. It works by decreasing breast damage and preventing stimulation of other cancer cells.
  • It may trigger heart disease. There is an established study that shows this therapy can even improves the health condition of the heart. It is also a success in treating and preventing heart disease and even diabetes. It also widens blood vessels and has properties that strengthen the cardiac muscle. The most important is it improves functional capacity of the heart.
  • Testosterone is a male hormone. One of the most common mistakes of the way people think about this hormone is that it only plays a role in men. This hormone is also responsible for several processes in the woman’s body. This works hand in hand together with the primary hormone of the women to promote growth and balance. This is also the most abundant hormone throughout a woman’s life span.

DoctorThis process in women also restores energy, strengthens bones and improvement of overall zest for life. Many women do not understand how this hormone can help them.

To clear things up, talking to your doctor about it is important. It can make a health difference that many women have not been able to enjoy before. Female testosterone replacement dose is never a bad option, if you think that you want to experience a happier sex life.

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