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Female Testosterone Receptors


Females SexNeurons in the brain is said to be the primary female testosterone receptors because it relays a message directly from the hormone to produce an output.

Testosterone is the female’s vital sex hormone especially when it comes to sexual aspects. It is in charge in lots of motivation and intentions of females towards sex. It can even influence the brain to trigger different behaviour.

Female testosterone is noted to be the main androgen receptors in the pair sex organs where embryo is developed.’ Testosterone is also known to have self made testosterone receptors. Variety in levels of this hormonal receptor means different effects in the body. The larger the number of testosterone receptor the greater its effect in the body.

Testosterone has lots of influences in female’s behaviour. The decrease or increase in the level of emotions and excitement is also directly proportional to the amount of testosterone produced. For instance a series of tests was conducted for female winning and losing the beauty contest. The winning female has happy emotion and has produced greater amount of testosterone while the sad candidate appears to have lesser testosterone secretion.

Male and female both produce the same elements found in testosterone; it only varies in amount or level. Female testosterone receptors also has great contributions in the intensity and delivery of testosterone in the body at the same time the numbers of these testosterone receptors also depends on the frequency of the hormone to add its numbers.

Understanding Female Testosterone Receptors

Expert DoctorThe main role of these receptors is to deliver stimulus and other sensory signal to the respective organs in the body particularly to the brain which has great part in many sexual behaviour and urges of a female. Testosterone is also very beneficial hormone because it has natural resistance against infectious diseases.

Experts believed that the female testosterone receptors have shown significant response and expression in the different systems of the human body such as in the nervous system, in the tissues, vagina, pelvic floor, reproductive tracts, bones, urinary tracts, breasts and as well as in the cardiovascular system.

An agreement of testosterone to its receptors mean rapid growth in cell production and increase in level of free calcium which is a very important element in supporting both biological and physiological aspect. It also acts as an efficient neurotransmitter, contraction of muscles as well as aid in female’s fertilization.

Testosterone, testosterone receptor, free calcium and other essential elements has domino effects to one another. Significant change in levels of every element also has important effects to the output as well as trait and behaviour of every female, so it is a must to know the baseline of each component to ensure balance.

Role of Female Testosterone Receptors

According to studies, the role of female testosterone receptor is important for it is a binding factor of a DNA which helps in regulating the gene expression. Aside from regulating the genes, female testosterone receptors have other useful functions too in terms of the sexual aspects. So here are other roles of the said receptor.

* Aids in fast healing of burns.
* Increases aggression.
* Fast transmission of signal and stimulus to the brain.
* Activates androgen receptors.
* Trigger steroidal effects.

Effects in Decrease of Testosterone Receptors

Sex DesireWhen we say receptor, it basically acts like a messenger or a transmitter in a form of a protein molecule that is located right inside a cell or on its surface.

It functions like a transmitter of chemical signals from the outside to the inside causing the needed response from either a tissue and other parts or system of the human body. This is why female testosterone receptors are quite important in enhancing a woman’s sex drive as well as men.

However, have you ever wondered what happens if a woman is not able to produce the needed receptors? Let’s find out the possible effects if a woman suffers from a decrease production of female testosterone receptors.

* Poor sex desire level.
* Dryness of skin.
* Too much aggression.
* Loss of energy.
* Low production of free calcium.
* Dryness of sex organs like vulva.

Female testosterone receptors have vital roles in different aspects of every female. It has also connecting effects to each of the elements so it is necessary to know the function of receptors to understand further both its positive and negative effects. Although testosterone is known to be a dominating hormone, proper knowledge is still the key to response positively regardless of the level produced.

Other Facts about Female Testosterone Receptors

Female testosterone receptors may be a new term to you; this is seldom heard and mentioned in a sexual topic and even when it comes to libido topics. However, these receptors have important roles to fulfil to achieve satisfying orgasm and even reach the stage of an enhanced sex drive. Here are other facts you might find interesting about female testosterone receptors.

Sex Drive* The more intense you workout, the higher female testosterone receptors you produced. According to experts, female testosterone hormone is capable of increasing its own receptors found in the muscles.

* Bear in mind though that too much production of androgen hormone is not healthy too such as the testosterone hormone for over production may cause a massive loss to muscle receptors.

Balance Everything

As you can see, the presence of female testosterone receptors in the body is very important; its level is proportioned to the level of testosterone hormone present or produced in the body. It is also significant in sex drive and sex itself. Therefore, the right balance of this hormone must be observed. You need to balance everything in life and that includes female testosterone receptor.

Too much or less production may lead to negative signs and symptoms. Women must be aware and should have better understanding of what this receptor is all about, by understanding what this is and what it basically does will help women with their sex drive level and how to handle it properly.

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