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Female Testosterone Normal Levels

Female testosterone hormonesFemale testosterone hormones are normally produced by women through their ovaries.

The number of testosterone produced in women is lesser as compared to men; these hormones are known to have masculine effects in men and in women with too much production.

Testosterone could have a lot of positive effects and negative effects in women, this hormone is said to be responsible for the deep toned voice, the balding process, the existence of muscle strength and more.

Female testosterone is not just produced by ovaries alone, in some cases this hormone are also formed in different body tissues including the body fats and of course the skin through the process of conversion by our adrenal glands clinically known as the DHEA and the DHEAS.

According to studies, the levels of testosterone in our body dictate the levels of estrogen too. How is this possible? The ovaries produce estrogen by simply converting the testosterone hormone and other adrenal hormones in the body.

Therefore, the higher the testosterone levels and conversion a woman’s ovary produces, the higher the amount of converted estrogen is produced. This is why female testosterone normal levels must be observed to avoid any negative health issues.

Female Testosterone Changes During Menstrual Period

Menstrual PeriodStudies have shown that it is during a woman’s menstrual period that her testosterone level increases specifically during the phase of ovulation.

Experts believed that this peak production of testosterone is near the ovulation phase to enhance the chance of conception.

Although female testosterone normal levels are highly recommended, there are some cases when the levels are uncontrollable.

It is believed that during morning time, the level of female testosterone is quite high in women as compared to other hours of the day.

As you can see, the level of female testosterone varies depending on the phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The Ideal Time To Measure Testosterone

doctor with chemicalAccording to experts, the right time or the highly recommended time for women to have their blood test taken to monitor and see of whether they have female testosterone normal levels is between the times of 8am to 10am.

Of course, if a woman has her menstrual period, it is a big no for the testosterone level to be checked.

During menstrual cycle, there’s a phase in the cycle that the production of testosterone hormone is quite low which could lead to unreliable result if a blood test is taken during a woman’s menstrual period.

Therefore, women must bear in mind that in order to have a female testosterone normal level, she must have her blood sample taken 8 days after her menstrual period starts.

Is there Such Thing As Female Testosterone Normal Levels?

The truth is, it is really very difficult to measure or even just to determine the female testosterone normal levels. Deficiency in this hormone is considered to be a clinical syndrome for there’s actually no precise normal level for this hormone.

However, some doctors are really treating patients through female testosterone replacement therapy and that’s all because some women doesn’t have any ovaries anymore that could enable them to produce female testosterone.

Despite no established female testosterone normal levels, some doctors can still claim that a person has low or deficient female testosterone by just basing on a woman’s sexual libido, emotional state especially if a woman is in a depress state and other signs that could help experts determine low in female testosterone.

Will Diet Help Boost Female Testosterone?

Boost Female TestosteroneAccording to research, there are some foods that are said to increase the levels of testosterone in a woman’s body. There are different vitamins and minerals that women can take to boost their testosterone levels without jeopardizing their health.

Female testosterone normal levels must be taken into consideration hence the right kind of food must be eaten regularly to avoid over production of female testosterone as well as deficiency.

Oysters – This food contains good amount of zinc that is capable of enhancing the production of testosterone in the body. Women who love eating oysters could also increase their sexual desire or libido. Foods rich in zinc are chicken liver, pumpkin seeds and more.

Garlic – The intake of garlic is also a good source of female testosterone. According to some studies, garlic intake which is accompanied by good amount of protein intake diet could help boost testosterone for over a month! The garlic’s component known as the diallyl disulfide is the one responsible in enhancing the testosterone in a woman’s body. By eating this you can easily maintain female testosterone normal levels.

Nuts – Eating nuts could also enhance your testosterone levels for it is found that nuts contain testosterone elevating ingredient such as omega 3 fatty acids. Same goes with eggs and meat.

Healthy Lifestyle Helps Maintain Female Testosterone Normal Levels

Maintain Female TestosteroneObserving a healthy lifestyle can definitely help women boost or simply maintain their female testosterone normal levels.

Lifestyle that is less stressful, less or no vices can truly make a difference.

A woman who drinks, smokes or even abuses drugs will have a greater chance of experiencing female testosterone deficiency as compared to those who have healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to maintain normal hormone production whether it is the estrogen hormone, progesterone and of course testosterone.

So if you want to do it your way, the simplest way to maintain your female testosterone normal level is to observe a healthy lifestyle.

An Experts Guidance Is A Must

If you suspect to have a low female testosterone production due to the different signs and symptoms you are suffering from, make sure to consult your doctor. Any hormonal changes and imbalances that you suspect should be told to your doctor for it could indicate something serious regarding your current health state.

An expert’s guidance is really a must! Don’t take your health for granted, over production or decreasing female testosterone levels could be your body’s message that something wrong is going on within your system.

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