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Female Testosterone Medication for a More Active Sex Life


Testosterone is a hormone associated with men; however, this hormone also plays a major role for sexual function in females. There can be a lower response to sex due to a lack of estrogen and testosterone. Lower levels of hormones in the body may result in a number of medical concerns. Female testosterone medications are now rising in popularly as a cure for low sex drive and other feminine ailments.

Indications of Low T Levels in the Female Body

Low Hormone Levels Can Show A Range Of Symptoms, Including:

  • low levels of testosteroneFatigue: A lack of energy and physical motivation is experienced when having low levels of testosterone. Individuals often describe fatigue as the feeling of being weary and tired.
  • If you experience this condition without any given reason, consider this as a possible indication of low levels of hormone. Seek medical testing as soon as you can to determine the cause.
  • Body Hair Loss: Hair loss can appear in many ways depending on what is causing it. It can come suddenly or gradually. In this case, hair loss will more likely to affect your body instead of your head. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent.
  • Decreased Sex Drive: Research shows that the hormone, testosterone, affects sex drive. Lower levels of this hormone can cause a lower response to sex. Female testosterone supplements are a big help in this problem. Ask your doctor about this treatment option.

Forms of Female Testosterone Medication

Women can take testosterone as a cream, through a patch or in a form of pellet implants. Here Is Some Important Information On Each For You:

creamCreams – There is an approved one percent testosterone cream available for women. You can apply it daily to your skin.

The doctor will determine the level of hormones in your topical cream depending on the side effects and blood levels. You will need testing often to make sure you maintain the proper balance.

Implants – Implants have been a mainstay for many years for hormone replacement in males. Females also use this, but only for a short amount of time. This can improve your sense of well-being and stamina. Creams and gels have replaced this treatment approach in the recent years, so ask your doctor for the latest updates on implantation.

Patches – Experts approved the patch just for women who have had their ovaries removed. The use of a patch is through their application on skin. Patches may control your ailments, but they will not cure it. This is just a short-term treatment option.

Methods of Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Low Levels of Hormones In The Blood May Indicate A Need For Replacement Therapy, Which Involves The Following Options:

  • injectionInjections: The route is into the buttocks and it will last for a month. The process may be a little painful. Warming the hormone before administration will lessen the discomfort. This may seem an uncomfortable female testosterone medication, but it is potent.
  • Implants: This allows a slow release of the natural hormone. They have few side effects and are usually successful. The implants are about the size of a wheat grain. Implants form by fusing at crystalline hormone under sterile conditions. The action peaks one month after insertion. It lasts four to five months depending on the individual.
  • Tablets: This therapy needs regular intake for at least one month. Once taken, you must swallow it completely. They cause a rise of hormone levels in the blood, which peaks in two to four hours. Take the biggest dose in the morning. The doctor will decide for the right dose for you based on your blood tests.

Natural Female Testosterone Medication

Treating lack of hormones now comes in an all-natural unique way. Some Organic Elements That May Help Include:

  • Wild YamsWild Yams: This comes in a powder that contains sapogenins, which is the most important element of this herb. A steroid building block displays properties similar to testosterone. Wild yam powder is a potent herbal remedy to correct imbalance.
  • Testarol: This contains herbs that elevate hormone levels and enhance physical performance. It is a natural component, so it is also safe and gentle to the body. This herb helps women suffering from decreased sex drives. Try considering this alternative cure.
  • Macafem: The plant, macafem grows in the Andean mouMacafemntains of Peru. Backed with scientific evidence and approved by doctors, it encourages natural secretion by the glands involved in the production of hormones. Try considering the use of this component to gain greater outcomes.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Countries like Greece, India and China widely use this herb. It is potent in improving reproductive functions. Women suffering from low sex drive can also benefit from using this herb. The herb has a good hormone enhancing ability. It is regarded a natural sex booster.

People Who Should Not Use Female Testosterone Medications and Treatments

DoctorWomen who have been cured for hormone related acne, excess body hair or balding should not try this type of treatment without their doctor’s consent. It is not effective for women who have high levels of protein in their blood, as well.

Women with hormone dependent cancer should not use this kind of therapy. Seek a professional’s advice for more specific information regarding this matter.

Along with this female testosterone medication, it is essential to follow a healthy diet. Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. You should also eat food that is low in fat.

You should exercise daily to increase your hormone production. A minimum of seven hours sleep is also an important ingredient for a healthy hormonal balance in the body. Try lifestyle changes before opting for medications and be sure to work with your doctor, as well.

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