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Female Testosterone Gland


 female testosteroneMen and women are capable of producing the same hormones in the body, the only difference between men and women is the amount of each hormone produced and its side effects if too much or too low production of specific hormone is noted.

Testosterone according to other people does not exist in women. What most people don’t know is that there is the so called female testosterone which plays an important part in a woman’s life.

In terms of testosterone production, it is a general rule that men must produce at least 20 times larger amounts of serums testosterone as compared to women.

However, because there are really cases when changes happen and imbalances occur, testosterone hormone imbalance is possible. Women are prone to higher or lower testosterone hormone.

Functions Of Testosterone In Women

Serum testosterone comes with vital functions in a woman’s body. This hormone according to Monash University is produced in the female testosterone gland ovaries at the same time in the adrenal glands. Other means to produce serum testosterone is through body fats and tissues.

Experts also believe that estrogen secretion depends on the amount of testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is widely associated in enhancing or developing manly features in men and in women; it helps enhance female sex drive.

Function of testosteroneIn fact, female testosterone enhances the physiology of tissues surrounding the vaginal wall which comes with intense effect to a woman’s genitalia for faster and satisfying arousal.

The presence of testosterone in the body provides a lot of good effects especially during puberty stage of both men and women. Research has shown that female testosterone enhances the size of sebaceous glands of women which is also the cause of acne formation.

Female testosterone gland therefore is important for without it, production of testosterone is not possible.

Bone maturation is also possible with the help of testosterone and normal menstrual cycle too! If you noticed, lack or low amount of female testosterone could be the start of your menstrual cycle irregularities hence testosterone plays a big role too in female menstrual cycle.

Two Major Effects Of Testosterone In the Body

Female testosterone gland is responsible for the normal production of the said hormone; the normal level could have anabolic and androgenic effects in the human body. When we say anabolic effects, this refers to changes in the muscle mass and women’s muscle strength, same goes with men. Bone maturation process is also enhanced.

When we refer to androgenic effects, it mostly refers to the development or maturation of male secondary characteristics. Testosterone can also have effects right after birth not just to male infants but as well as to female ones.

How Female Testosterone Gland Functions

Female Testosterone Gland Female testosterone gland specifically the adrenal cortex and ovaries produces female testosterone differently.

Experts claimed that little amount of testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands namely the adrenal cortex and this process takes effect to both male and female.

However, the serum testosterone released from the adrenal cortex only does little to no effect in terms of male characteristic development. Another important female testosterone gland is the ovaries which is located on a woman’s pelvic side. Ovaries produce testosterone and release it into the bloodstream.

Signs And Symptoms Of Low Female Testosterone level

A woman’s female testosterone gland may produce little to no amount of testosterone which can be detected by noting the different signs and symptoms of a low testosterone level in the body. Here are some of its many signs you need to know:

* Decrease in a woman’s sexual appetite.
* Easily gets tired and feels fatigue most of the time without really doing any intense activity.
* Difficulty getting some sleep at night. Sudden changes in the mood or mood swings.
* Changes in the physical apperance start to manifest.
* Pubic hair is slowly disappearing.
* Poor muscle tone.
* Possible insulin resistance.

Body FatHigh level of female testosterone is also possible and is also accompanied by different signs and symptoms.

If you know that your female testosterone glands doesn’t function as expected, you may need to check on these signs and symptoms for your testosterone level might be too high.

* Increased body fat or obesity.
* Existence of moderate to severe acne formation.
* Oily face.
* Muscles bulging.
* Irregular menstrual cycle.
* Too much hair growth.
* Deep voice.

Female Testosterone Imbalance

Testosterone ImbalanceAs you can see imbalance in the production of testosterone in any of your female testosterone gland will have negative side effects to your health.

Homeostatis is required, the balance of everything is a must may it be hormones or other things is highly important.

Women must therefore realize the importance and the different functions of female testosterone in the body. By understanding how your body works and the hormones within it, it would be easy not only for women to enhance or lower any testosterone hormone imbalance but as well as to men.

You must treat your body with respect and care, don’t allow abusive behaviours as it can cause hormonal imbalance eventually. So what better way to help your female testosterone gland produce the right amount of hormones than observe a healthy lifestyle.

Have A Testosterone Test Now!

Testosterone TestIf in case you are suspecting female testosterone imbalance, don’t take it for granted. Blood testing is one of the highly reliable means to check the level of male sex hormone produced by your female testosterone gland.

In rare cases, the use of saliva testing or swabbing is also possible for it is very useful for doctors to check and determine female testosterone baseline. Bear in mind that before enhancing your female testosterone level, never attempt to diagnose your condition on your own.

Blood testing is highly recommended to be done early in the morning between the early hours of 8am to 10pm. Blood testing must not be done if a woman currently has her menstrual period as inaccurate reading is highly possible. Have your female testosterone gland checked now and undergo a blood test, through this you will be able to monitor your female testosterone and maintain its normal level.

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