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Female Testosterone Cycle


expertExperts claimed that it is easy to detect a female’s menstrual cycle and so is detecting a female’s testosterone cycle.

A woman’s hormone cycle includes three major hormones, the estrogen hormone, the progesterone and the testosterone hormone.

Some even thinks that the cycle of these hormones are easy to predict just like a woman’s mood and energy level, cravings and more that are experienced during menstrual cycle.

Female testosterone cycle has its own pattern which makes it easy to determine when to expect menstrual cycle month after month. For basic knowledge, the cycle of estrogen is already mapped as it rises every 1st and 2nd week of a woman’s period and as soon as it reaches half of the 3rd week, it suddenly drops. Just like estrogen hormone, there’s also a female testosterone cycle going on.

According to research, serum testosterone is a bit tricky and complicated but still predictable. It is said that on the 1st week of a woman’s menstrual cycle when the production of estrogen is not that high, the testosterone production is quite high to provide women the needed spatial skills. Serum testosterone has different impact to women and some are the enhanced sex drive, hair growth, brain skills, the feeling of impulsiveness and adventurous and more.

Female Testosterone Production

Research Female testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal gland. Research shows that about 50% of female testosterone is produced in the ovaries and then released on a woman’s blood stream to act as a messenger.

This female testosterone cycle is part of everyday life which makes the production of hormone amazing and impressive. The remaining percent in the production of testosterone is derived from body fats and tissues and by the adrenal glands specifically the DHEA and the DHEAS.

The release of female testosterone in the bloodstream doesn’t mean that all passes through the bloodstream. Instead, about 66% of this hormone clings to SHBG or otherwise known as the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin making the female testosterone cycle tricky for only about 1 to 2% of the testosterone amount actually circulates freely in the blood.

Changes Of Female Testosterone Cycle

A female’s testosterone cycle is said to be affected eventually in two different ways. First, a woman’s testosterone production can be decreased due to aging whereas her adrenal glands are no longer capable of producing large amounts of testosterone. As a woman ages, her DHEA and DHEAS also declines and the reason behind is not really known. Second, a female’s testosterone cycle can be affected if a woman’s testosterone ovarian production is decreased due to her age.

women in their 40’sResearch shows that women in their 40’s are capable of only 50 % testosterone production compared to the amount of testosterone production women in their 20’s are capable of.

If you based a female’s testosterone cycle in this finding, you will come to a conclusion that aging women officially has lower libido as compared to younger women. However because there are female enhancement products already, this issue can now be remedied easily.

Measure Testosterone At The Right Time

You may be wondering how to measure your testosterone level. Just like what science tells, a woman must naturally have a low testosterone level as compared to men. Still, measurement of this hormone is a must if you want to check the process of a female’s testosterone cycle.

The ideal process of checking a woman’s testosterone level is through blood test that must be done in morning hours such as 8am to 10am, after these hours you may have inaccurate result. A female’s testosterone level varies every day, it changes for the rest of the day hence a blood test is ideal in the morning. If a woman’s menstrual period is there, no blood extraction must be done to avoid inaccurate results too.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Women having testosterone production problem may resort to testosterone therapy if approved by their doctors. Usually, testosterone therapy is recommended for women who have undergone removal of ovaries and if she is suffering from decreased sex drive. Boosting testosterone hormones is believed to enhance sex appetite as well as shedding body fats.

doubtIf you’re having doubts about undergoing testosterone therapy or if you fear a female’s testosterone cycle will be affected, you can certainly consult your doctor for further information and assurance.

Testosterone therapy may have some accompanied risks or negative effects if too much replacement has been done, yet it also have positive benefits especially for those with testosterone deficiency.

So if you plan on testosterone therapy, it is highly suggested to weigh things out, the pros and the cons and see whether the pros outweigh the cons. If so, then why not try testosterone therapy for the better.

Risks Involve

As mentioned, there are really risks when undergoing therapy to replace testosterone hormones. Some of the risks involve are quite serious hence proper guidance from your doctor is a must. There are cases that a female’s testosterone cycle may be altered if too much replacement of testosterone is done. The risks involve are:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases – Studies show that too much testosterone in the body could result to cardiovascular disease for it significantly decreases the amount of good cholesterol in the body.
  • Liver Diseases – A woman with high testosterone may eventually experience liver toxicity that could result to conditions like hepatitis, jaundice or yellowish of the skin, hepatic neoplasm and more liver related issues.
  • Pregnant WomenPregnancy Risk – A pregnant woman may suffer from the so called exogenous androgen condition which affects the fetus.

There is a lot of risks hence proper guidance and in-depth knowledge regarding testosterone therapy is needed. You must also consider asking your doctor for further information so as not to affect female’s testosterone cycle.

Precaution is required and safety must always be your priority. Whatever your decision is, bear in mind what your future will be after the therapy. As mentioned earlier, female testosterone cycle is predictable, in some cases you don’t really have to undergo extreme measures to boost your testosterone hormone; sometime you just need to modify your lifestyle to get things back to normal.

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