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Female Testosterone Cream Side Effects: Know the Facts


Female testosterone Testosterone is one of the vital hormones females produce. It is responsible for maintaining a woman’s sex drive, as well as musculoskeletal development and strength. Because of the hormone’s importance for female sexuality, a woman must have normal testosterone levels.

One of the many methods of replenishing low testosterone levels is through the use of female testosterone creams, which may have some set of side effects.

It should be mentioned that female testosterone cream side effects may affect different systems of the body.

Urinary Problems

creamsThe most commonly affected system of female testosterone cream side effects is the urinary tract. Some women develop the frequent urge to urinate, more frequent than normal, especially at night. The feeling of the urge to urinate comes even if the bladder is not full.

Other symptoms include difficulty in urinating, and presence of blood in the urine. Traces of retention of certain minerals can also be noted in the urinary tract of a person using testosterone creams, which includes the following:

• Calcium
• Chloride
• Nitrogen
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Water

Female Testosterone Cream Side Effects: Integumentary System Problems

acneSince testosterone creams are applied directly onto the skin, some women develop epidermal reactions at the area and surrounding site. The most common symptoms seen on the application site include the following:

• Acne
• Blistering
• Burning Sensation
• Dryness of the skin
• Itching
• Rashes
• Redness
• Soreness
• Swelling

When you make use of female testosterone creams it is important to apply the medication on clean and unbroken skin. Furthermore, it is necessary to read the application instructions and follow them as directed. It is also important to report skin reactions to your doctor.

Breast Problems

breast painThe use of testosterone creams can also have side effects affecting a woman’s breast. Changes may include the following:

• Pain
• Soreness
• Swelling
• Tenderness

Nervous System Problems

Using testosterone creams can also cause several nervous system side effects. These effects are often infrequent which include the following:

doctor• Dizziness
• Faintness
• Hot Flushes
• Lightheadedness
• Pounding in the Ears

Most of the time, these symptoms are transient and wane away on their own. However, if these symptoms continue to persist, see a doctor immediately.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Most women tolerate testosterone cream treatments quite well. However, there are those who develop emotional side effects. Some of these are:

• Rapid Mood Swings
• Emotional Overreaction
• Nervousness
• Anxiety
• Crying
• Paranoia
Depression Depression

Despite the fact that these side effects are rare, they can be serious. So, once symptoms are noticed, it is wise to consult a physician.

Respiratory Problems

Testosterone creams can also have side effects involving the respiratory system. Some of the most reported side effects include the following:

• Sleep apnea, particularly for obese people, or people with chronic lung diseases.
• Frequent urges to cough.
• Coughing fits that won’t go away.
• Respiratory distress that happens repeatedly.

Endocrine Problems

Testosterone creams Testosterone creams may also cause alterations in the endocrine system. One of the most common endocrine-related side effects is gynecomastia. This side effect is one of the most frequent and sometimes, persistent side effect.

If a woman develops gynecomastia, it is advisable that he makes use of testosterone creams cautiously. In addition to that, another side effect of testosterone creams is the suppression of spermatogenesis by inhibiting the pituitary follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

Hepatic Problems

Testosterone creams can have life-threatening hepatic side effects. These side effects may include peliosis hepatitis and liver abnormalities, including hepatic neoplasms and hepatocellular carcinomas.

Metabolic Problems

testosterone creamsThere are also some metabolic side effects that may occur following the use of testosterone creams. Some of the reported side effects include osteolytic-induced hypercalcemia.

Conditions visible in immobilized patients and those people with metastatic breast conditions. Increased cholesterol levels and acute intermittent porphyria have also been reported by testosterone cream users.

Female Testosterone Cream Side Effects: Warning!

There are certain measures you must take when using testosterone creams. These are important details that must not be missed by anyone planning the use of the cream. The important details include the following:

Testosterone creamsTestosterone creams do not only affect the person using it. Side effects may also develop in other people who come into close contact with the application site or clothing covering the application site. In addition, one must take special care with shared items and materials, such as bedding and linens.
• Women may develop unwanted hair growth or acne. Women may develop male characteristics due to increase in testosterone levels.
• Testosterone creams are particularly dangerous for pregnant women. These creams may affect the baby and cause birth defects.
• Effects on children. Children who come into contact with these creams may develop enlarged genitals, aggressive behaviors, and pubic hair.
• Exposure. Women and children accidentally exposed to testosterone creams should immediately see their doctors.

Heart diseaseTestosterone creams are powerful prescription medications that should women must strictly use under a medical professional’s supervision.

Like any other medication, there still could be other side effects women may not report. Some may clear up on their own, while others may require immediate medical attention.

When using testosterone creams, it is important to disclose all medical conditions to your doctor. These may include diabetes, cancer, allergies or heart disease.

Furthermore, you should also list all other over-the-counter and prescription medications, and the supplements that you take. You could also ask your doctor or the pharmacist for possible drug interactions. In this manner, you could easily identify female testosterone cream side effects.

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