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Female Testosterone Acne

Are you currently suffering from AcneAre you currently suffering from Acne? Are you wondering where does your acne come from when all members of the family have great skin?

Clear skin are said to possibly run in the family, however if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance especially your female testosterone, chances are you will experience the so called female testosterone acne.

This type of acne is experienced by women who have high production of testosterone in the body. This androgen is known to cause different types of acne problems in the skin mainly because it has a direct effect on our sebum.

Sebum is a small and tiny gland found on our skin which is responsible in carrying out dead skin cells originally from the skin follicles to the surface.

Female testosterone acne therefore is highly possible if there’s too much production of female testosterone. Women may be suffering from such condition but may not be aware of it. Some would simply associate their acne problems to puberty changes when it clearly signifies something else.

Connection of Testosterone in Women’s Skin

It is undeniable that female testosterone has a great connection to women’s skin. Studies show that testosterone hormone influences the production of sebum in our body by the sebaceous gland or otherwise known as the sweat gland.

Once there’s over production of sebum, what happens next if there’s an overdrive is the occurrence of trapped sebum and clogged pores. If this happens, acne is likely to occur.

Too much sebum production could also lead to too much acne formation. Female testosterone acne therefore is largely associated by experts and dermatologists to hormonal problems specifically the over production of female testosterone.

female libido pillsSerum testosterone and women’s skin are greatly intertwined. If a woman’s skin is clogged due to over production of sebum,

a woman’s skin is prone to bacteria thereby the existence of different problems in the skin like whiteheads, blackheads, a noticeable oily skin, the so called cystic pores and of course acne.

Therefore you can conclude that female testosterone acne is mostly present in women with hormone problems.

Acne Problem Signify Hormone Problems

Issues in your skin specifically acne does not just signify a woman undergoing through puberty stage. Acne occurrence may also be caused by hormone problems and for some, unhealthy diet that can cause acne.

A woman in great stress is prone to female testosterone acne problems because stress can cause imbalance in our bodily hormones, as a result possible over production of testosterone may occur which can affect how sebaceous gland works.

Underlying hormonal disorder may be present which causes some women to suffer from female testosterone acne. So if you think you have a sudden occurrence of acne, if you feel that your acne condition is getting worse or maybe its existence is unexplainable and sudden, then you may need to check your hormone levels as it can be due to hormone problems.

Again, female testosterone acne could signify hormone problems and presence of this ugly acne must be taken seriously.

Hormonal Treatment for Acne

Hormonal Treatment for AcneIf you are bothered by your acne and if it has gone from mild to severe then it is a high time that you have your female testosterone acne treated. Acne condition could really be frustrating, aside from it shatters your facial appearance, it also affects your self confidence when speaking to other people.

Hormonal treatment for acne such as undergoing hormonal testing is a good way to start your female testosterone acne treatment.

In this test, your level of androgens in the body will be checked and see whether it is elevated or not. If too much androgen is present, it could be the cause of your acne formation.

You will easily determine if an acne is caused by hormone imbalance because no matter how much facial medication you apply and use, your acne problems may still be the same as it was when you first used the recommended products by your dermatologist. Have your hormonal testing first to confirm your female testosterone acne condition.

Ways to Get Rid of Female Testosterone Acne

Planning to get rid of your female testosterone acne condition can be achieved with the help of your doctor. Since your acne is caused mainly by hormone imbalance, it is just right to consult your doctor first and undergo some blood test to have an idea how high your androgen level is.

As soon as you know your testosterone level, you can take medications that can help you lower your testosterone production. There are different available products to choose from in the market, there are different ways too to lower female testosterone level however your doctors guidance is a must.

exercise a bit to lessen your testosterone production

Again, too high is bad for the health and so as low level of testosterone in the body. Aside from hormonal treatment, you can also observe the right kind of diet to lessen the production of testosterone in the body.

Foods rich in zinc are said to enhance testosterone production, therefore it is recommended to avoid zinc rich foods and other foods that can enhance your female testosterone level.

If you’re an exercise junkie, too much or too intense exercise could also lead to high testosterone for working out boosts male sex hormone.

You may want to lessen your exercise a bit to lessen your testosterone production. Sometimes, all you have to do is have a better understanding of how your body functions and how it will react to certain things to avoid further damage.

Have a Clearer Skin Now!

Now that you know the different ways on how to get rid of your female testosterone acne, make sure to religiously apply it in your life for you to get rid of not just acne problems but as well as correct hormonal imbalance.

Correcting your hormonal imbalance could sometimes require you to change or modify your lifestyle. Achieving a female testosterone acne free skin is now possible. Have a clearer skin and enjoy the beauty of your skin once hormone imbalance is corrected.

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