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Top 15 Female Sex Pills: Revive Your Sex Drive Today

Top 15 Female Sex Pills: Revive Your Sex Drive Today

Do you have a lower rate of sexual interest and is it too difficult for you to get aroused? Is the lack of libido bothering you or dampening your relationship with your guy? Fret not. Many things have led to this problem and the good news is, thanks to the sex pill’s ingredients, it is curable.

In this article, you will learn everything that you should know about low libido in women; the causes and the remedies. We will especially tell you about 15 effective female sex pills that can bring back the spice and heat to your sex life.

Are you excited about this? That’s not all. In the end, we will also give you handy tips about the natural ways in which you can treat lower female sexual drive. Gear up ladies. Don’t let your desires die. Remember, it is possible to fix a lack of desire, but you need to pay close attention to its root causes, too.

This article will list the top 15 female sex enhancement pills, which will prove to work magic on your sex life. Be positive and don’t blame yourself for this situation. Be sure to read through to the end, where you’ll find the many reasons this could be happening to you.

1. Is There Really Something Called the Female Viagra?

The first drug that Food and Drugs Administration, FDA has approved is Flibanserin, which is sold under the trade name of “Addyi.” The media often refers to it as the “female Viagra.”

It has proved to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD in women who have not faced menopause, but are experiencing a low sex drive that is not because of a medical or psychological problem. Experts recommend that you take the pill only during bedtime.

2. Provestra: Natural Sex Pills That Boost a Woman’s Sex Drive Are Already Here

Provestra is safe to use, and comes in a convenient packet made up of natural and safe ingredients like niacin, cayenne, hops, gingko biloba, epimedium sagitattum and mucuna pruriens.

gingko bilobaThe ingredients in this sex pill are aphrodisiacs, herbs and nutrients that can help boost the estrogen levels in your body for better lubrication of the vagina and also help to stimulate your orgasms.

Provestra is viewed by women as one of the top rated female sex drugs, even though it is a natural product, so it is also safe for your body, unless you have allergies. You can purchase the tablets online from its official site or other commercial pharmaceutical sites, too.

3. HerSolution Gel: An Effective, Natural and Permanent Solution for Your Sexual Health

A lot of women amongst are silent victims of a lower libido or poor sexual drive. You may simply not feel like you are “into the act” or you may just treat sex as a routine activity that lacks any of its former spark.

HerSolution gel and supplements work to treat low libido in women. These female sex pills are full of nutrients, genuine aphrodisiacs and herbals, which help boost your libido positively and are also completely safe to use. You can look up the page for more information.

4. Nymphomax for You: Natural Female Sex Booster

Nymphomax is a powerhouse of natural aphrodisiacs that helps boost your sex drive aids to bring about lasting orgasms and also leaves you more sexually satisfied than ever before.

horny goat weedThe pills also work to accelerate the vaginal and clitoral receptors, which in turn aids in you encountering multiple orgasms and also makes you last in bed two-fold.

It consists of herbs such as Horny goat weed, kacip fatimah, panax ginseng, piper nigrum and others, which when consumed prove to be ideal in giving you an unforgettable sexual experience.

5. Femgasm: Female Orgasm and Libido Enhancer for Women

Femgasm is made up of fine natural herbs and works to boost your libido, no matter which age group you fall in. The ingredients in the pills work to increase blood flow in your genitals and improve vaginal lubrication and your sensitivity to sex. In return, all of these will help you to encounter lasting or multiple orgasmic experiences.

You can take one pill every day to improve your levels of sexual energy. The best thing is that you will not suffer from any side-effects after consuming Femgasm.

6. Lyriana Women Sex Pills: Do They Really Enhance Female Libido?

As discussed previously, a lot of factors can contribute in you feeling deprived of an intense sexual drive. Experts have designed and formulated Lyriana in such a way, that it helps to promote libido in women.

sex driveA lack of sex drive is usually a result of lower dopamine levels in the body. Lyriana fills up the space by providing the body with L-Dopa which is an essential ingredient that gives rise to dopamine.

The combination of nutrients and herbs helps to level up the dopamine levels in the body, which in turn increases libido. With daily usage of Lyriana, you can experience a healthier sex drive in just a week.

7. Women ExtenZe: A Libido Booster and Sex Enhancer

An active and healthy sex life is something that we all crave for. A lack of significant sex drive or arousal can pose as a major threat towards having a pleasant and enjoyable sex life.

Women ExtenZe is made of purely natural ingredients and is a product that can help to improve your libido to a huge extent. Manufacturers have specially formulated it for the women who encounter a low sexual drive.

The ingredients of the product have also been used in a lot of traditional medicines since times immemorial and are totally safe for use.

8. Liquid Quiver: Female Orgasm Intensifier

erogenous zonesThis is a revolutionary product that will help you to get in touch with your body’s most erogenous zones and sensitive parts. You do not need any surgery to improve your libido.

Only a drop of liquid quiver is necessary to work like magic for your sex life. All you have to do is add a drop of this supplement to your drink at least 10 minutes before you get in bed.

Rest assured you are going to experience the steamiest sex episode as soon as the product starts working on your body. Liquid quiver does not have any aftertaste and is also free of side-effects.

9. German Sex Drop: An Effective Pill for Women’s Sexual Needs

In case you are a victim of low libido, you can dramatically transform into a sex goddess with the help of this product named German sex drops. This medication proves to be a masterpiece and increases female sexual drive to a huge extent.

The blend of fructose and melatonin is used to make this medication. These ingredients work as an effective catalyst to stir up your sex drive. This female sexual enhancement pill is composed of only natural and herbal ingredients. You must always remember to add the drops to a drink before consumption.

10. HERdiet: Enhances Female Libido Effectively

Men are not the only ones who need boosters for an increased sex drive. Even women participate in the same run. HERdiet is an herbal product that enhances libido largely and stimulates vaginal lubrication, too.

It also assists you to experience multiple orgasms and improves your stamina and endurance levels. The ingredients used in its making include L-arginine, tongkat ali, horny goat weed and panax ginseng, among others.

11. Looking for Therapeutic Female Sex Pills: Try Female Rx Plus

Female Rx Plus is made of only natural and herbal ingredients such as macuna, clavo huasca, maca, tribulus terrestris and others and has proved to have positive and effective results on a woman’s sexual desire level.

The aphrodisiacs and herbs are used in its making, which enhances orgasm and boost your libido in unimaginable ways. It also helps to improve endurance levels and the stamina in you. Female Rx Plus is free of any side-effects and is fit for women of every age group.

12. Vigorelle: Get the Best Vaginal Lubrication

sexual apetiteManufactured by a top rated pharmaceutical company called Albion medical, “Vigorelle” is a cream that will give you instant results when applied on your clitoris. The cream aids in warming up your clitoris, which in turn works effectively well for satisfying your sexual appetite.

Manufacturers have used only natural herbs in its making and the product claims to be free of any side-effects. If you are sexually high, even your partner is going to shine and you will both have an enriching and steamy sexual experience.

13. Libido for Her: Therapeutic Remedy to Boost Women’s Sex Drive

This pill that helps to boost woman’s sex drive is another successful product in the market. “Libido for Her” is not exactly a pill, but arrives in a spray bottle, which you have to spray underneath your tongue two to three times a day.

The sex goddess in you will emerge after using this, for sure. It has active ingredients like chaste berry, opium lettuce, damiana, European berry and other such natural products. Also, this claims to be free of side-effects, so why not try it?

14. Prostenda: The One Stop Solution for All Your Sex Needs

licorice rootAre you having trouble in bed? You can try Prostenda. It is an efficient female sex enhancement pill, which has the power to boost your orgasm beyond ways imaginable. You can bid goodbye to painful dry sex and say hello to a more lubricated vagina.

Prostenda contains ingredients like ginseng, theobromine, gingko biloba and licorice root. All the items are either aphrodisiacs or are natural herbs, which contribute to a better sexual experience.

15. FemStim: Ultra Potent Female Libido Booster and Enhancer

Do you want to add a spark to your dull sex life? Do you feel the need to be more romantically inclined towards your partner, but end up feeling helpless because your body doesn’t support you? Look no further. Femstim could be just right for you.

Formulated with natural ingredients only, it helps to arouse your whole body sexually, that stimulates lasting orgasms and boosts your libido. It may also help to lift up your mood, watch out for hormonal imbalance and create a strong sexual desire in you.

Natural Ways to Spark Your Low Libido

While most of you are probably excited about trying some of the above female sex drive pills, some women do not support the idea of taking tablets regularly. So here’s the deal. Here are some handy tips for you to try, so you can boost your libido safely and naturally.

These tips may take more time, but they also last far longer than a sex pill:

  • Try natural aphrodisiacs. These are numerous foods or drinking items that can stimulate your libido to a large extent. Such ingredients include figs, garlic, ginger, oysters, truffles, avocado, almonds and walnuts, asparagus and watermelons.
  • Daily herbs are a must. A proper and balanced diet is essential for a healthy body and a healthier sex life. There are some herbs that have proven to boost the sex drive in women. These include basil leaves, garlic, Gingko biloba, Ashwaganda and Maca Roots, Catuaba and Damiana.
  • Eat more chocolate. Dark chocolates that contain almost 70 percent cocoa can improve the dopamine levels in your body, which in turn boosts your libido. Now, say yes to chocolates.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Yes, you need sleep. Not sleeping for a substantial amount of time can take a toll on your body and leave you exhausted. If you are sleepy, you will hardly have the energy to have sex, let alone the desire. A tight schedule may keep you busy undoubtedly, but you must make time to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Start working out. Getting involved in one or more physical activities is an absolute must. Participating in sports or yoga classes can act as a stress management class and can keep you fit and healthy at the same time.
  • yogaGive meditation a try. Stress, depression or anxiety can act as a major threat in your sex life and can cause a decreased libido in you. Meditation or yoga can work miracles for you and can help you to stay stress free and instead focus only on the good and help you to remain positive.
  • Have a healthy relationship with your partner. Constant fights with your partner can widen the gap between you two. Even if you are facing sexual dysfunctionality, your partner ought to know about it. A healthy communication is the key to a successful relationship. Be open to your partner and spend more time with each other to keep the intimacy alive between you two.
  • It could be time to change your medicine. Some anti-depressants or pills to check major diseases can be the reason for your lower libido. You must consult your doctor about this and see if he can change your medication routine. The right prescription will help you to remain overall healthy and keep your sexual health going.
  • Work on having more self-confidence. You will never be sexy until you feel and know you are sexy. Accept yourself as you are. Build up that self-confidence. A confident woman is attractive after all. Confidence also keeps you motivated and helps you find ways to sort out your disturbances in married life.

You Are So No Alone: Finding the Cause of Your Sexual Dysfunction

Did you know that almost 43 percent of females suffer from sexual dysfunction? You are not alone. And the worrying issue is that the lack of sexual drive is more common in women than men. There are a number of active factors that have resulted in you having a low sex drive. From the list below, pick out the reason which you think may have caused the low libido in you.

Psychological Reasons for Sexual Dysfunction

anxietyPsychological reasons that can cause low libido include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low Self-Esteem: If you constantly feel you are unattractive or not as sexy as your best friends, you may be a victim of low self-esteem. This may cause a hindrance in your sexual life as you may be unwilling to approach a man for sex.
  • Stress: Be it job stress, financial stress or just physical stress, the release of stress hormones in your body can be the reason for your lost libido. The arteries narrow down due to release of adrenaline and cortisol and inhibit proper blood flow as a result of stress. This in turn lowers your sexual drive.
  • Depression or Anxiety: Depression has the power to alter your body’s biochemistry altogether, which in turn results in lost libido. It is almost impossible to be in a sexual mood when you are completely depressed or constantly worrying about something else.
  • Poor Body Image: If you are not happy with the way you look and constantly indulge in negative self-talks about your own body, it is likely that you will feel conscious before having sex. You focus more on the defects on your body, than the good things and therefore fear being naked around a man. This lack of sex can result in lower sex drive.
  • Past Sexual Abuse or Rape: Sadly, rape and sexual abuse are not uncommon for a woman. Such is the world. If you have been a victim to such torturous experiences, it is likely that fear has taken a toll over you and you’re afraid of anything sexual. This could be the cause of your lower sex drive.
  • Relationship Problems: Most women feel the need for emotional intimacy, much more than physical interaction with their lovers. If you feel that your partner does not satisfy you emotionally or you constantly have communication problems, or if you fight regularly due to trust issues, it can probably result in you getting drawn away from your partner and can lead to lower libido.
  • Inherent Lesbianism: Many women do not realize their sexuality till much later. It is not wrong to feel attracted towards other woman. It is okay if you are not straight and do not feel the urge to get laid with a man. This latent lesbianism could be the reason for your decreased sex drive.

  • Issues from Childhood: Unpleasant experiences from childhood can haunt us till adulthood or forever. Child abuse or any such negative sexual encounters experienced in the past could be the reason for you lacking sex drive.
  • Adverse Living Conditions: A proper ambience is a major motivator for sex and can stimulate your sexual drive beyond imagination; however, a lack of space could be the reasons for your lost sex drive.
  • Past Negative Sexual Experience: Painful sex or intercourse in the past could inhibit you from encountering a sexual episode again. This lack of sex can result in lower libido.

Physical Reasons for Your Low Libido

Be aware of these physical reasons, too:

  • Alcohol Abuse: While a single glass of wine can help to stimulate your sex drive, too much alcohol can result in disastrous consequences. You may simply faint or you may experience fatigue. Chronic alcoholism may also affect your health in the long term. All of this can contribute to a low libido.
  • alcohol abuseAddiction to Drugs: Just like alcohol abuse, addiction to drugs or smoking can stop proper blood flow in the body including the genital areas. This causes lower sex drive.
  • Post Pregnancy: Hormonal changes after pregnancy or breast feeding your child can dampen your libido. Body image issues and hormonal problems due to change in your body structure, during and after pregnancy, looking after the new baby and other factors may be the reasons for lower libido.
  • Age: Androgen levels in the blood can drop drastically and continuously as you mature and age. This may cause a low sex drive.
  • Major Diseases: A woman’s libido level may have a negative impact when they have major or inherent or chronic diseases such as diabetes, disorders in the thyroid, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, neurological diseases amidst others.
  • Prescribed Medicines and Drugs: Prescribed anti-depressants, birth control pills, anti-seizure medications, medicines that lower blood pressure levels and so on, can be killing your libido, as they can lower the testosterone levels in the body.
  • Hyperprolactinaemia: This is a rare condition in which the pituitary gland becomes hyperactive and the prolactin levels in the blood become too high. Women usually experience these during pregnancy or lactation or in cases of extreme stress.
  • Sexual Problems: Painful sex due to insufficient lubrication of vagina can draw you back from having sex again and can be a major factor for lost libido.
  • Hormonal Changes: Low libido can be the result of hormonal imbalance experienced especially after menopause, which drops your estrogen levels all of a sudden causing your vaginal tissues to dry up. This leads to painful sex and causes you discomfort and thus, you prefer not choosing sex.
  • fatigueFatigue: Women are mostly subjected to face the family’s responsibilities all by themselves. This includes caring for your children or aging parents or in-laws. All of this can leave you exhausted and the lack of time and energy for sex can result in a lower sex drive.

Be sure to try the tips in this article and work to find the causes and solutions for your sex issues. We are sure by now you are aware that lower libido is not a problem that you cannot address. It is as easy as taking effective female sex pills, such as Provestra and Hersolution. With the right treatment, you can get back on track with your partner in the bed for a wild and steamy sexual encounter.

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