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Female Sex Drive: What is Normal?


CoupleMany couples ask questions about sex. There are two frequently asked questions about sex: “Female sex drive: what is normal?” and “How often should a couple have sex?”

These might sound like basic questions; however, there is no right or wrong answer for them. The answer really depends on each couple.

Sex is not something to compare. Besides, there are many factors that affect couples. Some women have a lack of sex drive and some women have a high sex drive. Other factors include age, lifestyle, the relationship and health.

However, according to experts, there is no normal baseline when it comes to normalcy and sex in a relationship. Nonetheless, the issue why couples are asking these questions in the first place might be connected to mismatched libidos.

Couple having sexMismatched libido is when he wants sex at least three times a week, while his other half wants to have it twice at the very most. As a result, these couples tend to seek for answers regarding this matter.

Nevertheless, this is a normal thing for couples, and is not necessarily an indication of falling out of love. Though they have different levels of desire, but do couples with the same levels of desire end up happy and satisfied? If you are facing this dilemma, there are things you can do to address it.

The person who wanted to have more sex usually feels rejected, especially if it is them who is exerting the effort. As for the person who wanted less sex, they also experience guilt because they cannot fulfill their partner’s sexual fantasies. This often leads to fights and the avoidance of sex. As such, sex therapists recommend talking about it. With an open communication about this matter, they can come up with a solution that is good for the both of them.

low libido partnerThe best thing that couples do is to follow a sex schedule. This way, the high-libido partner will not feel unwanted, while the low-libido partner doesn’t feel pressured.

This might not be a long term solution, but it’s the first step to make your sex life better. When you talk about women’s sex drives, you cannot always determine where it stands. Unlike most men who have stronger and more straightforward sex drives.

Female Sex Drive: What is Normal?

When it comes to sex, women are emotionally entwined into something that can boost their sex drive. There are also women who are influenced by social and cultural factors. As for women, one shouldn’t feel confused about what is average or normal.

The most important part is that both you and your partner achieve fulfillment towards your intimacy. You don’t need to compare everything with the rest of the world, because these things are not the same as everyone else.

Here Are Some Expert Insights Regarding What Is A Normal Sex Drive For A Woman:

Couples in their 30’sThe majority of couples who are in their 30’s and 40’s want to have sex two to three times a week. In line with that, a healthy sex drive depends on three things: a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In short, if you are physically, mentally and psychologically healthy, there’s no reason you can’t maintain a healthy sex drive. Moreover, if your sexual relationship is good, then it is normal for you and your partner.

Is the basis of a happy couple having frequent sex? The answer to this question can be subjective. Couples are unique, and what they do in bed is different, as well.

As such, sex therapists also emphasize that if sex is satisfying, there is nothing you should worry about. For women who are in their 40’s, they are not concerned anymore with the frequency. What they are after is the quality and satisfaction they get from lovemaking.

In addition, a decrease in the number of times you have sex, like less than 10 times in a year does not suggest that couples are having relationship troubles. What matters the most is that both couples are contented with how often they have sex. However, couples who refrain having sex can hurt their relationship. This can lead to feelings of disappointment and anger. What is more disturbing is that it may lead to unfaithfulness and worse, divorce.

CoupleSo, with the question, “female sex drive: what is normal,” there is no real normal baseline you need to consider.

Sex is one of the things that keep couples together. It very important that you seek help, such as counseling services if you feel that your relationship is facing many troubles.

There are times when all it takes to save one’s relationship is to talk to an expert. Couples need a little guidance about where they are currently standing in their relationship, especially if they the issue is all about intimacy.

For every woman out there, accept what is yours. You need avoid comparing your sex life to celebrities, or even to your friends or next door neighbors. It’s the same as marrying a shorter man – it doesn’t mean you’re not the same as the average couple. Remember that you are perfectly normal, and each couple has a different and unique sexual relationship. What you should think about is enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

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