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Female Sex Drive Vs. Male: How do Men and Women Compare?


There is a long time debate among members of our society whether men want sex more than women do. We all know that a good sex life is an important aspect in every relationship. Do men really have the stronger interest to sex as we typically have thought for hundreds of years now? It can be a yes or a no.

As what several researches suggest, it is not about who is more into sex. In reality, it is more of because men and women respond to sex stimuli differently, and in different situations. To find out more, let us dig deeper into the details of female sex drive vs. male.

Male Sex Drive Facts

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Nature Of Male Sex Drive And What Influences It:

  • brainBrain Function – Many of us know that the greatest medium of men’s arousal is through how his brain thinks. The sex drive of a male is primarily in his head. It is how his brain perceives ideas or pictures that greatly influence a man’s interest in sex.
  • The two areas of the brain, the cerebral cortex and the limbic system, are responsible for a man’s drive and behavior. A study even suggests that a man can have orgasm just by thinking about a particular sex scene or experience.
  • Hormonal Actions – Hormones play a major role in the different processes that occurs inside our body. Testosterone is the hormone closely associated and believed to be the prime mover of a man’s sex drive. Produced mainly in the testicles, it is the hormone responsible for the development of sex organs and sperm production, among others. Testosterone levels tend to be higher in the morning than at night, supporting the idea that many men love morning sex. The level of this hormone is highest in late teens and begins to slowly decline as a man ages.
  • women during pregnancySituations Affecting Man’s Sex Drive – The most deeply studied instance that causes hormonal change in a man’s body is during the pregnancy period of his partner.
  • Women produce an odorless hormone known as pheromone during pregnancy. The man’s body responds to it by decreasing the level of the sex hormones, leading to a decline in sex drive. During this time, a man’s sex life is affected.

Female Sex Drive Facts

The Sex Drive Is The Kind Of Energy Required By Women To Perform Sexual Activities. Influencing Factors Include:

  • women in stressBrain Factors Affecting Female Libido – The brain controls the processes inside and outside our bodies. A number of brain factors affect the female sex drive. These conditions involve fatigue and stress that slow down the levels of female libido.
  • Hormonal imbalances in the brain also influences sex drive through the hormone, estrogen. These heavily link the conditions in the brain to a person’s sex drive.
  • Lack of Performance of a Female’s Partner in Bed – The most important thing that a woman considers is whether she is happy and contented with the relationship she shares with a man. Performance issues in bed can be dissatisfying for most of them. This is one of the most ignored truths behind a woman’s sex drive. A man always needs to work hard to satisfy the needs of his woman.
  • Physical Factors – Technique and knowledge by the female’s partner play a major role. A lack of knowledge of how the female’s genitalia are stimulated is a big problem. It could play a major part in the change of attitude towards sex. A woman’s partner should know how to make her experience a maximum pleasure.
  • Interpersonal Components – Personal anxiety may always come in a woman’s mind. Proper expression of sex drive based on society’s beliefs influence this aspect. It may slow down a woman’s sexual excitement. Women have the tendency to follow what is the right thing in the eyes of the society she belongs to. Society often discriminates women for being too expressive of their sexual desires.
  • PartnerPersonal Life Experiences – Past experiences also play a big role in the sex drive of women. Bad experiences in the past could lead to psychological pain when engaging in sexual activities.
  • Abuse by a previous or current partner is a common experience. It prevents a woman in maximizing the satisfaction and enjoyment they can get. This would then result to a lack of interest in sex.

Comparing the Female Sex Drive Vs. Male

Men think more about sex. There is a scientific study reported that the majority of adult men think about sex at least once a day. A smaller number of women says they think about it that frequently. Sex drive decreases as an individual ages, and that is true for both men and women.

scientific study reportedAnother scientific study reported that men are more interested in sex and they seek it more avidly, compared to women.

It also suggested that men want more sex partners and are more interested in casual sex. According to a survey, men are also more likely to engage in sex, even it is against the law.

There is one important thing to point out in any discussion about sex. It is the differences in sexual appetite. Things can play out differently on an individual level.

That is why there are many things to consider in making a conclusion about female sex drive vs. male. The most important thing is that both sexes are happy and healthy, which both enhance a person’s sexual and personal relationships.

    So, what do you think ?