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Female Sex Drive Over Age

Female sex drive over ageFemale sex drive over age is said to diminish however there are different studies that show women who are aging possesses higher sex drive as compared to younger ones.

How is this possible if female sex drive over age of more than 40 starts to diminish if we based on estrogen levels? The truth is simple; there are a lot of aging women who lust!

Yes, women who are divorced, senior women who are lonely and have no kids, widowed women who long for a partner in life and more.

If you base sex drive on these types of women, you will be amazed by how female sex drive over age of 40’s and above oozes.

Sex Drive and Estrogen

It is a proven fact that no one can argue about sex drive and estrogen level that is said to come hand in hand. The higher a woman’s sex drive is, the higher her estrogen level is. Sex drive is the fuel that drives a woman to be sexually active and engage in sexual activities. A woman will start to lust once sex drive is high. Estrogen plays a vital role in enhancing a woman’s sex drive.

For men, it is the level of testosterone hormone that makes them sexually inclined while for women it is the estrogen level. Estrogen is made up of 6 different substances and 3 of which plays an important role in a woman’s body and comes in large amounts. The 3 estrogenic substances are the estrone, the estradiol and the estriol. All these substances could affect sex drive.

The Common Hindrances of Increased Sex Drive over Age

As women age, there are increasing factors that affects their sex drive. The major factor would be their estrogen level which is greatly affected during their menopausal stage. Aside from menopause, sex drive over age can decrease due to other important factors such as the following:

The Common Hindrances of Increased Sex Drive over AgePsychological Matters – An aging woman typically have the notion that sex is only for younger women. Confidence in an aging woman matters! Without confidence, achieving a healthy sexual life is impossible.

Do not undermine the power of the mind. A woman must be comfortable with her skin and body despite her age in order to boost her sex drive psychologically. Sex drive over age could be difficult to enhance yet it is still possible!

Stressful Life – Stress as we all know affects all aspects in life. If you’re stressed, you are most likely to experience low sex drive. You tend to think of other matters that may cause emotional instability.

Aging women experiences a lot of stress as compared to younger ones. Why? As we grow old we encounter a lot of things we have not encountered when we were young. Sex drive over age could really decrease especially if you are stressed most of the time. So be sure to age gracefully and avoid stress.

No or Less Physical Activity – As women age, they tend to perform lesser activities but what they don’t know is that a person who grows old need more exercise! Proper exercise could boost one’s sex drive. Sex drive over age will definitely not diminish as long as you continue to exercise healthily.

Have Sex More Often

Have Sex More OftenBelieve it or not, sex drive over age may diminish if a woman stops having sex as she ages. Studies show that a woman who performs sexual intercourse more than once a week will be able to maintain a healthy sex drive as she grows old.

Women who only have sex once a week may develop irregular menstrual cycle and sex drive will diminish as she ages. No wonder some experts are recommending women to have sex more often.

Having sexual intercourse with your partner more often makes you feel more energized and younger. It in fact makes you feel healthier.

Sex as they say brings all your sleeping or even dead senses back to life! So having sex more often is a good thing. Sex drive over age can be increased by having sex at least more than once a week.

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