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Female Sex Drive Menstruation


Female Sex DrivePsychological capabilities have big role in prompting female sex drive this is because the hypothalamus initiate signal to react in certain instances whether seen or felt.

However, sexual desire is not purely a mind activity, social and biological areas are also considered as vital elements to cause different level of sexual urges.

For instance, the correlation of female sex drive and menstruation is a biological phenomenon that needs to be properly understood. Female sex drive has parallel connection with the periodic rupturing of the ovaries which is released as blood.

Sexual intensity is said to be greater among females before ovulation period this is because of the significant changes in level of testosteroneproduction. The level of testosterone production has direct connection in female’s intention to sex.

What Happens During Menstrual Cycle?

Menstrual cycle is very essential in sexual reproduction. Menstrual cycle started from the first day of the periodic blood release. This period is mostly influenced by continues production of estrogen and thickening of lining in the uterus and loss of blood from heavy flow, slower and eventually stops in span of three to five days for regular blood discharge.

FemaleMenstruation period starts from menarche age and ends during menopausal stage which also enables sexual desires to vary among all females.

During menarche period which usually starts before teenage years as early as 12 years old or younger, girls can already experience certain level of urges before ovulation which are often disregarded because of lack of information about the matter.

Facts During Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual cycle is a period when a female starts to undergo a lot of hormonal changes. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge of what is happening from within, some women tends to panic or immediately goes to the clinic to have a check up and later find out it’s just a normal phase in a menstrual cycle. To help you determine some changes and possible correlations between female sex drive and menstruation, here are some facts you may want to check.

  • Increase in progesterone level leads to poor orgasm.
  • Thickening of the uterus enhances libido level.
  • Natural lubricating fluids decrease due to minimal estrogen production.
  • Increase in testosterone level avoids vaginal dryness.
  • Consistent testosterone level is experienced during last days of menstrual cycle.
  • Decrease in estrogen secretion can cause migraine.

Indicator Of Menstrual Cycle

female sex driveIt is important to have a brief background about menstrual period because it is the first process for sexual reproduction. It is also essential to have knowledge about the symptoms of menstrual flow in order to easily cope with the difficulties and changes that it might cause.

Above all is to understand better how female sex drive and menstruation integrates directly. This is why mothers are obliged to educate their female child more on what to expect during her 1st menstrual cycle.

What are the do’s and don’ts, the right foods to eat, the things to do to observe proper hygiene and a lot more. A simple conversation about female sex drive and menstruation is a must; it may not even take an hour.

  • Muscle and joint pain.
  • Bloating.
  • Swelling of breast.
  • Repeated acne.
  • Difficulty in bowel movement.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Mood Swings.

As you can see from the things to expect during menstrual cycle, educating your teenage daughter, a female friend, a relative and so on is a big relief for they don’t need to panic thinking it might be something serious. Female sex drive and menstruation must also be tackled in a friendly conversation to avoid confusion especially to young teenage girls.

Food That Is Good For Menstruation

foodSome women may think that food has little to no help when it comes to menstrual cycle but little did they know that during this period food is one of the best comforts a woman can have.

There are cases of severe menstrual cycle that causes abdominal cramping and the popular term dysmenorrhoea.

Painful menstrual cycle is not an experience you want to go through every month right? Therefore you need to eat foods that may help lessen the pain.

During menstrual period women losses a considerable amount of blood which should be given enough attention because severe cases may lead to anemia or other blood loss related diseases. Foods that are rich in iron are very essential during these days because iron is a vital element that produces red blood cells in the body. Potassium, protein, calcium and magnesium are good elements too that can be obtained directly from foods like:

  • Whole wheat
  • apple1Apple
  • Nuts and.
  • Banana
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Leeches
  • Beef

Female sex drive and menstruation is directly proportional to each other. A good menstrual cycle can deliver better sex desire too so it is important that both aspects should be taken care properly even the simplest and littlest detail like proper food and correct behaviour to achieve best results.

Menstrual Cycle Is Not To Be Feared

Teenage girls who are not aware of what to expect about menstrual cycle may have a lot of fears. Who wouldn’t if a teenage girl experiences for the first time a bloody discharge? Also, teenage girls may feel different and knows not how to handle their felt sex drive. This is why proper education regarding female sex drive and menstrual cycle is a must.

Young WomenParents must be responsible enough especially mothers. Right education and tips on how to deal with these sensitive things could help a teenage girl with an easy transition from a happy go lucky girl to a confident young woman.

There’s no need to fear the process of menstrual cycle, it is something to be ready about and embraced for it is the stage in life when women feels more feminine and starts to develop feminine features which will definitely enhance a woman’s beauty as well as explore the feeling of sex drive and how to manage it accordingly.

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